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getting ready  

DarenBnjacks 55M  
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11/23/2018 5:36 pm
getting ready

I love that feeling when i am getting ready to go meet someone that is hosting.

I shower and shave very close. My cock gets semi hard and i stroke it with my razor. I shave my tender sack getting all the hair and then rinse with the warm water from the removable shower hear. everything feels so nice a smooth. the water hitting it now feels so intense after shaving. With it so smooth i get very sensitive. I get a little nervous and excited thinking about the cock i will soon be sucking.

After the shower I pick out a very sexy panty to wear, and maybe some extra to try on in his bed. I like to give him the option to pick out a pair he likes for me to put on. After I put them on i spritz a little perfume on my panties to give a slight hint of perfume (unless he says not to, I always ask).

On the drive over I am usually wearing a very thin, small pair of black gym shorts. As I drive i can feel the thong I picked out earlier rubbing my tight little hole in just the right way (that just makes me more horny) Now Im really getting excited. My panties are holding my cock nicely. i think of it as a swollen clit wanting to be licked. I can feel a little pre cum start to trickle making my panties wet, blending with the perfume. My clit, my tight hole is throbbing with my heart pounding.

I love getting ready for a man

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playforfun6655 65M
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12/30/2018 12:46 pm

U need to clean up drive downtown and come take care of my cock. Good story

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