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A gurl needs to become a gurl  

10901w 56T
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2/24/2022 4:40 pm
A gurl needs to become a gurl

I feel quite strongly that a gurl needs be just that she shouldn’t be able feel anything a can’t and as such
I need feel inferior when I locked myself into chastity, I gave up my right to penetrate anything
I so desire to submit to a guys desire can’t wait to taste your pre-cum I know how this will end and I accept this I
Can’t wait to into your eyes as you explode in my mouth
After I will excite you again and this time your objective is my bio pussy, I hope while you explore me your give
Me a of what I desire, this said I don’t matter that much
In chastity my best chance of getting off is via<b> anal </font></b>I need excite you I need dress sexy and make you desire
Me, I accept my fate I know I am and what I desire I can’t help or what I am
For me sissy is totally submissive I need a alpha show me the way forward can’t do this alone will you
Train me be your gurl are you into feminising me further and removing my desire?
I accept my fate

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