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The Party Favor...
Posted:Feb 9, 2022 10:13 pm
Last Updated:Mar 1, 2022 4:21 am
She knew that it was her turn to be the party favor to the orgy. but this time Master had a special treat for her, and his guests.
Tonight Baby was to be tied to the wall just on the hallway leading into the open living area of their home.
Master had seen the bondage setup and thought that it would make a perfect treat for the males and females at the party.
The Males could walk up to her and slide their cocks into her, fill her with their cum and then just walk off to fuck the next woman at the party. While the woman tied to the wall would have the cum just shoot in her drip out and fall to the floor below her.
That and if there were cleaners that would lick her pussy clean after the man was done it would even make the job better for whomever it was that ended up being the party favor.
Well tonight is was Baby Girls turn on the wall.
In the past she was a pussy cleaner to the party favor but tonight is was her turn to be the cum bucket, the party favor...
As she hung there man after man came over, fucked her silly and her pussy raw, came in her and then walked away.
She asked to be blindfolded and Master agreed to the request...
For the night this went on until she was lowered off the wall and released.
It was the job of the cleaners to help her into the shower and help clean her off for Master who often watched from the doorway to the master bathroom...
Master was pleased, she was a hit with all the men and a few women, but now it was Master turn to plow her pussy, but he did it in a bed with her...
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Just a Quicky
Posted:Feb 8, 2022 8:55 pm
Last Updated:Feb 16, 2022 11:02 am

She grabbed hold of his cock as she started to position his cock head just below her pussy hole...
Parting her lips with his cock head as she continued to wet herself in anticipation of her pussy sliding down his shaft as she sat down on his cock.
It was always the first few seconds as she felt his cock head pierce her lips and start to slide into her as she lowered herself onto his cock.
She heard him exhaled as he felt her pussy grip his cock and she continued to slide down him, taking every bit of his cock into her inch at a time, slowly sliding down him as his cock disappeared into her pussy...
This continued until he was all the way inside of her. she reached down and pressed her hands against his chest as she lifted her ass off him and started to slide his cock...
Gripping him as she slides and down, tighting her pussy around his cock with each movement as she started to slide him into and out of her pussy...
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Saw Horses
Posted:Jan 24, 2022 12:34 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2022 10:00 pm
So you want to use a Saw ...

There is the traditional:

Then the updated:

Then the Mid-Evil:

And then the Saddle:
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Hand Signals
Posted:Jan 22, 2022 5:31 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2022 11:09 am
For Him and Her:

More for the trainee:

For the Man in Your Life
Posted:Jan 13, 2022 3:13 pm
Last Updated:Sep 25, 2022 7:1 am

For the Woman in Your Life
Posted:Jan 13, 2022 3:12 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2022 6:58 pm

Toys... For Fun!!!
Posted:Jan 13, 2022 2:59 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2022 7:07 pm
Toys for ...

New Toy...
Posted:Jan 12, 2022 11:45 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2022 2:12 pm
New Toy to play with!

In the Shower
Posted:Jan 10, 2022 5:26 pm
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2022 2:13 pm

