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Girls can only get off via penetration  

10901w 56T
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3/25/2022 5:31 pm
Girls can only get off via penetration

As a chastity gurl I’m much the same as such I seek an Alpha to use me as female
When I was able, I would unlock myself to clean me and would cheat but I punished myself
By swallowing what I delivered but before long I grew to enjoy it
So, what I’m looking for is an Alpha who will keep me locked and control me totally my
Frustration is your enjoyment, tie my arms behind my back and I will wake your beast and
Lick, suck and swallow the proceeds
When you recover, I will make you hard with my mouth again before you enjoy my back pussy
As a chastity gurl my real chance to climax comes from intercourse
While you enjoy my clit will leak per-cum when it comes to the main event gag me with my own
Panties as you do your thing
For me sissy is my way forward I can’t no longer act as a but I sill need to climax
An anal climax is to die for can you do this for me, can you make my toes curl and take me to
Places I’ve dreamed off
Anything goes I’m well into kinky please just ask if your thinking of removing my desire once
And for all then this is kinky and we should talk
Isn’t a guy alive who wouldn’t love a sissy with puffy boobs that are pieced with nipple rings
I could become your sissy slave, I want to be kept feminine lock me into dresses and heels
Use me as your own or share me I don’t mind

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