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Angry Master  

Aslgeek 65F
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1/20/2022 7:49 pm
Angry Master

My master owning his own business had to leave town for a few weeks. During this time I got lazy and allowed my bush to grow and hairy legs etc. I also gained a few pounds. My Master took me in out of pity as I was plain and overweight when he collared me. He forces me to do yoga and powerwalk an hour each day. He had hired a trainer to do flexibility exercises with me as I needed to be flexible for his many uses. Also to keep his home clean and serve him. If my master saw great results over time he would reward the instructor with a few hours with me. Upon his return he was bringing his business partner to our house the following month to share me. He did so as it was a promise to his partner for doing such a great job getting a new contract. Upon his return he was so angry that I had let myself go that he strung me up and beat me. He then allowed me one meal a day and forced me to power walk one hour every day. He then brought in a cosmetologist to remove my hair and ready me for his friend. As payment and my punishment he commanded I suck this guy dry and promised him a night with his slave to do as he pleased while my Master watched. The next day his friend showed up. He was so turned on by my bruises he asked my Master if he could bring over some friends and gangbang me. He said that all of them were married and STD free. My Master agreed as long as he watched to keep me safe. He said that I had disobeyed him and let myself go. That I was a ...his property and needed a reminder. That as his possession he loved me but was not going to take my disobedience period. I had to always be healthy and very strong to endure. Under my Masters care I looked like I was in my 30s. I learned then not get out of line

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