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Quick oral fun 5/14/18  

CL_Love 49M/49F
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5/15/2018 10:39 am
Quick oral fun 5/14/18

You know how I mentioned sometimes things just randomly work out? Yeah yesterday was one of those times! I logged in to BBWMatchMate in a moment of horniness mixed with procrastination yesterday afternoon and there on my friends list was short Kevin (as opposed to tall Kevin - another guy I had hooked up with a long time ago).

Kevin and I have been chat friends for quite some time having hooked up to make out a few times over the years, but mostly back when I was under much stricter rules for separate play. He's a super kisser and a lot of fun (though tends to sweat profusely when turned on - LOL ). He had always wanted to go down on me and with his strong lips I had always thought he'd be pretty good at it.

So yesterday I saw him on BBWMatchMate for the first time in ages and said hello. He immediately responded and we briefly chatted about how crazy life always is and how we were both pretty horny. I told him I'd love to sit on his face and he said name the time and place. I told him I didn't have a place handy per se, but sooner than later was good for me. He suggested we meet at his place which handy enough was right on my way out of town. We agreed to meet asap. I just had to check in with hubs. He said to enjoy myself and he'd catch up with me after.

I showed up and he met me outside and walked me up to his apartment. Damn, I forgot what a tight little body he has. He was looking FINE in his t-shirt and casual workout pants. He'd grown a beard and it looked good on him even if I do prefer his smooth face. Thankfully, he'd continued to keep his sexy chest shaved and of course down below also. I was a little embarrassed that I was in need of a bit of a trim down below and had on my boring beige bra. I really need to be better prepared for this impromptu stuff!

We didn't have a ton of time as he needed to go in a bit to pick up his so we got right down to it and started making out. It had obviously been a while for him and he was worked up very quickly (and of course sweating like crazy). He pulled off his t-shirt and I enjoyed touching his sexy chest as we continued to kiss and his hands wandered as well. After I bit, I shed my shirt too and enjoyed him sucking my nipples.

It wasn't too long and he relieved me of my pants and worked his way down to the goal at hand...to suckle my sweet clit and finger my pussy driving me nearly to orgasm. He was doing a great job, but I think it was just a little too soon. I take forever to warm up. It felt great and he had solid technique paying attention to my little moans and the response of my body every time he varied the position of his tongue or fingers. It felt good, but like always after it had been quite a while I started to feel guilty for how long I was taking (and my hands in his sweaty hair was kind of cracking me up). Did manage to remember to snap of a pic of him between my legs for hubs.

So we went back to kissing and I stroked him a little. He'd gone a little soft while taking care of me so I brought him back to full mast and he ditched his pants (well they were hanging off one foot - LOL ). I kissed him, then his sexy chest, then his hips, then licked the head of his cock, then the shaft, then the balls and back to the head. MMMM....back to kissing his lips. I was careful to straddle a leg so no accidental slippage inside me as that wasn't the goal and hubs would be bummed to miss it.

He suggested I sit on his face and we moved from the couch to the floor so that we'd have more room to 69. We got into position and his tongue and fingers continued to do a lovely job of working me over while I took him into my mouth. I briefly tried to get a pic for hubs, but it had started to rain and the room had gotten pretty dark and couldn't see anything in the selfie mode (no flash) so I gave up and just continued to take him all the way into my mouth (not that long so was shame couldn't get a nice "to the root" pic for hubs).

We were both into it and I heard him say something and I leaned up to ask him what he said and then looked down to see it must've been a warning that he was gonna cum as he had a big pool of it on his belly. I felt bad for pulling off, but it was hard to understand him with a face full of my pussy. LOL I leaned down and licked his head a little and kissed him then leaned back up to continue riding his face as he didn't stop even though he had cum. Bless his heart! I enjoyed that for a while, but then decided it was time to give my knees a break and enjoy kissing him some more. I dangled my breasts in his mouth some and kissed some and enjoyed that chest some more.

Finally, he needed to clean up and get ready to go and so did I. We chatted about about and how fast they grow and just everyday normal stuff. We laughed about how my husband usually brings a hair tie with him when I play because my hair is always getting in the way and Kevin said he could've hooked me up if I had asked...probably one with purple or pink bows. LOL We got dressed and kissed a little more. He assured me I was still plenty sexy even though I have gained some weight since we first met. Said he liked a little extra padding on my rear and I grinded it against him in good fun just before we left.

All in all, a nice end to the day even if more time would have been nice. He said it had been ages since he had played so I'm sure he appreciated the bj. I always appreciate a man that enjoys going down on me. I texted with hubs off and on as I drove home giving him some of the low down on the afternoon. Then finished the story that evening after our showers and while sucking his cock while he was laying down and then again when he was standing up. Throat is a little sore! He held off cumming as I had wanted to ride him while using vibe on my clit (where I FINALLY came - geez needed that!) and then he cleaned up and I blew him some more with my head hanging off the edge of the bed and him playing with my breasts.

I continued blowing him while I laid on the bed normal (head on pillow) and he knelt next to me. He seemed so close to cumming, but finally I asked him to get on top and fuck me again. Wasn't sure I could take much more as my jaw and throat were feeling it. I asked him to fuck me hard and he pretty much obliged, but didn't last long with all of the foreplay. I then masturbated some more while he cleaned up and got another tiny O before cleaning up myself. Started the laundry and crashed on the early side. Got up this morning early and fucked him after his shower talking about what in the world was he ever going to do about his wife and her insatiable need for cock. LOL Needless to say, that sort of talk always gets him to cum fast and in the mornings we don't have much time.

Hmm....will there ever be such a thing as enough cock for me?

jc_powerman 62M
254 posts
5/15/2018 2:44 pm

I love the way you discripe the way he picked up your signals and wonderfully in responding to them and the effects on your body and mind. Love your writing.!!!.

soccer1172 43M
20 posts
11/9/2019 10:30 am

I teach writing for a living, you are an amazing writer, thanks for sharing.....and pretty HOT as well.

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