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profcoquin27bis 56M
3946 posts
5/17/2021 5:48 am

it depends on my state of mind, the moment and the angle of view but it usually starts with the whole person

Art4urPleasure 55M
231 posts
5/17/2021 6:55 am

If she in looking towards me it is her boobs. If away from me her ass. No doubt....

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DiscreetQuirky 52M
239 posts
5/17/2021 7:45 am

Yes, honestly I look at her boobs. But that is followed very quickly by looking at her face to check out her interest and mood as well as general prettiness.

profcoquin27bis 56M
3946 posts
5/17/2021 8:29 am

thanks for your answer, i vote for the whole package

Lkn4funwith2 55M
1151 posts
5/17/2021 9:56 am

I first notice the whole package, but my eyes immediately go for her ASS

Mickstrike 61M
293 posts
5/18/2021 6:00 am

I’d say boobs first - their up front and forward for a reason

Mdonson57 60M
439 posts
5/18/2021 9:15 am

Face actually. If she smiles then boobs.

Kiik Myonguy

LordMandrakeJB 65M  
583 posts
5/18/2021 10:31 am

Okay, I'm the oddball, I guess. The eyes tell me whether she's inviting me to visually explore the rest of her, and to what degree. From there, it's the whole beautiful female form and then each separate section.

forgotforgetting 54M
7626 posts
5/18/2021 10:37 am

I'm a boobs guy. Of course, I assume this is not first time we met so I would already know the color of her eyes.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

ProfessorNaught 108M
1354 posts
5/18/2021 10:50 pm

It’s a common question and as misleading as responses can be, I’ve always wondered why ‘this” is the question that gets asked.

The only valid response has everything to do with how the eye scans and interprets images (whether naked bodies, art, a spreadsheet or even text on the screen). Very interesting stuff if anyone cares to look it up. Notwithstanding notes by others on the view angle or exposure…

With the options provided and given platform limitations … would it be more informative to query a consensus on interest ? The “what do you like in” each of the options may even be more interesting (and revealing)

Sementics 60M

5/19/2021 2:43 pm

Honest. Eyes. I just love sexy eyes.

SeekNEnjoy6969 45M  
10 posts
5/20/2021 3:52 pm

Depends on the initial set up for the total naked truths as well. Some people may look better than others, but how you are position, what surrounds you can draw attentions differently as well. Nothing wrong with some naked admiration for everything though.

ProfessorNaught 108M
1354 posts
5/20/2021 10:30 pm

I'd say the writing difference between blurting it out and being a lady.
And, you'll probably get the expected response

Bonem91 30M
10 posts
5/21/2021 7:46 am

Depends on the angle and what I can see. From behind obviously the arse. From front I do look at whole package but definitely drawn to the pussy and that whole pubic shape. So fucking hot..

Getoutandabout93 27M
21 posts
5/22/2021 12:47 am



naughtynate77 43M  
616 posts
5/22/2021 4:40 pm

My vote was 'whole package,' but it can always depend on the details.
If the hair is exceptionally striking or colorful, that will get noticed first easily.
Depending on the makeup, the eyes or lips might pop more than anything else.
A nicely shaped/sized ass always gets my attention, but if I'm seeing it naked, I surely have already seen it clothed and have a good idea the treat I'm in for.
The same can go for breasts.

Rootman0621 25M  
1 post
5/23/2021 11:34 am

Idk the whole package of seeing every curve, kinda gets me going, especially the thighs and hips.

DocManther 58M  
10 posts
5/24/2021 1:15 am

I'm a leg man..the kind with feet on one end and pussy on the other!!!

ProfessorNaught 108M
1354 posts
5/24/2021 10:19 pm

Did you find any surprise(s) in the responses?
ASS 7%

youngcock_912 35M
13 posts
5/25/2021 2:59 pm

Depends on what her stand out features are

chuckoldfun 61M/50F
23 posts
5/26/2021 8:25 am

i say pussy because i love cream pie eating and a pretty set of pussy lips makes the pie a whole lot sweeter

Richmiker 70M
33 posts
5/27/2021 12:13 pm

You would have to be on all 4s for me to answer ass.

Chuck697469 47M
8 posts
5/28/2021 2:48 pm

then i check out her ass

Iliknsuku2 51M  
8 posts
5/29/2021 6:29 am

Hello, I'm new and I voted on your poll. Fyi I voted for the whole package. I'm a total ass man and I can't see that if she is facing me. I do enjoy a nice pair of tits ( small to medium is my preference) and I will usually look there if she is facing me and then directly to her mouth so I don't get caught and if I do, to see if she is smiling or not

Hotbodman_4play 57M
578 posts
6/7/2021 7:42 pm

The whole package. The look in her eyes, the smile she gives,The curvature of her body, her sexy legs, the roundness of her butt, her supple breasts and hard nipples, that lovely neck to nibble on and those sweet lips to passionately kiss

licknsuck1234 63M
96 posts
6/8/2021 11:01 am

All the parts that generate an interesting response when I slide my tongue across or deep into......I'm a worship kind of guy, love nipples that go from soft to erect, an erect clit, a wet and wetter pussy, a responsive ass......a finger in the ass, with a few more in the pussy while sucking the clit, might be considered multitasking and multiple spots of interest all at the same time. My favorite moment is when a woman settles into the doggy position displaying her charms with a smile and invites me to lick her all over......

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