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how this started  

DarenBnjacks 55M  
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9/2/2020 7:43 am
how this started

well maybe not originally started but i think a good story...

when I was married i always secretly put my my wifes panties when she was gone the store. they felt so good. they were skimpy and sexy. they smelled so good. i loved the way they would rub my tight bud as i walked around the bedroom. that rough lace would rub and excite my bud in just the right way.

I didnt plan this, Im not that smart but looking back i think it may work for someone else in a similar situation.

When we would start make love i would tke her panties off and I noticed how wet they were. They were soaked. I would smell them as she watched. the first few times thats I would do. One day after I smelled them i rub them on my cock. I wanted rub her wetness over my cock and balls. this continued for the next few sexually encounters. One day she took her panties off and she started to rub them on . and then she asked if I wanted wear them, I said maybe so she gave them and then i gave them back I and I told her to put them and she did. She pulled them my legs and over my ass. she adjusted them and tucked my balls in the tiny front. they barely fit.

She put my knees with my head down the bed and she pulled my panties the side and began eat my ass. after a few minutes of eating out she would reposition my panties and pull them tight into my ass and i would feel that abrasive lacy thong scratch my throbbing hole and more excited. it was my dream come true. then she pull my cock down and back between my legs so she could suck it. after she got it completely wet she would drop it and and i would her tongue back inside my ass. she would lick it in a way that it felt like it was going straight to my nipples. i would get so horny. after doing this several times not always in that order she would jump over on the side the bed and order me to fuck her. she would be so wet and cum so quickly it was incredible.

Maybe this will work for you.

sweettanboy 47M
2 posts
11/11/2020 4:35 am


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