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Don’t know what you expect?
Posted:Aug 4, 2022 4:54 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2022 10:22 am

So I have no clue as to what you desire once I submit to your desire, my hope is that you are into extreme as I love kinky I’m a chastity gurl but once I apply lipstick I become the submissive cock sucker you want, once your done fucking my mouth maybe you would consider entering me, your desire is my only chance of climax, if I don’t deliver you will still cum but I won’t this will make me more keen the next time
Not kidding have me suck a fucking machine while you enjoy my backside or swap it around and face fuck me while the machine takes care of me
Or invite a friend who won’t enjoy pleasing two guys
Once you lube my pussy with your climax why not try fisting me just for fun, I would love to feel your fist within me keep me in chastity or remove my lust forever
Spunky kisses Sam
I’m as ready as I can ever be
Posted:Aug 3, 2022 5:08 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2022 10:22 am

Chastity and frustration drives, me to do to you what you desire without question, I find an erect cock very appealing I know what happens when I suck
It for too long, I’m not a stranger to the taste as I have swallowed my own so I am ready to swallow your load

I just knew that one day I would need to submit to an Alpha male so I’ve used toys this has been very desirable, I would gladly swap a normal climax for an
Anal climax or the lesser head rush

I can only guess as to what you expect from me but for the most part I’m up for it, lock me up remove my desire keep me dressed for your enjoyment don’t mind if you share me, pleasing a guy from both ends would blow my mind

I totally understand the job of your submissive sissy comes with pain, accepting may include clamps, spanking, castration and anything in between just ask, would be happy to be kept as a chastity gurl if you are into expanding my limits

If you want to seal the deal, make my decisions to visit the last decision I ever make when I arrive just remove my desire. The way you do is up to you
Cut me, inject me or band me not sure either is desirable but I so need this remove my desire and I will milk you with my mouth or arse anytime you desire
Come on this journey with me ?
Posted:Aug 2, 2022 4:42 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2022 10:22 am

Chastity used to keep me on the boil, frustration is a drug it’s something I desire so much, only when something is removed and just out of reach you desire this so much, chastity stops this, but over time the lust is lost all that remains is frustration, if I’m very lucky and the wind is blowing in the right
Direction I may be able to unlock myself and with an object inside my pussy knock one out, if I’m lucky enough to I will swallow anything I deliver
More often than not, I’m unable to climax and just end up frustrated and with carpet burns on my clit for good measure

So here I am during my journey I have been getting ready to service an Alpha male, I trained myself to swallow man seed and if I was a car you could expect to see a few miles on my clock for sure! But these are cock virgin miles toys only

So. I know I have no rights regarding service moving forward but would favour a Daddy who is into BDSM, bondage, spanking, and a little pain I’m not sure what a Daddy would desire but I understand this won’t be an easy ride, feel like I need to suffer a little before the main event

I would really like the choice to visit the last choice I make after I will be kept as a captive gurl, dressed as you like and even locked into dresses and heels so to arouse you, captive is simple serve your guy or get punished, I may resist just to get punished

So you being the key holder is a must, but I would also welcome castration, either via a cutter right at the start or banding while tied can’t do this alone hell I’ve tried just too painful , or maybe you would consider alcohol injections over a number of weeks?

Also very much into anyone who will continue my hormones, HRT will make me more submissive and obedient and with luck I will develop boobs always wondered maybe you can rip me of desire and turn me into your sex slave I don’t know what to expect in your service but this excites me also

I know my place so I expect nothing if I had my wish remove my desire (castration) pump me with hormones (hrt) and just enjoy me as you submissive slave
Anything goes this is all new to me I can’t wait to lay there with a large guy going for it inside me not sure if I will ever reach a point to climax during anal but I can’t expect much I chose this life you can’t have your cake and eat it

spunky kisses Sam
Key holder
Posted:Aug 1, 2022 3:42 pm
Last Updated:Aug 1, 2022 3:45 pm

