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Welcome to my blog!
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Play date with daddy
Posted:Jan 14, 2022 10:50 am
Last Updated:Feb 9, 2022 4:23 pm

So yesterday I drove over to another town to meet a man I have texting. We met here on BBWMatchMate. His pics looked very hot. His cock is nice and thick. The sexting made me want him even more. So we arranged a little meeting. I reserved a room and drove over.
When I got to the room I began to shower and shave. I wanted to be smooth and clean for daddy. I had been worried about sucking his cock. I wanted to do a good job and please him. It's not often I get to play with a nice cock like this. So I brought a collection of panties and before I meet a man I shower with women's soap body wash. I want to smell and feel feminine for daddy. His cock is bigger than my clit.
After the shower I put on the panties daddy wanted me to wear. He had instructed me to wear a tiny black thong so I did. I also got a bottle of wine and poured me a glass. While waiting for daddy to arrive I watched porn. When daddy texted me that he was on the way I told him that I hide a key outside and my room number.
When I go the text that he found the key I was really excited and nervous. I wanted to make my daddy happy and want me over and over.i heard the door opening as I sipped my wine. He looked very pleased as he sat on the couch.
He instructed me approach him near the couch. Of course I did exactly what he wanted. I liked being told what to do. I liked him being in charge. He rubbed my clit through my thong. He pulled it out and sucked on it. It felt so good his rough 5 o'clock shadow scratching my hairless clitty. I like it. He then turn me around to inspect my ass and tight pussy. I bent over as he spread my ass to touch and kiss my hole. I could feel his tongue probing deep inside. I love being eaten out. Then he stood and ordered me on my knees. I began to undo his pants and feel his bulge. When his cock popped out it was massive. It was thick. He is cut, and around 7 to 8 inches. Did I say he was thick? The head is massive. I put my lips to it and kissed it on the tip. I licked it and kissed it more as I held it by the root. I ran my lips and tongue down the shift getting it wet. I could feel precum leaking from my clit. I liked being on my knees pleasing daddy. I Began to suck the head. Any bigger and it would not fit in my mouth. I tried to get it all the in my mouth. I think I got almost al inside before I felt it hit the back of my throat....

To be continued
how my panty fetish started
Posted:Mar 25, 2021 9:57 am
Last Updated:Mar 26, 2023 1:40 am

i had a breakup years ago and my then ex gf left alot of her clothes at my apt. one night after having a few drinks i could smell her perfume on her panties and used them to beat off. I rubbed them all over my cock. the feeling turned me on.

Years later when I was married my then wife always had sexy panties. i enjoyed smelling them and rubbing them on my cock and balls. when she was out i would secretly try them on and get so horny. my wife would routinely eat my ass. it felt so good. i wanted a way to use the panties in sex with her but was afraid of exposing the idea if she didnt like it. I had the idea of sometimes when she was really wet to have her rub her wet panties all over my body. i wanted that wet pussy everywhere. she did it and then after several fuck sessions she would do it without asking and then she began to rub them on my cock and balls. One night she asked me if i wanted to put them on. I said "I guess if thats what you want" it became her idea. She would put them on me and pull them to the side and eat my ass like she was eating pussy. i loved it. she would get extremely worked up more and them tell me to fuck. she would almost cum instantly.
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Nude Beach?
Posted:Mar 25, 2021 8:50 am
Last Updated:Mar 26, 2023 1:40 am

A recent fantasy is to be on beach (playa linda) nude with a top. I want people to see me with this guy. This guy has a large cock and I am smaller. Its obvious to everyone that i am his fuck toy. Its obvious the he enjoys my mouth and ass.
how this started
Posted:Sep 2, 2020 7:43 am
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2021 8:12 am

well maybe not originally started but i think a good story...

when I was married i always secretly put my my wifes panties when she was gone the store. they felt so good. they were skimpy and sexy. they smelled so good. i loved the way they would rub my tight bud as i walked around the bedroom. that rough lace would rub and excite my bud in just the right way.

I didnt plan this, Im not that smart but looking back i think it may work for someone else in a similar situation.

When we would start make love i would tke her panties off and I noticed how wet they were. They were soaked. I would smell them as she watched. the first few times thats I would do. One day after I smelled them i rub them on my cock. I wanted rub her wetness over my cock and balls. this continued for the next few sexually encounters. One day she took her panties off and she started to rub them on . and then she asked if I wanted wear them, I said maybe so she gave them and then i gave them back I and I told her to put them and she did. She pulled them my legs and over my ass. she adjusted them and tucked my balls in the tiny front. they barely fit.

