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Dapplegrey9 50M  
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4/9/2022 10:36 pm

I have had my share of fun meetings with hot wives and single ladies. Generally, there is a level of interest and then we communicate and set a meeting up. This set up usually works like a charm. Recently, I met a hot-wife that I have been wanting to get with for the longest time. She was skinny and bumpy and had a tight box, from the one time we met a few years ago. One Friday night, out of the blue, I exchanged a few texts with her husband and he explained that their plans had fallen through. They were in my neighborhood and I figured it was my lucky day. I was going to go workout, but I figured a better workout would be blowing his wife's back out. So, I prepared myself shaving, trimming and showering. I drove to hotel and got into the room. The wife was as stunning as I ever imagined, smelling nice, looking hot in her two piece bikini. . It wasn't long, before we were getting busy. she was hot and tasty and I was lapping away. It wasn't long, before we had a quick round, her box was as tight as ever. It got interesting, because she was trying to connect, but for some reason I couldn't stop running my mouth like code in an endless loop. I was in a me me me state of mind, very self centered. I am not usually that way, but for some reason that was the way I was that night. I am normally curious to find out about the wife and or the people who I am in the room with, as much as they are comfortable disclosing. I was hoping for another round, but she literally and figuratively closed her legs, and I knew it was over. On the way home, I kept trying to understand what happened. Why was I a wreck, so self focused. Was it because I hadn't met any ladies online in a while due to Covid? Or maybe, I didn't have a drink to reduce the anxiety? I have been in the lifestyle for close to two decades, so I am generally very comfortable with strangers. It took a while, but then I realized that it was neither of the two reasons I had thought of earlier. I reflected on my Friday and looked to see if there was anything unusual. Late that Friday afternoon, I had been searching through the internet about an ex girl friend, who seemed to have disappeared without a trace. I later found out how she had passed tragically, and my<b> head </font></b>was spinning. Even though we had broken up, reading about her brought back a lot of memories of a good time, a fun time; and how sadly she was no more. In hindsight, I shouldn't have answered the call to meet up, because my<b> head </font></b>wasn't right. However, sometimes there is no way to know until you experience a situation, because experience is the best teacher. I have had lots of successful meet ups, and a key ingredient was being present. Being present is a key part of being open to enjoying the company you are in, and even though I never thought about it that seriously, because it always just happened; I learnt my lesson for sure.

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