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chastity and frustration is like a drug  

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5/18/2022 5:17 pm
chastity and frustration is like a drug

I love chastity and love frustration but never even thought about escape I guess being my own keyholder when things get to that point I can unlock me
If I do I punish myself and swallow my own. But I know if I want to become the sissy of your dreams I need to step up!
This is for real a serious Daddy wants to keep me locked up in chastity so I will accept a PA piercing to keep me caged and frustrated
You need to know that my days of penetration are over, now when I get excited the best I can do is damp my<b> panties
</font></b>Keep me this way or make me take hormones to develop boobs who wouldn't like like puffy boobs to play with?
As a gurl the normal is granted so what do you desire? Kinky is a plus if you are into humiliation then sure want to share me sure
won't lie if I was a car you could say I have a lot of miles, but this is with toys as yet no guy has been in me to get me off instead of climax i dribble teach me the joy of extended frustration and i will please you anyway i can
i have saved myself for a guy my clit is locked and my pussy has only enjoyed toys
now is the time to submit to a guys desire please lock me into dresses and heels the just use me as female and keep me in chastity so i am able to please you with nothing in return a sissy gurl uses her body to please a guy kinky is a plus

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