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No comparison  

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3/28/2022 4:39 pm
No comparison

You just can’t compare a guy climax to a sissy climax, back in the day there was testosterone there was harness and there was a climax and before I knew different that was fantastic
Now there is resistance at first but if the right spot is reached comes some kind of<b> head </font></b>rush but over time it just gets better and better
I choose sissy all day long the feelings are new but so exciting and I no longer want to be in of these feelings, I loved play but now I’m ready to accept my fate
Chastity has ripped me of hardness all that is left is sissy
Chastity made me desperate but also limp, I know its lame but I would give myself carpet burns trying to climax as , mins with my favourite toy and I was in that space!
During play I know what to expect I know what you expect and I accept my fate, I will smile and stick my tongue out and look into your eyes as you climax in my mouth
So I guess the next step for me is castration I also accept this isn’t something I can do for myself, so there is surgery and injections or banding I’ve tried banding myself and it’s painful
No form of castration is desirable but losing my testosterone is so the choice is yours
You choose how you render me sissy forever I’m sure your find great delight in rendering me sissy, how do I feel about this? Can’t say for sure but the lack of testosterone will further
Feminise me, what gurl don’t want puffy boobs and a guy behind her?
Not sure how my future will pan out but being used and kept as female is a huge plus if you plan to lock me into dresses and heels then I’m your gurl teach me what you like and I will
Become that gurl for you, I know my place

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