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Baby Girl Katy: The Long Awaited Reunion:  

50youngblood 48M  
69 posts
1/22/2022 5:13 pm
Baby Girl Katy: The Long Awaited Reunion:

Baby Girl Katy: The Long Awaited Reunion:

Katy had been waiting for over a year to meet with Master again. The last time she was in his presence he had told her about his moving for his new job. At the time she felt betrayed by Master, but Master had provided for her in his absence. Now he was coming home to stay and he wanted to meet with her, to inspect her, to review her and to make sure that she kept up with her training in his steed. As she walked into the hotel she could feel his presences right from the lobby, never mind as she neared the room in which he sat waiting for her. As she knocked on the door to the room she could hear him tell her that the door was open. As she opened the door she could see him sitting in a chair across the room. She started to walk towards him as the door closed behind her, he, now standing in front of the chair waiting for her to approach him, inspecting her as she came closer and closer towards him.

They approached each other and Katy knew he was looking her over as she was to him. Upon nearing him she reached out her arms as if to embrace him as he did towards her. For a few seconds they hugged one another then with a soft kiss on her lips he released her and took a step back. He had to compose himself as he had feelings for Katy that a Master was only to have with his true Slave. As he moved back to the chair he sat down and looked up at Katy, now in the waiting position, fully clothed. She, standing there waiting for his instructions and then he spoke, 'Take off your cloths, one piece at time, slowly, and place them neatly on the dresser next to you'
Katy started to comply with Masters commands and as he watched her comply, slowly removing one article at a time until she was down to her panties and stockings' when Master spoke up
'you are wearing the ones I like, Master is pleased, leave them on for now, I will remove them from you later in the evening'

Katy, having taken off all other garments and having placed them down stood in the waiting position for Master to continue his instructions. Master observe, emotionlessly watching her, looking her over from her head to her toes, taking in what she was wearing, how she looked, had she shaven recently, is she trimmed, is her makeup perfectly done, are her fingers and toenails painted to his liking and favorite color.

'Master is pleased so far, assume inspect' Katy standing in the waiting position moved quickly to the inspect position and turns for Master to review her from behind. She hears Master tell her to Spread and she moves her legs apart for him to see between them. Master moves his hands up and down Katy's ass crack feeling her cheek in one hand and sliding down and around past her anus and stroking her pussy from behind. 'You are wet' he states out load to her, 'Speak' as he moves back to the chair. 'Yes Master, I am excited to see you' Katy states when she hears 'Bend Down'. She reaches down and grabs her ankles and faces the floor as Master slides her panties to one side to inspect her pussy and how shaved/kept up it is. 'Stand and Wait' she hears from Master and she moves to the waiting position, her arms behind her back her eyes down.
Master tells Katy another command to lay on her back and spread for inspection 'Backside' and upon hearing this command Katy gets into position as quickly as she can. Master inspecting her moves her panties to one side then the other to view her pussy 'Stand' and Katy gets up into the waiting position, arms locked behind her back and her eyes are down, looking at the floor.
Master moved towards Katy and stand in front of her, reaching out he touches her chin and lifts her head to adjust her gaze so she is looking into his eyes. 'You have been keeping yourself clean and trimmed very nicely for Master, I am very pleased, do you remember how to service Master?' Katy, answering as confidently as ever 'Yes Master I remember how you like how I service you. Would you like me to do it now?'
'Yes' was all Master had to say and Katy got down on her knees, reached up and undid Masters, belt and then unzipped his pants and letting them fall to the floor where she helped him out of them and placed them to one side. She then reached up and pulled down on his underwear exposing his cock that sprang out to meet her waiting mouth.
Taking his cock in her hands she licked his cock head around the tip, circling as she stroked his shaft.
Master looked down at Katy as she looked up, their eyes meeting as she slide his cock into her waiting mouth. Master could feel every bit of her as she slide him into her mouth, her tongue caressing his shaft as it went deeper into her mouth.
Master moaned and Katy hummed and stroked his cock with her hands and mouth. She could feel Master tighten his floor muscles as he fought to keep himself from cumming to quickly. She knows that master likes to build up larger and larger loads of his seed for Katy to swallow when he does release himself into her mouth.
At that moment Master reaches up and grabs the back of Katy's head and she knows that he is going to start to cum, he pulls her head down and then partly back out as she feels him throb, first in her hands then in her lips and then across her tongue. and then the taste, the rich milk that Katy longs for all the time starts to fill her mouth, she starts to swallow without hesitation.. She continues to swallow as Master continues to cum in her mouth, filling her mouth so much that some trickles out the seal between his cock and her lips. she continues to suck every last drop from his cock, pulling his cock with her hands to squeeze out every drop like a tube of toothpaste. To her the most delicious toothpaste she has had the pleasure of consuming.

