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Clive_63 58M
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12/28/2021 2:00 am

Treated myself to an oriental massage yesterday. As a professional driver my shoulders and back do get stiff and need relaxing.

What I was looking for was a particular massage parlour that had that little added extra. As I had moved to London I had not located one yet (where I was previously there were two I frequented). After a bit of research I did find one which was a 30 minute drive away.

I was welcomed welcomed by a young slender Chinese lady who took my payment and showed me to the massage room. There I saw a notice saying "Polite Notice, this is a non sexual service for both men and women". I was disappointed, og well at least I will hopefully get a good massage.

The same girl then came in introduced herself and then asked if I wanted my boxers on or off . I said off and she then removed them for me. I though nothing of this as she placed a towel over my bare cheeks. She started on my shoulders giving me a deep tissue massage, which was rather painful but much needed. Moving down to my hips and legs again she gave continued with the deep massage, after doing both legs she then started paying attention to my inner thighs and my attention became aroused. I parted my thighs just a little and yes she took the signal and her figures reached further down towards my erogenous zones. Lifting my hips further I felt light touches around my anus and she started stroking my balls. Instantly I was erect and she handled my shaft so deftly. I let out a low groan and she laughed apologising saying that she should have asked permission!

She asked me to role over and then officially asked if I wanted extra. If that was in any doubt. What came next was just outstanding. Taking off her top revealed a slender beautiful body with the typical tattoo on the lower back. Nice pert boobs and smooth skin. She massaged oil onto my cock which was so erect and damn hard, the biggest I have had it in such a long time. Then got onto the table so we were touching skin to skin. I was caressing her and hands running over her ass and teasing her nipples. She was pressing her body onto my cock and massaging it with her hand, faster and faster she went and within seconds I could feel me building up. I tried to hold my climax for as long as possible but could not and I exploded all over her torso and mine, she carried on massaging me and my climax went on and on, my back was arching and I was desperately trying to remain quiet. Finally, I took her in my arms and she released her grip on my cock.

She then went for a quick shower to remove my cum and then gave me a relaxing head and torso massage.

Two of the best hand jobs I have ever had have both been done my Asian ladies, anyone want to comment on that?

SilverFoxMark66 68M
286 posts
12/28/2021 11:42 am

Congratulations Clive on finding the "extra" service; if you search for "Tantriclady8"" on here you'll find a buxom Portuguese lady in Camden who I've spoken to a couple of times & will visit in 2022 after taking care of some minor health issues 1st; she does full tantric massages & will let you play with her afterwards too, (for a price of course), good luck & Happy New Year, Mark

desiBitchSonia 37T
17 posts
12/31/2021 6:36 am


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