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The marathon  

4funinthesheets 44M
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2/5/2018 1:23 am
The marathon

The lights were flipped off before the two started to strip.
She was always a little shy and preferred the dark before getting naked.
He was hungry for her tonight and wanted to coax her out of some of her shyness.

Lips clasped together as the two slipped under the covers, clothing left on the floor at the foot of the bed. Her hands moved down his hairy chest and his over her breasts and hips. The passion of the kissing grew and his lips moved to her neck and ear.

Her hands stroked his cock and she gasped as his finger brushed near her pussy and mouth lingered on her neck. His finger moved down, pressing into the top of the folds of her pussy. His lips reached her ear, sucking on the earlobe briefly before saying, "I want to taste you. I want to lick you for a long time."

She whimpered as the words sunk in. He continued, "I am going to set a timer for an hour and my mouth isn't going to move off of you. I want you to try counting how many times you cum."

She pulled the covers up closer to her face out of shyness as his face started to make its way down her body. He kissed her thigh before quickly setting a timer to go off an hour later on his phone. The phone was dropped to the floor and his lips kissed their way towards her pussy.

He was rock hard for her and could feel sheets brush against his cock as he got himself into the best position to focus on licking her. His tongue traced along the outer lips of her pussy, teasing her. She moaned and rocked her hips towards him, begging for his tongue to do more.

He teased her for a short time, then plunged his tongue into her and lips clasping against her to suck and taste how wet she was already. His hands held her hips as his tongue moved in circles then zig-zag motions.

Her moans were almost a siren's call and resisting moving back up to do more was something he had to put a little thought towards. She moaned and rocked her hips and took time reaching her first orgasm. His tongue moved inside her rapidly as she was pushed into the first climax.

He loved having his face buried in her pussy when she had an orgasm and almost felt like he could cum from making her cum that first time. She tried pulling his head up her body as she finished the first orgasm, but he shook his head and let his mouth rest gently on her pussy.

He kissed her pussy gently and blew air across it before gently licking the outer lips. His mouth stayed on her and tongue against her, but he tried not to overstimulate too soon after her first orgasm.

His hands moved along her body, caressing her stomach and breasts, teasing her nipples a little bit until he hard a little bit of a gasp. The gasp was his cue for his tongue to press into her.

The next orgasm came quicker. He moved his tongue in reaction to her twitches and gasps. It was soon pressed deep in her with the tip of his nose dipping in at the top. He was happy to have his face slick from licking her and very happy when she trembled and reached her second orgasm.

She was a little more vocal with the moans this time and as she calmed some, his tongue and mouth went back to the gentle caressing of her pussy. She was panting afterwards and said she can't make it an hour.

His hands soon pulled at her, guiding her to sit up some. He managed to keep his mouth on her as she was moved to straddling his face. He pulled a pillow under his head and guided her arms out to help her support herself.

He moved his face forward a little to kiss and suck on her and then his tongue teased her a little. He then dropped his head down and only kissed her as much as distance allowed. She tentatively started rocking her hips to bring pleasure from his face.

He firmly took her hips and pulled her in a grinding motion against his chin, mouth, and nose. She moaned and he let go, giving her full control of the pleasure she would seek from his face. She rocked her hips, moaned, and trembled.

Soon she said she couldn't support herself and his hands reached up cupping her breasts as she leaned forward. She was soon engulfed in another orgasm.
The orgasm passed and he continued licking her with hunger.

She moaned and trembled some before collapsing in the bed. Positions were shifted and he continued licking her. She moaned and trembled some more and tugged at his head.

His hands squeezed her breasts and his mouth continued to lavish pleasure on her. Her noises were a combination of gasps and moans. She shook her head and called out, "i can't take any more."

The timer had yet to go off, but he moved his face away from her and up her body. He slid his cock into her, slipping into her easily from how wet she was.
She moaned as his cock plunged into her and wrapped her legs around behind him to hold him in her.

He rocked his hips as she moaned having potentially another orgasm. The anticipation, her taste and smell, and the feeling of being inside her at that point made short work of drawing the climax out of him.

He felt himself start to cum. The two moaned and gasped as the final orgasm passed. Soon the timer started to beep as the two lay together.

"How many times did you cum?" he asked.

Exhausted, she shook her head and mumbled shyly in a quiet voice, "I don't know"

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