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The Swinger's Diary 2010 Roy and Tammy  

Codex97471 70M  
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4/11/2022 9:07 am
The Swinger's Diary 2010 Roy and Tammy

Roy and Tammy were one of those couples that did not let an age difference stop them from swinging.

Tammy was in her mid 20's and we actually didn't meet on an adult dating site. Roy and I worked for the same company and it was just natural that he shared that he was married to a much younger woman and she was just wearing him out. This conversation went on over the next weeks and then Roy invited me over for a barbecue on a Saturday.

It was just me and Roy and Tammy. The beer was cold and the<b> food </font></b>was great and as the evening wore on we hit the hot tub since I didn't have trunks it was just easier for all of us to get nude. Tammy was slender with nice apple-shaped tits. It wasn't long before Roy asked me if I would like to have sex with Tammy. Not one to turn down an offer like that we moved into the bedroom where Tammy was more than accommodating and we got it on while Roy watched and played with his cock.

We enjoyed many more hot tub adventures over that summer until the company I worked for transferred me to another city. We kept in touch and still remain friends.

This is an older photo of Roy and Tammy shared with their OK...Forgot I had the photo of Tammy's friend Carol


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