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MrNuttz05 54M

12/22/2005 8:06 pm

Welcome to the "CLUB"... Happened to me twice already... This site imitates life, & in life assholes always mess up a good thing! I can sit here & try to be psychological about it, but it is what it is! We are surrounded by ASSHOLES!

The_Wraith_1969 52M

12/23/2005 2:06 am

Well, you are absolutely right sleeky on the pic thing. But honestly, I can't blame her fo rthat. You are a hotty and she obviously isn't, but still, no reason to use someonelses pic.

Glad you got it fixed. Didn't you have that same problem not too long ago?

singlem1969 52M

12/23/2005 10:57 am

Well, it is a nice pic... Front or back, you are photogenic.

rm_Shinsa725 50M/36F

12/24/2005 9:14 pm

Same thing happened to me. I contacted the person and they said they didn't think i would find out. It was kind of flattering but upsetting at best.

TechSteve 54M

12/31/2005 1:19 pm

Hello Allsleeky.

I noticed you were from Ontario, Canada and I saw your posts in the advice lines.

I think it is wrong for people to display photos that are not them. I have spotted photos that looked like they came out of a lingerie catalogue or a porn magazine.

I disagree that the person stole your photo because they are NOT good looking or 'HOT'.

The person stole your photo because they are a thief. They have no confidence. There is nothing good I can say about a person like that. Honesty is important.

It doesnt even take a photo to attract a man like me. The last woman I met didnt even have a photo on their profile. She is really shy. I took a chance, met her, and she is a beautiful person to me.

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