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Aman needs a maid part 3
Posted:Mar 1, 2022 1:55 pm
Last Updated:Mar 2, 2022 2:27 pm

You crook your finger at her and she blushes as she lets her eyes fall to the floor. she doesn't make an attempt to cover the loose breast still dripping from the shower spray. you hold a hand out to her and she steps forward. you take the soft hand towel and pull it down over the plump nipple to dry away some of the water. Her nipple pops back when you release it and you cant stop the exhale of pleasure that escapes you. She stands innocents, but the perfect weapon of seduction. Confused, obviously physically aroused. You smile and laugh a " you are a messy for a maid" she giggles and looks about flustered and you again swipe a bit more slowly and concentratedly on her wet nipple You whisper "so pretty, so perfect" she blushes deeper and looks down at her own nipple then back at you like she is unsure what she is suppose to do in this situation. You pick her chin up with your finger and tell her 'don't do anything just, just stand for a few. Your fingers shake as you let the shield of the towel fall. Your index finger rubs over the nipple feeling, pressing seducing, you look in her eyes and you see she is transfixed on your hand on her nipple. You whisper "You like it" she doesn't move she continues to stare. there is something un real, something frozen in space about the erotetic intensity.. You softly pinch it. not enough to create pain but to create pleasure and real contact. her hips shift and you smile she is connecting to the pleasure. her arms slide around her mid drift. and she breaths in a quivering breath. you let your fingers rub and stroke that nipple furiously and her legs clench and shift and she looks around for away to escape the intense pleasure and embarrassment that she wants it. You ask her thickly what you would find if you did an arousal check. she shakes her head no in bewilderment. "What is that?" she stumbles out the words and you lick your index finger and tug her pants down a bit. she clutches toward the waist band and you shake your head no. "Leave them, you are to shy to answer honestly i need to check your body to find out if you are aroused" Your finger slips into the leg band of the panties and you tug them aside reveling the soft puff of pubic hair. You release a swear word because the tension is unbearable. she gasps a bit smoothened in a soft high sound as your finger slips inside the slit of her pussy. you pull it out and hold it up between your faces. "Aroused" you suck her sweetness off your finger and smile slowly. pulling her between your legs. (to continue)
A Man Needs a Maid (Part 2)
Posted:Feb 23, 2022 11:10 pm
Last Updated:Mar 1, 2022 1:17 pm

continued from my profile!!!!!

It was her day to clean the showers. You would have had that damn bathroom re modeled if it wasn't already prefect for turning your cock to stone. The shower stretched along the back wall of the bathroom directly opposite of the door. so if you sat on the end of your bed you could watch her do that tip toe dance and use her tits to balance herself against the glass while she ran the wash rag along the top frame. you love it when she gets messy and steps into the shower spray she is using to rinse the fancy scented cleaning solution she uses. You always ended up licking your lips as you let your vision trace the trickles of water, hoping to see them make the fabric turn invisible. Oh fuck those days when she really caught a good blast from the hand held and her whole tit was plastered against the white cotton. then the rubbing. Could she really not realize how her tit was grinding against the glass. Oh God the way her nipple flexed and pressed into her body and then hard to the glass sometimes blooming into a disc that cried to be licked and sucked. Oh and then today, today would be seared in your brain forever when the white elastic neckline pulled down against the glass and her breast popped free. It was just like you knew it would be. Full and heavy. bouncy and thick. to big to go back into her bra and top easily and she struggled with it and finally stomped her foot on the shower floor splattering a bit of spray and she let go of it and allowed it to fall free so she could finish the door with the squeegee. She stepped out from the shield of steam. There she was rivulets dripping from her hair and from the tip of that huge pencil eraser nipple. There she stood so unprofessional, half naked, half worn out, half frustrated and tired. And there you sat. hand in your pants half exposed, half frustrated, Very unprofessional. You were bookends with out a doubt.

Would you like a part three, message me and let me know.
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