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would love to have a friend in my neighborhood  

DarenBnjacks 55M  
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11/5/2018 1:21 pm
would love to have a friend in my neighborhood

I dream of having a single guy here in my neighborhood. I would love get a in the evening, get ready and take short walk down the street find a neighbors gate open. I walk thru and go the back and see the familiar pool. A man is there waiting and is nude. He is very erect, very big.
he greets with a glass of wine and i begin get nude. He sees my panties on under my shorts. i lay a towel on the pool deck at his feet and after a sip of wine begin to touch his throbbing shaft. it gently throbs and is warm to the touch. his legs open and invite my hand to wonder and caress other areas. I start to kiss and lick the shaft at the same time stroking and milking precum to the tip. expressing that sweet clear nectar. I want to get the largest amount out that i can. i need to taste it to know i am doing a good job. i touch my tongue to the tip of his shaft and there it is, that familiar taste. its slightly salty and slippery to my tongue. it taste sooooo good. i suck the head to get more out. his balls are so big and meaty, i start to lick and kiss them to see if i can get more precum...... more to cum

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