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what a gurl wants  

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5/28/2022 5:49 pm
what a gurl wants

If you are serious in using me as a gurl I would ask for you to at least reroute my urethral tube so that I have the need to sit to pee
I have found this so feminising having to sit to pee just a gurl thing I guess
I also get a total gurl isn’t on most guys radar but some guys like to take charge and enforce femininity on their gurl, I’m a chastity
Gurl but I understand if I am to be considered as a serious gurl one lock isn’t enough
Being my own key holder isn’t enough frustration has ripped me of an erection but drives me to do to you what you desire but I need
More so much more and you deserve more, so lock me into chastity and further lock me in with a PA piercing
A guy who controls my clit controls my body totally!!
This is a road of discovery for me one I’m so willing to take my ideal partner would keep me dressed feminine full time and a plus would
Be locked into dresses and heels, I’m not a jealous, gurl so if you feel the need to bring other loves home that is fine with me
Don’t mind if I’m you captive slave used once in a while or included with others
I am sure as my frustration grows almost anything goes personally I would<b> love </font></b>to serve you and your friend
Right now I’m a cock virgin I have used toys and I do swallow my own but being sissy means being used as a gurl and I’m a kinky gurl
So serving two guys is a real plus as one is inside me I have another guy ready to blow in my mouth baby I’m sissy you can cream pie
Me while you buddy gets to cum in my mouth and I will swallow like a good gurl!!

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