She put my knees with my head down the bed and she pulled my panties the side and began eat my ass. after a few minutes of eating out she would reposition my panties and pull them tight into my ass and i would feel that abrasive lacy thong scratch my throbbing hole and more excited. it was my dream come true. then she pull my cock down and back between my legs so she could suck it. after she got it completely wet she would drop it and and i would her tongue back inside my ass. she would lick it in a way that it felt like it was going straight to my nipples. i would get so horny. after doing this several times not always in that order she would jump over on the side the bed and order me to fuck her. she would be so wet and cum so quickly it was incredible.

Maybe this will work for you.
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you host right now
Posted:Jun 17, 2019 4:30 pm
Last Updated:May 8, 2020 12:16 pm

i have been looking for a nice man in OP or the burg can host on a regular basis. If we meet and it off it would work something like this. You text me needing some special attention, we set a time that day or that week, I come over and do whatever you want done. I need someone close by that i can suck several times a month. very discreet, very respectful. you with me and i with you.
My first time
Posted:Nov 25, 2018 2:05 pm
Last Updated:Dec 12, 2021 10:41 am

I remember my first time years ago.

I was texting a guy maybe in his 30s for a couple days trying to get our schedule to work out. He seemed nice and not too overwhelming or pushy. I had a couple pair of panties that i wanted to wear for a guy and feel like a girl feels when a man wants her.

So he told me the apartments he lived and the apt and I said I would be there in about 30min. I was very nervous as i walked up to the door not knowing what to expect. We had agreed to just talk and see what happens (no pressure).

He invited me into his living room and we just talked. He asked me if i was a bottom or top and i replied i was a bottom. He said he did not think I was. I replied I wasnt sure and I just wanted to explore. At once I asked he he would like to see my panties and he said yes so I wanted to go to the bathroom and put them on.

I came out in a tank top and thong panties i think it was black. He lit up at once. I could see his eyes looking and mouth open slightly. I like the reaction. I walked around and got closer and reached out and started to touch and explore. I was getting so excited and turned on. I was almost shaking. he pulled my cock out to the side and began to kiss it and suck it. It felt so good. He then turned me around and pulled my panties to the side and got on the floor. He moved behind me and opened my ass cheeks and and began to lick my ass. It tickled so much and i had to help by opening my legs to give him better access. i could feel other parts of my body tingle as he probed his tongue deep inside. it felt incredible. My tight hole began to throb. I wanted more.

I asked him if he had protection and he said yes. I asked him to fuck me. He said it would hurt alot and I replied "I dont care, I need it".........

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getting ready
Posted:Nov 23, 2018 5:36 pm
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2021 8:13 am

I love that feeling when i am getting ready to go meet someone that is hosting.

I shower and shave very close. My cock gets semi hard and i stroke it with my razor. I shave my tender sack getting all the hair and then rinse with the warm water from the removable shower hear. everything feels so nice a smooth. the water hitting it now feels so intense after shaving. With it so smooth i get very sensitive. I get a little nervous and excited thinking about the cock i will soon be sucking.

After the shower I pick out a very sexy panty to wear, and maybe some extra to try on in his bed. I like to give him the option to pick out a pair he likes for me to put on. After I put them on i spritz a little perfume on my panties to give a slight hint of perfume (unless he says not to, I always ask).

On the drive over I am usually wearing a very thin, small pair of black gym shorts. As I drive i can feel the thong I picked out earlier rubbing my tight little hole in just the right way (that just makes me more horny) Now Im really getting excited. My panties are holding my cock nicely. i think of it as a swollen clit wanting to be licked. I can feel a little pre cum start to trickle making my panties wet, blending with the perfume. My clit, my tight hole is throbbing with my heart pounding.

I love getting ready for a man

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would love to have a friend in my neighborhood
Posted:Nov 5, 2018 1:21 pm
Last Updated:Jun 24, 2020 1:10 pm

I dream of having a single guy here in my neighborhood. I would love get a in the evening, get ready and take short walk down the street find a neighbors gate open. I walk thru and go the back and see the familiar pool. A man is there waiting and is nude. He is very erect, very big.
he greets with a glass of wine and i begin get nude. He sees my panties on under my shorts. i lay a towel on the pool deck at his feet and after a sip of wine begin to touch his throbbing shaft. it gently throbs and is warm to the touch. his legs open and invite my hand to wonder and caress other areas. I start to kiss and lick the shaft at the same time stroking and milking precum to the tip. expressing that sweet clear nectar. I want to get the largest amount out that i can. i need to taste it to know i am doing a good job. i touch my tongue to the tip of his shaft and there it is, that familiar taste. its slightly salty and slippery to my tongue. it taste sooooo good. i suck the head to get more out. his balls are so big and meaty, i start to lick and kiss them to see if i can get more precum...... more to cum

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