In the Shower

I carry you into the shower, my cock still inside you, your stocking legs still wrapped around and your arms wrapped around my neck.
I press you against the wall and continue to thrust myself into you, I reach down and swing your legs into my arms we kiss deeper and your arms softly rub my shoulders and down my biceps.
I lower your legs slowly and your toes touch the floor as I slide of you, I see my seed drip from within you, dripping down your inner thigh and then falling to the floor, splashing as it hits the shower floor, our kiss continues for a few more seconds before I turn you around to the wall, I whisper into your left ear that I want to take you anally, I hear you gasp as I reach for the bottle of lube in the shower caddy and squirt a dab into my hand.
I part your bum and rub the lube on your anus and then slowly slide one of my fingers into you, slowly going as deep as I can spreading the lube deep inside of you, I swirl my finger as I pull it .
You place your hands on the shower wall as I part your ass cheeks and position my cock head by your anus, you go up on your toes and arch your back to allow to enter you easier.
I start to press my head into you and you gasp as it passes your sphincter muscle, I feel you tighten and loosen as I slide my cock deeper into you and your anus acting like a cock ring as I push deeper. I hear you gasp and see you bite your lower lip as I start to pull and then push myself back in.
I reach around your waist with one arm and reach down in front of you and start to rub your pussy, sliding my fingers between your lips and into you pussy, with one finger in you and my thumb rubbing your clit I again feel your ass tighten around my cock, I continue to thrust into you getting closer and closer to erupting inside of you, I hear you gasp and shudder as you have another orgasm, I feel it on my finger, still inside of your pussy and feel it roll over your body.
I erupt inside of you and you feel my splash all over inside you, I arch back as to push my cock as deep into your ass as possible, I am still erupting and you feel every bit of it, when my cock throbs and then the sensation of my seed splashing against your inner walls, I reach up and brace myself with one hand against the wall, and my other holding you around your waist.
I stop and lean down and kiss your neck, you reach up with on hand and caress my head I whisper that I am still cumming in you and you feel one last throb of my cock and then the splash of my seed inside of you, I pull back and my cock slides of you, I see my seed spill from your anus and the floor. You turn around and some of my seed dribbles down your leg to the floor.
The water from the shower head splashes against us and washes down our bodies and we move closer to each other, I pull you closer to me feeling your breasts press against my chest as I bend down and kiss you, you wrap your arms around my neck pulling yourself closer to my lips as we kiss.
We wash each other paying closer attention to certain spots each of us smiling at each other as we wipe each other off.

We make our way to the bed and drop our towels to the floor, your stockings, long removed, lay drying on the shower room curtain rod.
We slide the covers and lay holding each other, we talk about our days apart, our lives outside of these walls of the hotel room, you turn and move up and in mid sentence you kiss on the lips, I stop you and into your eyes, I have seen that before, the of lust, I ready myself for your next move.
You turn and make your way down my chest with your head, your tongue licking down the middle of my chest past my belly button and then down towards my cock, you swing your leg over my head and I grab your hips to help you position your pussy over my mouth and you lower yourself onto my mouth and my tongue finds its way right into you pussy parting your lips as I slide it up towards your clit.
You take my cock into your mouth and even thou it is soft it doesn’t stay that way, feeling your lips grip my cock and slide into your mouth, the feeling of your tongue rubbing my head and down my shaft, and then on the way up you move your tongue to the other side of my cock and then around my head and back down over and over again.
I reach up and grab an ass cheek in each hand and squeeze tightly, pushing you down on my mouth as I move my tongue around and into your pussy. I can taste your juices flowing, your moist pussy seems to be dripping with your juices and I start to lap it up, I taste not you but some of me as well, I feel you stroking my cock with your mouth faster and faster, I feel you quivering over me, your pussy tightening and loosening with each shiver your body makes.
I am about to , to fill your mouth again with my seed, my seed that you want all the time, you sense I am about to release into your mouth…
I taste you as you convulse and have another orgasm, you always taste different when you cream yourself, I taste it and it drives me crazy and then my cock throbs and you feel me fill your mouth, you try to swallow as much as you can but you don’t stop sucking on me, you are making me more and more, I don’t stop and I feel you convulse again over my mouth you shake your pussy over my mouth and slowly lift your head off my cock.
You have licked up every drop of my seed you have even licked my cock clean of any that has spilt out of your mouth.
You push up off the bed and rock back on my mouth as I continue to dance in your pussy with my tongue. You brace yourself with your hands on my thighs and I feel you shake as you have another orgasm, you taste wonderful and I am pleased that you are enjoying our time together.