So, I have dressed from an early age this has always been my go-to place recently everything changed when I discovered chastity, I now realise my place
I should please others, a gurl only wishes to be dressed and used as female, so I taught myself how to please a guy I practice with toys and if I cheat, I swallow my own.
Frustration is my new best friend it allows me to do the things you desire of me, but I’m new to this so I would love to expand my limits too, I’ve accepted
Larger objects during play would love to explore this further
A chastity gurl gives up any rights to ever climax as normal again, from this point forward I can only expect to sissygasm but only if you bless me with one
Otherwise, its frustration all the way
My guess is that you will need to become stimulated and that may cause me some pain before the main event I will have to suffer I also understand I may be humiliated but this is what I signed up for when I handed you to key to my chastity
During sex and fore play I would love to be locked up, I would also love to be locked into heels and dresses making me a stay home sissy, when we are not playing I understand I will have chores to do but please remember I’m only a skimpy pair of panties away from pleasing you!
I dabbled in chastity and hormones and would very much welcome further hormones so I develop boobs for your enjoyment in fact I would welcome seeing the feminine me,
Over the years I have gone to bed dressed wishing I would wake female, Daddy you could make my dream come true if you like? In fact like any girl I would like the whole white wedding, you could keep me in chastity lock me up and use me, or you could have me castrated I know it’s somewhat extreme but frustration is my world, or inject me as part of your play over a number of weeks to remove my desire forever and feed me hormones who don’t enjoy abusing boobs ?
I know and understand this is a huge step and I have so much to learn but I do feel like I am ready everything has been leaps and bounds so far they say that castration makes you question everything, for me it’s just another huge step towards serving as female, no matter what I will never become female but if you remove my balls I will never again be male and while I serve you as female looking back I will see my limp clit to remind me that once I was male and I accepted being feminine and this was my choice, I’m not a jealous gurl I know a guy like you seeks many lovers all I ask is that you include me in some way
Even if this just means serving drinks as you, please others!
Or have me locked up as the object of many guys desire, I would welcome the anal and swallow all I can
Daddy whatever you desire is good with me I have no right to expect anything and my desire is only to please you anyway I can all I ask is that you state what you desire before I submit to your desire
Baby if you render me limp i will serve your every desire !!
Do we understand each other?
Posted:Jul 27, 2022 5:11 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2022 10:22 am

So things change I have always dressed it’s just been my go to place as long as I remember, but I dabbled with chastity and it changed my life forever
I’m not sure I could penetrate anyone ever again chastity removed this ability, even unlocked I remain limp
I understand that the act of penetration isn’t the whole story for many it’s all about getting to this moment, do you feel like your gurl should suffer a little
Not talking the normal talking kinky, are you into a submissive kinky gurl?
My ideal guy would be older and very kinky with the desire to form me into the sissy of his dreams I know this won’t be an easy ride for me I’m expecting
Pain and servitude, Baby I know what you desire, and I can provide this for you 100% I am self-taught to punish myself for cheating I have swallowed my own, and for me toys are a daily enjoyment, but I won’t settle I need to expand my limits and so you should expect this too
My party trick is accepting a beer can my goal is accepting your fist, I have my nipples pierced and my navel too but would welcome my tongue too
If you are into a permanent sissy we should so talk, chastity keeps my clit locked up in chastity I’m forced to act female, but if you are into more we should chat, this is a huge deal for me and as such actions should be huge, so my request is keep me as is or make things more permanent, yes I’m talking castration, dress me up as your bride and have me cut, or keep me dressed as your bride and inject me over a number of weeks to remove my desire forever, I’m new to this I don’t know what to expect but please expand my limits use me as your sissy and just enjoy the gurl I have become
Where I am
Posted:Jul 23, 2022 4:48 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2022 10:22 am

