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Baby Girl Katy: The Bedroom:  

50youngblood 48M  
69 posts
1/13/2022 1:55 pm
Baby Girl Katy: The Bedroom:

Baby Girl Katy: The Bedroom:

Master, carrying Katy into the bedroom, her arms wrapped around his neck, their lips touching in a kiss as he makes his way to the bed. As gentle as possible he lays Katy down on the corner of the bed and tells her to lean back, instructing her to raise her legs so that they are on the edge of the bed, legs bent with your knees up towards the ceiling and them spread as far apart as her hips will allow her to be. Katy eager to please Master complied without hesitation as her pussy started to moisten in anticipation of what Master had in store for Katy. She knew he liked eating her pussy and knew that he had yet to do that since the other day, her anticipation of him and his tongue plunging into her pussy was driving her and she felt her heart beating just that much faster in anticipation as she watched Master lower his head between her legs.

Master reached up and started rubbing Katy's pussy through her panties and feeling that the panties were soaked by Katy's juices already flowing from within her, He knelt in front of her and pushed his face into Katy's panties and pussy and with his tongue he starts to feel the outline of her lips through her panties, Master slid Katy's panties to one side with his finger and starts to lick Katy's lips, parting them as he moves up and down her slit. Savoring her juices and how her lips felt against his tongue, feeling her twitch every time his tongue brushed her clit while parting her clit hood.

Master could smell and taste Katy's juices as his tongue touched her ever so slightly and it drives Master to bury his tongue deep into Katy's pussy and then slide back up to her clit. He reaches around to both sides of her panties and slips them slowly off of her, past her stockings. As they pass her feet he balls them up and presses them to his nose and deeply inhales her scent. With that he exhales and moans in delight at her scent all over the panties, placing them next to her on the bed.

Master slides his hands up each respective leg and then around to cup Katy's bum and pushes her farther up onto the bed, Master then pulls himself closer to Katy's pussy and again he can smell her scent and his mouth waters with delight as he again parts her pussy lips with his tongue and starts to lick and suck on her pussy lips and rub her clit with his tongue. He pushes her legs up and starts to circle her anus with his tongue, a few darts with Masters tongue into Katy's bum to get her going and then back to licking her pussy up to her clit and sucking on Katy's clit with his lips wrapped around her clit nub making Katy's shake as she feels Masters tongue rub her clit as he sucks on it.

Master can feel Katy start to quake as she nears her orgasm and then she reaches down and pushes Masters head deeper into her pussy, He taste her cream as he licks and then plunges his tongue into her pussy.

Master feels Katy convulse and shake as she starts the cycle of another orgasm and he feels Katy tighten up and try force him deeper into her. He feels her thrust herself into his mouth and face and he can taste Katy's cream as she releases over and over again, Master continues to lick and cleanup Katy's pussy, enjoying every bit of her cream as his tongue continues to lick and rub her pussy and clit. Katy, fresh from releasing herself for Master rubs his head with her hands as if to reassure him that he has again made her feel wonderful and loved by him.

As Master rises from between Katy's legs and kisses her inner thighs as he slowly moves to being on top of her, stopping enjoy Katy's spots on his way up to her breasts. Stopping to lick and suck on each of her breasts as she starts to stroke his shoulders and caress his arms and chest, they stop for a moment and stare into each others eyes, a smile starts to cross each of their faces as their lips move closer together in a kiss, she tastes herself on his lips and tongue and she moans as Master moves to enter her pussy with his cock.

Master feels Katy benighted him and she feels him start to rub the head of his cock against her clit, He starts to reach down to put himself into her when she stops him and whispers that she wants to place him into her and with that said Katy reaches down between their bodies and grabs his cock and slowly moves it around her pussy, parting her lips and placing his cock head right in line with her pussy hole... He leans forward into her and he starts to slide himself into Katy's warm, wet and inviting pussy, feeling every inch of his cock being wrapped in the warmth of her pussy, her arms wrapping tightly around his neck pulling Masters head down to hers and meeting with a kiss...

Master can feel her spread her legs as he slides deeper into Katy. He feels her pussy grip his cock as he goes deeper into her, he feels her pull him down to her and their lips meet as he slides the last of his cock into her.
Master, looking down into Katy's eyes and they kiss, as passionate and longing as a kiss can be between two people who love one another. He feels her take him, willingly, inside of her and her pussy starts to grip his cock and it feels mind blowing to Master as he slides his cock in and out of Katy's tight pussy...

The End

KatyLiksIt 24F
61 posts
1/13/2022 9:51 pm

This was the perfect dream that we consummated with love until the morning was to come.

50youngblood replies on 1/14/2022 6:21 am:
Till Morning!

KatyLiksIt 24F
61 posts
1/18/2022 1:38 pm

And hopefully this repeats for many more mornings!

50youngblood replies on 1/18/2022 10:18 pm:
it is destined to continue tomorrow when Daddy and Baby Girl wake up...

KatyLiksIt 24F
61 posts
1/19/2022 7:53 am

ohhhh, daddy, another visitor showed up before you came back and surprised me. I am afraid my pussy will be soaking wet when you return.....I did not know someone else was in the house and I assumed the position thinkkng it was you. Please forgive me.

50youngblood replies on 1/22/2022 2:06 pm:
I saw that... If this continues like I have seen in "The Gathering" you will have to take a shower before we meet. and possibly meet in my room for privacy.

KatyLiksIt 24F
61 posts
1/23/2022 11:47 am

Daddy, I have taken my shower(s) and will do so always before going to your room, so as to be properly cleansed before your use.

50youngblood replies on 1/23/2022 4:29 pm:
Daddy is happy that you are clean and your holes are cleaned out before we meet. Daddy wants a clean Baby Girl for his use...

KatyLiksIt 24F
61 posts
1/24/2022 8:20 am

Daddy, I will shower before every future meeting to remove all previous internal squirtings. I will submit to the most in depth inspections and probings of my Master, as I kneel naked with knees spread wide.

50youngblood replies on 1/25/2022 11:01 am:
Master is very pleased with your answer and actions... Daddy likes Baby Girl to be cleaned inside and out for our time together... Master will inspect slave as she sits in position of inspection, spread wide.

KatyLiksIt 24F
61 posts
2/16/2022 8:24 am

I am so happy that I passed the inspection of Master this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed my rewards well into the morning!

50youngblood replies on 2/16/2022 6:58 pm:
Master enjoyed giving you your rewards... and every time here after...

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