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My first time  

DarenBnjacks 55M  
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11/25/2018 2:05 pm
My first time

I remember my first time years ago.

I was texting a guy maybe in his 30s for a couple days trying to get our schedule to work out. He seemed nice and not too overwhelming or pushy. I had a couple pair of panties that i wanted to wear for a guy and feel like a girl feels when a man wants her.

So he told me the apartments he lived and the apt and I said I would be there in about 30min. I was very nervous as i walked up to the door not knowing what to expect. We had agreed to just talk and see what happens (no pressure).

He invited me into his living room and we just talked. He asked me if i was a bottom or top and i replied i was a bottom. He said he did not think I was. I replied I wasnt sure and I just wanted to explore. At once I asked he he would like to see my panties and he said yes so I wanted to go to the bathroom and put them on.

I came out in a tank top and thong panties i think it was black. He lit up at once. I could see his eyes looking and mouth open slightly. I like the reaction. I walked around and got closer and reached out and started to touch and explore. I was getting so excited and turned on. I was almost shaking. he pulled my cock out to the side and began to kiss it and suck it. It felt so good. He then turned me around and pulled my panties to the side and got on the floor. He moved behind me and opened my ass cheeks and and began to lick my ass. It tickled so much and i had to help by opening my legs to give him better access. i could feel other parts of my body tingle as he probed his tongue deep inside. it felt incredible. My tight hole began to throb. I wanted more.

I asked him if he had protection and he said yes. I asked him to fuck me. He said it would hurt alot and I replied "I dont care, I need it".........

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facialfrank 57M

9/10/2020 1:46 pm

Nice story.Something I dream about too!

DrJohn695 59M  
1 post
4/18/2021 7:43 pm

That is so dam hot, I would be open mined with some one like you

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