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What is...  

7nikki9 42F
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4/18/2019 11:28 pm
What is...

Alpha, a word used often. What is an Alpha? Most would say an Alpha is a being who controls by being the strongest or the most aggressive . However, this is not the case. A true Alpha can lead calmly yet assertively, can keep his or her cool in any situation. Be a person that others can go to for guidance in times of duress. But also be a protector, a provider, the one person that no matter what can be counted on. A true leader is not defined by how loud someone can yell or how strong a person is physically. A true leader is defined by how strong he or she is mentally and how well they are able to handle any situation. The truth of the matter is that a lion never has to tell another animal they are a lion because the whole kingdom already knows. So let the hyenas run around And clean up the scraps. And to all the leaders, to all the true Alphas I say be who you are no matter what for they will respect you anyway!

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4/19/2019 12:38 am

Good post.

davelkspussy 59M
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4/19/2019 1:21 am

That is so true you say it with such conviction,I enjoyed reading it all

CappyC 69M  
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3/1/2020 9:33 am


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