You lift your pussy off of my mouth and slowly swing your leg around over my head.
You lay next to me and we kiss as you interlock your legs with mine and take my hands in yours as we interlock our fingers.
Our kiss lasts for a few mins, we feel fulfilled, our time is filled with carnal desires we have. We lay there for what seems like hours as we drift off to sleep, in each other’s arms.
Masters Special Gift...
Posted:Jan 10, 2022 3:04 am
Last Updated:Jan 22, 2022 2:13 pm

Well my Slut... how are you today! Are you ready to service Master as he stands before you... to your knees slut and service Masters cock and if you please Master he will reward you with your favorite toy...OR Special Gift...
'Yes Master' is all you say as you kneel in front of him and reach up to move his robes aside exposing his cock to you... you reach up and know that you could never take it all in your mouth and that if you deep throated his cock you would most likely choke to death on his length and girth... So you concentrate on his cock head sucking and licking it as you stroke his shaft... after 10 or so mins you hear him moan and you know he is close as you pick up the stroking pace... and then you feel it in your hands, his cock throbs and then you taste it in you mouth, Master likes it when you swallow his seed as it fills your mouth.. you taste the familiar saltiness of his seed as you struggle to swallow as more fills your mouth... Master has always released a large amount when being serviced... Master looks down on you as you look up,.. you finish sucking his cock dry and licking off his cock head.. he reaches down to you and you take his hand and stand. Naked, in front of him he looks you over as if to inspect you, to make sure you are cleanly shaven, to make sure you are freshly cleaned... and then motions you to the bed... you lay spread open on the bed and Master walks to each corner and slips on the restraints, first you left wrist, then you left ankle.. Master keeps his eyes on your eyes as he makes his way around the bed.. you follow him, you start to pant as you know what is coming... Master attaches the right ankle and then your right wrist... you tug on the restart as master tightens the straps holding you spread open and tied down to the bed... and then as a last items he slips on the blindfold blocking out all light and sight from you... you feel his touch on you, you feel the tails of the whip slide over you and between your legs... they tickle as they slide over your clit... "Have you been a Good Slave" Master asks... "Yes Master" I have been a good slave to you", Master, as if excited answers "good, I have a surprise for you tonight..." "what is is Master" and then you feel it... a cock unlike masters starts to enter your pussy, stretching it out much more than Master has ever done...
Posted:Jan 1, 2022 6:45 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 7:36 pm


I lay you down on the corner of the bed and tell you lean back, you raise your legs so that they are on the edge of the bed, legs bent with your knees up towards the ceiling and them spread as far apart as your hips will allow you to.

I reach up and start rubbing you pussy through your panties and I feel they are soaked by your juices already, I kneel in front of you and push my face into your panties and pussy and with my tongue I start to feel the outline of your lips through your panties, I slide your panties to one side with my finger and start to lick your lips, parting them as I move up and down your slit.

I smell and taste you as my tongue touches you ever so slightly and it drives me to bury my tongue into you and then slide back up. I reach to both sides of your panties and slip them slowly off of you, past your stockings and I place them next to you on the bed.

I slide my hands up each respective leg and then around to cup your bum and push you farther up onto the bed, I pull myself closer to your pussy and again I can smell your scent and my mouth waters with delight as I again part you pussy lips with my tongue and start to lick and suck on your pussy lips and rub your clit. I push your legs up and start to circle your anus with my tongue, a few darts with my tongue into you bum to get you going and then back to licking your pussy up to your clit and sucking on your clit with my lips wrapped around your clit.

I feel you start to quake as you near your orgasm and then you reach down and push my head deeper into your pussy, I taste your cream as I lick and plunge my tongue into your pussy.
I feel you convulse and shake as you start to have another orgasm and I feel you tighten up and try to force me deeper into you. I feel you thrust yourself into my mouth and face and I taste your cream as you release over and over again...

I kiss your inner thighs and slowly move on top of you, stopping to lick and suck on each of your breasts as you start to stroke my shoulders and caress my arms and chest

I feel you benighted me and you feel me rubbing the head of my cock against your clit, I start to reach down to put myself into you when you stop me and whisper
that you want to place me in you...

And you grab my cock and slowly move it around your pussy, parting your pussy lips and placing my head right in line with your pussy
I lean forward and I start to slide into you...

I feel you spread your legs as I slide deeper into you
I look down into your eyes and then we kiss, passionately kiss and I feel you take me inside of you and your pussy grips my cock and it feels mind blowing as I slide in and out of you...
The Long Awaited Meeting:
Posted:Dec 31, 2021 2:58 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 7:35 pm

The Long Awaited Meeting:

Walking into the hotel room and as you open the door you see me sitting in a chair across the room. You walk in and close the door behind you and you walk closer to me as I start to stand.

