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Baby Girl Katy: In the Shower  

50youngblood 48M  
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1/28/2022 7:30 pm
Baby Girl Katy: In the Shower

Baby Girl Katy: In the Shower

Carrying Katy into the shower with his cock still inside of Katy, her legs still wrapped around Daddy and her arms wrapped around his neck. Their lips pressed together in a passionate kiss.

Daddy presses Katy against the wall and continues to thrust himself into her, reaching down he swings her legs into his arms, the kiss continues, deeper and her hands softly rub my shoulders and down his biceps. She grabs his head, one hand on each side and grinds down on his cock as he thrusts into her, deeper, Katy pressed against the wall of the shower.

He lowers her legs slowly and her toes touch the floor as Daddy slides out of her Katy, He sees his seed drip from within Katy's pussy, His seed, dripping down her inner thigh and then falling to the floor, splashing as it hits the shower floor, their kiss continues for a few more seconds before Daddy turns Katy around and presses her to the wall, He whispers into her left ear that he wants to take her anally, Daddy hears her gasp as he reaches for the bottle of lube in the shower caddy and squirts a dab into his hand.

Daddy spreads her cheeks of her bum and rubs the lube on her anus and then slowly slides one of his fingers into her, slowly going as deep as he can spreading the lube deep inside of her, he swirl his finger as he pulls it out.

Katy placed her hands on the shower wall as Daddy parted her ass cheeks and positioned his cock head by her bum hole, Katy went up on her toes and arch her back to allow Daddy to enter her easier.

He starts to press his head into Katy and she gasps as it passes your sphincter muscle, Daddy feels Katy tighten and loosen as he slides his cock deeper into her and her anus acting like a cock ring as he pushes deeper. Daddy hears Katy gasp and sees her bite her lower lip as he starts to pull and then push himself back in.

Daddy reaches around Katy's waist with one arm and reach down in front of her and starts to rub her pussy, sliding his fingers between her lips and into her pussy, with one finger in her and his thumb rubbing her clit he again feels her ass tighten around his cock, as he continues to thrust into her getting closer and closer to erupting inside of her, Daddy hears her gasp and shudder as she has another orgasm, Daddy feels it on his finger, still inside of her pussy and feel it roll over her body.

Daddy erupts inside of Katy's bum and she felt him splash all over inside of her, He arched his back as to push his cock as deep into her ass as possible, Daddy is still erupting and Katy can feel every bit of it, when his cock throbs and then the sensation of his seed splashing against her inner walls, he reaches up and braces himself with one hand against the wall, and the other holding Katy around her waist.
Daddy stops and leans down and kiss Katy's neck, as she reaches up with on hand and caress his head, he whisper that he is still cumming in her and she feel one last throb of his cock and then the splash of his seed inside of her. He pulls back and his cock slides of her, He sees his seed spill from her ass and onto the floor. Katy turns around and some of Daddy's seed dribbles down her leg to the floor.

The water from the shower head splashes against them and washes down our bodies and they both move closer to each other, Daddy pulls her closer to him feeling her breasts press against his chest as he bends down and kiss Katy, She wraps her arms around his neck pulling herself closer to his lips as they kiss.

They wash each other paying closer attention to certain spots each of each, smiling at each other as they wipe each other off.

They make their way to the bed and drop our towels to the floor, her stockings, long removed, lay drying on the shower room curtain rod.

As they slide under the covers and lay holding each other, they talk about their days apart, their lives outside of these walls of the hotel room, Katy turns and move up and in mid sentence she kisses Daddy on the lips, he stops her and looks into her eyes. He has seen that look before, the look of lust, he ready's himself for her next move.

Katy turns and makes her way down his chest with her head, Her tongue licking down the middle of his chest past his belly button and then down towards his cock. She swings her leg over his head and he grabs her hips to help her position her pussy over his mouth and as Katy lowers herself onto his mouth and his tongue finds its way right into her pussy parting her lips as he slide his tongue up towards her clit.

Katy takes his cock into her mouth and even thou it is soft it doesn't stay that way, feeling her lips grip his cock and slides into her mouth, the feeling of her tongue rubbing his head and down his shaft, and then on the way up she moves her tongue to the other side of his cock and then around his cock head and back down over and over again.

Daddy reaches up and grabs an ass cheek in each hand and squeezes tightly, pushing her down onto his mouth as he moves his tongue around and into Katy's pussy. He can taste her juices flowing, her moist pussy seems to be dripping with her juices and he starts to lap it up, He tastes not only her but some of him as well, He feels her stroking his cock with her mouth faster and faster, He feels her quivering over his mouth, her pussy tightening and loosening with each shiver her body makes.

Daddy is about to, fill her mouth again with his seed, His seed that you want all the time, she sensing that he is about to release himself into her mouth.

He tastes her as she convulse and has another orgasm, she always taste different when she creams herself, he tastes it and it drives him crazy and then his cock throbs and she feels him fill her mouth, as she try's to swallow as much of him as she can but she doesn't stop sucking on him, as she is making him cum more and more, and he doesn't stop and He feels her convulse again over his mouth and she shakes her pussy over his mouth and slowly lifts her head off his cock.

As Katy licks up every drop of Daddy's seed she has even licked his cock clean of any that has spilt out of her mouth.

Katy pushes up off the bed and rocks back onto Daddy's mouth as He continues to dance in her pussy with his tongue. She braces herself with her hands on his thighs and he feels her shake as she has another orgasm, She tastes wonderful and he is pleased that she is enjoying our time together.

She lifts her pussy off of his mouth and slowly swings her leg around over his head.
Katy lays next to Daddy and they kiss as she interlocks her legs with his and takes his hands in hers as they interlock their fingers.

Their kiss lasts for a few mins, as they feel fulfilled, their time is filled with carnal desires they have. As they lay there for what seems like hours as they start to drift off to sleep, wrapped in each other's arms.

KatyLiksIt 23F
61 posts
1/29/2022 11:33 am

The Shower was the ideal starting point of a total evening of imaginable carnal pleasure which included intense orgasms, in the shower in the bed, and in the morning when we had awaken. The ultimate dream cum togethe again and agan.

50youngblood replies on 1/29/2022 9:40 pm:
we will have to see if we can reproduce this again for us...

KatyLiksIt 23F
61 posts
1/30/2022 6:32 pm

I am hopeing for it.

50youngblood replies on 1/30/2022 7:39 pm:
Master wants you to ...

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