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Outdoor adventure ends in a surprise.  

Bobobobo2626 60M  
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2/15/2022 1:01 pm
Outdoor adventure ends in a surprise.

It was a scorcher of a day.

Sweat was rolling down my temples, despite the bandana, which had soaked everything it was capable of early on. I could feel the sweat on my back, sticking my shirt to my body under the daypack I was wearing. To make matters worse, Lara and I were hiking through a narrow gorge with the sun directly overhead. It was like walking through a furnace, on the kind of blistering hot, cloudless day that was rare in the mountains. There was no air movement. The trail curved along a rushing creek which had steep cobbled sides, and although cool<b> water </font></b>was temptingly close, there was no safe access for people who did not want to risk a turned ankle. Around us the snow-capped mountains rose with the promise of coolness, but there was none for us.

Lara was walking ahead of me. She had always like to take the lead, and I was fine with that. She was petite, and very fit, foot and maybe a hundred pounds soaking wet. She had sandy blonde hair which she wore in a braid that hung down to her shoulder-blades, and had muscular but nicely curved legs and of the best asses I had ever seen. It was firm, round, and just the right size. She was wearing form-fitting trekking shorts and a t-shirt, and as she walked I could watch the muscles of her legs and ass move and play. I could follow that ass for miles without hardly noticing the scenery, and that's why I was happy for her to be always in front. Lara knew. I had told her in so many words soon after we met.

We had met on the east cost along an oceanside trail. Lara was very fit because she was a long-distance runner, but had not had that much experience backpacking when I met her. She had made the mistake of trying a long, multi-day trek in new hiking boots, and was suffering from blisters at the side of the trail when I encountered her. Lucky for her I never left home without a steady supply of moleskin bandages, which are an amazing cure for blisters, and Lara was quite happy to do the rest of the trail with me to stay close to the supply. I thought it a stroke of luck, because Lara was quite lovely, out of my league I thought. We spent almost a week on the trail, and discovered a strong enough mutual attraction that at the end of the hike, sweaty, sticky and in desperate need of a shower, we agreed to share a hotel room. That night we fucked each other for so long that we had difficulty getting out of bed on time for check-out. Or rather I fucked her. We discovered right away that Lara was both passive and submissive in bed, and that I took to dominance like a fish to<b> water.

</font></b>Lara stopped on trail and turned to me. 'Fuck it's hot!' she exclaimed, wiping the sweat with her formarm. 'Is there anyplace to rest up ahead'? She looked down wistfully at the cool creek, so near and yet so far. I had been on this trail several times previously, but it was her first time in the mountains. I nodded. 'I've got a special surprise for you', I replied, 'but its about another twenty minutes ahead. I turned her around and gave her a shove on the shoulder. 'Just keep marching soldier'. Eventually the gorge opened out into a flood plain and the creek became braided, with the trail descending right to the bank. Lara sighed and started to remove her daypack, but I said 'No. This isn't it. more minutes.' and kept walking. As we rounded a steep mountain shoulder we came to a place where a narrow crevice opened to the right of the main trail. There was a freshet of cool, clean<b> water </font></b>running down it, and next to the stream was a narrow path, more than a game trail, that was easily overlooked unless you knew it was there. ' here,' I said, motioning with my hand and heading the path.

A few hundred yards , and past a bend which shielded the path from the main trail, we found it. A point at which the freshet dropped over an foot undercut into a plunge pond, forming a miniature waterfall and a basin about feet wide. 'Ooh,' said Lara, 'that looks nice'! I dropped my pack and stripped off my sweaty clothes, then waded into the pond. The<b> water </font></b>was cold and clean, coming direct from snow melt near the top of the peak, and the pond was a over waist deep. Perfect for lounging in. I stood under the waterfall, rinsing the sweat off my body, feeling the eddies clean all my cracks and crevices. I waded back across the pond, feeling comfortable between the coldness of the<b> water </font></b>and the heat of the sun.

Lara waded in eagerly, naked but not bothering to undo her braid, and stood under the waterfall rinsing the sweat out of her hair. I sat back on the moss admiring the view. She was quite lovely, and the cold<b> water </font></b>had the very pleasant effect of hardening her nipples and making them erect. The sight of them was starting to make ME erect. She looked at my cock and shook her head. "You are incorrigible,' she said with a grin, but allayed those words by wading back across the pond and taking my cock in her hand, stroking and down until it was fully erect. I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her down, and she took my cock in her mouth and began circling her tongue around the . 'Fabulous,' I said, digging my fingers firmly into the hair on the back of her head.