As Master finishes cumming in Katy's mouth he releases her head and looks down at her sucking and licking up all his seed, his cream, his milk. Reaching down he takes her hands and helps her to stand. Being in that position for as long as she was sometimes makes it hard for her to stand. She appreciates Master help and stands in the waiting position as Master releases her hands.
'Katy, help Master remove the rest of his cloths' and Katy complies without hesitation, removing his sport coat and then unbuttoning each button of his shirt while looking down at the task, Master reaching up and moving her head by her chin so that she is looking into his eyes, and he into hers. she smiles, Master Smiles back as Katy removes his shirt. She pulls up on his tee-shirt and over his head it goes as they still stare into each other's eyes. She then finishes removing his underwear and places them with his other cloths and pants from before. As Katy finishes removing Master cloths she takes care to place them on the dresser next to her, when done she returns to the waiting position and stands there awaiting Masters next command.

Master, Looking over Katy he sees that she is perfect, her stand, her balance, her look is astounding. He takes her by the upper arms and pulls her towards him, He kisses her and she wraps her arms around his neck and he wraps his arms around her waist and as he does this he picks her up. As he picks Katy up off the floor she wraps her legs around his waist and feels his cock rubbing against her pussy. Master starts to walk towards the bedroom. They continue to kiss he feels her tongue darting into his mouth and rubbing against his tongue. Master hears Katy whisper to him 'Master I give myself to you and you alone', 'Master take me, Take your willing slave and do as you wish to me'

'Have you been a good Slave for Master' he asks, 'yes Master, I have been faithful to you alone, I have been waiting to be with you all this time, Master please take me and do what you want with my me, what you want with my holes, with my body'

He answer her 'you will give me your holes and your body for my use tonight, and you will give them willingly and without hesitation' and he carries her into the bedroom as she answers 'Yes Master, I give myself to you willingly'

KatyLiksIt 24F
61 posts
1/22/2022 10:02 pm

Master, thank you for sharing our story with everyone. The ending paragraph retold our meeting of this evening/morning again.

50youngblood replies on 1/23/2022 1:39 am:
I agree, it is very similar to our story.

KatyLiksIt 24F
61 posts
1/23/2022 11:42 am

Master, please keep taking me to the bedroom, so I can be trained so much more by you and your tools.

50youngblood replies on 1/23/2022 4:21 pm:
Master will do that for as long as slave wishes to serve under Master...

KatyLiksIt 24F
61 posts
1/24/2022 8:16 am

Slave is staying as long as Master remains satisfied with services provided and desired!

50youngblood replies on 1/25/2022 10:58 am:
Then we will be doing this for a long time.... as Master likes slave... a lot.

KatyLiksIt 24F
61 posts
1/30/2022 6:31 pm

Slave is devoted to Master and will be there for the long running.

50youngblood replies on 1/30/2022 7:37 pm:
Master is pleased to hear Slave say that as he looks forward to using Slave Holes for the long term...

jenfun69 19F

2/8/2022 10:56 am

I love for you to rip off my clothes and walk me out into a roomful of your friends naked as you bend me over and ram your cock up my pussy and make me stream in front of them and then?

50youngblood replies on 2/8/2022 7:01 pm:
Are you looking to be Fucked silly in front of like minded people by me alone or do you want them to enjoy you as well? Men turning your pussy into their personal cum bucket, along with your mouth and ass and women strapping on and ramming you senseless in all of your holes at once...
Or do you want some of the women to also slurp the cum that falls out of you? Cum mixed with your juices...and your cum... Or do we strap you to a wall and offer your pussy as a door treat to the men and women coming over to visit and join in the party??

50youngblood replies on 2/10/2022 7:22 pm:
Strapping you to the wall and turning you into a party favor for all the guests to use... to cum in...

KatyLiksIt 24F
61 posts
3/7/2022 10:05 am

It was wonderful to have you join the party.

50youngblood replies on 3/9/2022 6:59 pm:
I was Happy to Join... Did you like it???

50youngblood replies on 3/10/2022 9:14 am:
but one thing... What Party?...

KatyLiksIt 24F
61 posts
3/14/2022 1:52 pm

Every encounter is a party that I wish would never end!

50youngblood replies on 3/17/2022 6:17 pm:
Then lets Party as many times as we can!!!

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