Growing up I was always told that giving was better that receiving, not sure these stories are right as a chastity gurl I can only receive
I accept my role I know that I need to suffer in order to please you, maybe it’s just nipple play maybe clothes pegs, I can not guess what
You are into, if I was allowed to have my say then I would like to be on my knees with my hands in cuffs behind me and with your cock in my mouth
Maybe at this point you will unlock me and make me cum, be sure to make me swallow this before having to swallow your load
By making me climax you are removing my frustration and making this whole deal so much harder to complete, after please use me on my back as I need to feel prostrate stimulation if you’re lucky I will do my party trick and accept a beer can then lube me up and lets try fisting !!
Posted:Jul 22, 2022 5:25 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2022 10:22 am

Frustration is my go to drug, Frustration makes me do the things you want me to do to you, and makes me desire anal just because in chastity this is my only chance to climax, I’m so going to be any gurl your desire,
I wear chastity a lot to control my desire and as a result of this I find it very hard to get an erection anymore but this is fine with me I no longer desire to penetrate in fact quite the opposite
So I would welcome anyone who want’s to lock me into chastity full time and keep me dressed also, love the thought of being kept dressed and abused
Anything goes enema training, full time chastity, will also consider banding, injections, and cutting if your serious about making me your gurl
I just don’t understand the whole shemale thing, guess I only see black and white there isn’t any middle ground you’re either a giver or receiver and I’m
A receiver so I expect any guy just to use me as his girl I so understand that it isn’t just about the act of sex, It’s more about the getting to that point so I know this may involve spanking, or anything else I would welcome bondage because I would like to feel used,
I won’t lie I need to be taught thus far I have only done this for myself, when I get real excited I can just about climax as normal but I hate this so I punish myself by swallowing my own, I remain a cock virgin but my arse has done many miles, talking toys and beer cans when I’m excited I can ride a beer can
The feelings I get are so much better than sex ever was, so would you like me to suck you to completion? After use my arse till you climax? Then use me as a puppet and force your fist into my arse? I have moved on my future is sissy want to use me as sissy ?
Show me how?
Posted:Jul 21, 2022 4:39 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2022 10:22 am

Guys I’m really sure we are all the same once the blood goes to our parts then there isn’t not much that will stop us doing the deed, hardness isn’t a problem for me I just can’t manage it due to Chastity
Frustration is my drug I love it, you should too because this drives my desire to serve you as a chastity gurl
Frustration drives me to become your gurl, my guy wants to use me as sissy but is kinky also, my Daddy will use this against me, tie me up have me kneel then remove my chastity and make me climax, this isn’t a help for me in fact I need to be frustrated to do what you want me too, once my desire is removed it makes doing this so much harder, tie my hands behind my back and make me cum and swallow what I deliver next use my mouth as
Your pleasure place and have me swallow your seed
When you recover have me on my back and just enjoy me to climax, need to feel your harness inside me lube me with your cum and then open me up and lets try fisting!
Confused what to offer
Posted:Jul 15, 2022 5:35 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2022 10:22 am

I’m a chastity gurl I love the feeling of frustration and want to explore this more with a dominate guy, if I don’t offer enough, you won’t be interested
If I offer too much I’m a slag! So instead I’m a 56 year old cross dresser into Chastity, for me frustration is a huge plus
So if you want to keep me locked up and become your sex doll then yes I’m open to anything else you may desire, I’m not female so I don’t suffer from
I don’t have cellulite nor sagging boobs right now my skin is taught and I’m all but flat maybe a double A if your lucky
I have no desire to act as male anymore in fact if you desire to remove my desire further then we should really talk, I would like my last decision to be to
Remain sissy for good, I no longer have the need to penetrate anyone in fact I just need to feel a guy inside me bless me with a mouthful and feel free to blast your seed inside me, I will do anything I can to have you use me and female, if your well kinky maybe you would like to remove my balls and turn them into earrings that dangle down and arouse your balls as I go down on you and swallow your load
is this a good start?
Church said there wasn’t a female
Posted:Jul 14, 2022 4:56 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2022 10:22 am