Suddenly I heard a noise, like footsteps scrabbling on rock. I pushed Lara away and stood , craning my neck uphill in the direction of the noise, while she picked up her T-shirt and held it on front of her. I could see nothing, and after a few minutes of no further sound I relaxed. Lara had climbed out of the pond and was shivering a from the cold water, so I knelt down and turned her to face away from me, pulling her back against me to warm her with my body. My heat and the warmth of the sun soon did the trick.

Lara relaxed against me, and soon my hands began to wander of their own accord. They moved around in front of her, cupping her breasts and squeezing the nipples between thumb and forefinger. She gasped and arched her head back. Lara's nipples were like an 'instant on' switch. After a minute or of having them played with she was always very wet and ready to cum. As my left hand continued to glide gently back and forth across her breasts, my right hand fumbled in my daypack until I found a stretchy tent cord. Pulling her arms behind her I tied her wrists together, twining the cord around her forearms right to her elbows, pulling them behind her back. Lara was very flexible. I pushed her forward until her head and knees were on the moss, and I entered her from behind. Sure enough, she was ready and more than ready for me. I fucked her hard, hand holding her braid like a leash and the other pulling her wrists back and upward, and she began to moan louder and louder. 'No harm done,' I thought. 'There 's nne to hear'.

I was wrong.

Hearing a quiet scratching sound and catching motion out of the corner of one eye I looked up suddenly, and there he was. He was about my age, with long hair pulled back and a bit of a scruffy beard. He was carrying a very large pack , and he looked strong and fit. He was sitting on the rock ledge above the plunge pond with his forearms resting on his knees and a big grin on his face. 'Oh don't mind me,' he said with a German or Austrian accent. 'Bitte, carry on. Very entertaining'.

At the sound of his voice Lara lurched upright, her arms jerking as she tried to cover herself. All she accomplished was displaying her whole body to him, and his eyes drank her in appreciatively. He stood up, and I could see Lara's eyes wander to the very large bulge in his trekking shorts. He had been watching for a while, obviously. He and Lara locked eyes, and I could see the expression on her face change from alarm to something else. I felt a sudden stab of jealousy, but instead of urging to him to walk on I had a sudden impulse, and went with it. 'Over here', I said, motioning to the mossy bank. Lara looked at me searchingly, and I at her questioningly, and she gave a nod. I could see a blush of colour come onto her face and neck, and I knew that she understood what was going to happen and was aroused by it.

Then man came down, dropping his pack and kneeling as we were, on the moss. He unzipped his fly, exposing an uncut and very large cock. I bent Lara over and entered her from behind again, as she swallowed his cock eagerly in front. Once again I felt a brief surge of jealousy, but I also admit that the sight of my woman deep-throating another man was very erotic. I fucked her hard from behind while her head went and down over his cock. At first he sat back and took it, but eventually he started to gasp, and he took Lara's head between his hands and began to mouth-fuck her, thrusting hard. I was getting closer to climax too.

Suddenly he groaned and gave a prolonged thrust. The sound of Lara gulping down his cum made me cum too, very hard.

He sat back for an instant, and I pulled Lara back against me, kneeling but erect. He eyed her body as he zipped back , and made as if to stand. 'Wait a minute,' I said. We have done nothing for Lara.' He grinned. 'Genau,' he replied, sinking back to his knees. I shifted my grip on her, moving my left arm between her arms and back, and pulling her hair backward to tilt her mouth upward toward him. Over her shoulder I could see his hands squeezing her nipples, and she began to moan again. The sound made me hard, right away, to my surprise. I saw his hand slide down her tummy and between her legs, until my view was cut off as his mouth descended on hers. As they kissed passionately she began to moan into his mouth, and as her hips began to make fuck-movements I realized that he must be masturbating her. Her moaning got louder and louder as she knelt there erect, trapped between men, and her fuck-movements began to push back against my cock. It was still wet from my cum and her juices. Spreading my knees a , I allowed her own movements to begin impaling her anally on me, and I slowly pushed deep into her ass.

Her pelvic writhing got faster and faster and her moans more and more urgent, until suddenly she tore her mouth away from the long, long kiss, looked to the sky, and screamed. Her entire body clenched as she came, hard and long, and the sound of her cumming caused me to shoot another jet of hot cum into her ass.

Exhausted, she fell to her side on the moss and I sat back on my heels. The man stood , grinning, and shouldered his pack. He stuck his hand out and I shook it, and he said:

'Danke schön. You know, I really like this country'

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