We approach each other and you reach out to me for a hug and I reciprocate pulling you close to me. I give you a quick kiss on the lips and move back to the chair sitting down. You stand there waiting for my instructions.

Take off your cloths and place them on the burrow next to you I say
I watch as you comply

You proceed to take off your cloths and place them down doing so in front of me. I observe, emotionless watching you, I take you in from your head to your toes, what you are wearing, how you look, have you shaven recently, are you trimmed, is you makeup perfectly done, are your fingers and toenails painted my favorite color.

I stand up and move towards you and motion for you to turn around, I unzip your dress and it falls to the floor, I notice you are wearing the crotch less panties I like and I tell you to keep them on, you turn around and move towards me.

I look you over, your stockings match the panties I love so much, the thigh high stockings feel good when you wrap your legs around me when we are having sex.

I tell you to help me remove my cloths and you assist me in removing my tie by undoing the knot, and then slipping it out from under my collar. You slowly unbutton my shirt as you look into my eyes, I am looking back at you as you pull my shirt out of my pants and slide it off of me. You reach down and undo my belt and then unbutton my pants, they fall to the floor and I slip off my shoes and step out of the crumpled pants on the floor.

You bend down and pick up my pants and fold them placing them next to your cloths on the burrow, sliding my shoes next to your heels by the foot of the burrow.

You return and lift up on my tee-shirt and slip it off of me.. I am standing there in my boxers, facing you, looking into your eyes... I ask you to kneel before me and remove my boxers.

You kneel before me and looking up at my eyes you reach up an pull my boxers off, my cock, aroused by our actions springs up a bit to greet you. You place my boxers on the burrow and turn back towards my cock, sitting head height, waiting for your mouth to wrap around my cock head and shaft.

You take my cock in your hands and open your mouth, sliding your lips past my the head of my cock and down my shaft and then back up to the head of my cock...

As you do this my cock grows inside your mouth and I start to feel the back of your throat as you take all of my cock into your mouth...

I stop you and ask you to stand and I take your hand and walk backwards to the chair

I sit down and tell you to kneel in front of me and ask you to continue

You slide up and down on my cock for what seems like 10 to 15 mins before you start to hear me moan and I grab the back of your head and start to thrust my cock into and out of your mouth, you know I am close to erupting in your mouth and you ready yourself for my cum. Bracing yourself with your hands on the chair you wait as I tilt my head back, you know I am about to blow in your mouth when I thrust my cock deep into your mouth, scraping your throat with the head of my cock, I ready myself to erupt down your throat.

I pull you head halfway down my cock and stop as you feel my cock erupt into your mouth, you taste my cum and start to swallow but I keep erupting into your mouth as I slide my cock back and forth in your mouth, you reach up to slow my thrusting and to catch your breath as I finish cumming... I see some of my cum squirt out between your lips and my shaft as I finish cumming in your mouth and you try to keep up with swallowing my cum flowing into your mouth form my cock. You wipe some that has split out of your mouth back into your mouth... and you finish me off by licking my cock clean and sucking every last drop out of my cock.

I look down at you as I stand before you. You are looking up at me as I reach down and take you hand and gently help you up, I kiss you and wrap my arms around your waist as you wrap your arms around my neck. I lift you up off the floor and you are lifted off your feet and you instinctively wrap your legs around me as we continue to kiss.

I feel your tongue darting into my mouth and rubbing against my tongue as I stand there with you in my arms, your legs wrapped around my waist. I hear you whisper to me 'Master I give myself to you and you alone', 'Master take me, Take your willing slave and do as you wish to me'

'Have you been a good Slave for Master' I ask, 'yes Master, I have been faithful to you alone, I have been waiting to be with you all this time, Master please take me and do what you want with my me, what you want with my body'

I answer you 'you will give me your body for my use tonight, and give it willingly and without hesitation' and I carry you into the bedroom as you answer "Yes Master, I give myself to you willingly"
Women: Do you like the Man to Cum in you
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This is to help the guiys to findout if you like getting your Pussy, mouth or Ass filled with Cum, or do you like it on your face or all over you...

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