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A Lifestyle that Controls Weight  

4U2Blush 63M
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2/12/2022 12:08 pm
A Lifestyle that Controls Weight

Our bodies burn fat while we sleep if the stomach is empty or at least contain quick burners, i.e., chocolate, nuts, and/or some vegetables, etc... That annoying sound that makes us run for<b> food </font></b>is the sound of body's fat being digested and should not be frond upon. During training, 6pm was once the shut off time for eating a meal when once weight had to get down quickly. This method has proven vital as life moves on.
A snack after 6pm of nuts, berries, celery & peanut butter, and/or chocolate (not a bag of it), helps appeases the mind with substance and burns quickly with or without bedtime exercises.
An obese person would lose about 10 pounds a month until they reached a critical point when exercise would be needed for more weight loss. If one adapts to this lifestyle, along with paying the piper when eating habits require it (that pint of ice cream), weight control would be under control.
A very important thing to remember is, your digestion system requires fuel of different sorts at different times. Some foods give you energy, some help you think, and some help control the body's fat. Use them wisely.

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