So there are two camps girls that are born female and guys who wish to act female, we both serve a guy but we come from totally other places
A girl serves a guy reluctantly it’s not really her thing but does it because it’s expected
Gurls choose this we know that you expect to climax in our mouth, this I expect I also know that I need to submit to your desire and in doing this pain
May become part of our love making, chastity is my thing I need to feel frustrated if you work me right I will do things you have only dream off
Frustration is a real drug keep me frustrated and you have a keen gurl,
I know a guy wants a kinky gurl and I can be this for you please have me locked into kinky underwear and heels I will cook and clean for you when I’m not needed lock me up, if your into kinky keep me locked and insert a toy to clear me out daily, your desire is what I desire I taught myself to swallow my own can I please swallow your seed? My guy wants to render me sissy full time, either chastity or full time via castration
So please use me as a female I have always wanted to be, are you kinky as kinky is a real plus happy to serve you and boyfriends only want to be penetrated
Kinky as you like
Render me neither
Posted:Jul 6, 2022 4:05 pm
Last Updated:Jul 6, 2022 4:14 pm

I know I can not become female but I am able to act as one so if you desire to remove my desire to better serve you I am ok with this
I have tried myself but I can not injure the pain long enough, that is not to say I do not require this
Thus far I am a cock virgin I can swallow my own and I do enjoy feeling full behind me so I know what to expect, I also understand that
The road to climax may involve some pain, you might like to turn my arse red before enjoying me, I think I know what I might expect
Chastity renders me limp so I am not sure I can be of use to a guy or girl and I do desire to be rendered sissy or neutral
Dress me in sexy underwear and a wedding dress then remove my desire once and for all turn me into the sissy sex doll you require
Will I regret this I am sure I will at some point but that is a problem for me to sort out, in return you get a submissive
do not mind how you do this banding, injections or just kept in chastity full time Chastity has removed my desire so much i now need more help me remove my desire and i can become your willing servant
So I have no desire to be totally female
Posted:Jun 27, 2022 5:06 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2022 10:22 am

I will leave this to girls I only desire to become as feminine as I can be at best a nullo at least a castrated Gurl
Chastity has taught me the joy of frustration and also penetration and the joy that can provide
Whatever you decide for me is good with me just use me as a gurl and I will serve my man the best I am able
Every gurl dreams of the white wedding the blushing virgin bride just about to enter into a marriage she has no
Clue what to expect, so meet me and lock me up in feminine attire maybe a wedding dress
Then it is up to you have me cut, band me or inject me till I’m only able to serve as female you’re the Daddy you
Will seal my fate, I can not guess what you are into but my back pussy is now my main sex organ so I like what you
Like kinky is a real plus so I await my fate I am totally submissive keen to serve as female and very excited for the little
Things like painting my nails and makeup not sure I will ever be passable but would make a great captive slave for any
Kinky guy, thus far I have swallowed my own and dabbled with toys take me to another level be my teacher take me under
You wing but most of all transform me into that kinky submissive you desire
Being my own keyholder just don’t work my Daddy will hold the key to my frustration and use this for his pleasure
Posted:Jun 26, 2022 5:17 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2022 10:22 am

I don’t worry about the obvious things I know how you might expect me to serve you as a chastity gurl I’m as ready as I can ever be
I have swallowed my own seed and I have played with toys, so I know what to expect it is the small thing that excites me
How I can function with long nails, how false eye lashes work
I know I have so much to learn so excited to transition just like a sticking plaster the best way is just to rip it off please remove my desire and make me your gurl sure it is scary but everything is scary when you don’t know what to expect
Daddy I am so kinky I know you want to make my arse red before you slide into me, can not wait to enjoy you inside
Me I might need to wear a sanity product to soak up your cum

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