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Oh To Smell YOU  

EroticMusings2 58F  
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1/8/2021 3:29 pm
Oh To Smell YOU

There is something about the scent of a great smelling man. It really turns me on so very much.

I am a very scent driven person. I love good smelling things. My home, my car, myself most importantly. And any man I am with. If you are wearing a great smelling cologne, you can't keep off of you. I must have you now.

I love the smell of men's cologne, body wash etc. Now here my house, my husband does like some of my body washes, and I like his. So we will use each others things and I see nothing wrong with that at all. They are making mroe and more unisex bathing and body sprays all the time.

So my happy place sometimes when I am alone is in the shower. The scent of Nivea Bath Salt body wash, and the shower head that flexes, Because yes even in masturbation I like to change things up. Nothing wrong with that at all.

What about you, what smell drives you wild?

Right now I am wearing Jovan White Musk

Yes those are my eyes...........


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treetoplover007 65M
35 posts
1/8/2021 7:07 pm

there is a smell and I know it when its there
but don't know its name

The woman is long gone but i remember the smell

NCtoybox 53M  
9 posts
1/8/2021 7:42 pm

Are those your eyes??

I like a light, subtle scent - it's like a sexy whisper, or the light brushing of lips in prelude to a kiss - a hook that reels me in for more. I can't tell you names, I just know when I smell one.

Curious: which men's colognes grab you? I was a Drakkar guy back in the 90's, but don't have a mainstay now ...

scoupe42 59M  

1/8/2021 8:58 pm

You have very pretty eyes!

Lippenbalsam 61M
306 posts
1/8/2021 9:24 pm

I'm a scent junkie too.
Probably because I don't like most of the natural body odors.
Especially not a few hours after personal hygiene.
I regularly use different fragrances, at the moment my favorites are Giorgio Armani Code Homme and Bulgari Soir.
I also particularly fondly remember one women's fragrance: Giorgio Armani Classic le Parfum. Unfortunately, very expensive and rarely available.
The woman who wore this scent in the past often only made me horny because of her scent...

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JJ1forIT 30M
2 posts
1/9/2021 3:33 am


JJ1forIT 30M
2 posts
1/9/2021 3:33 am

Hey your sexy

TheRedLion 66M  
28 posts
1/13/2021 5:36 pm

And sometimes your natural scent can be so alluring.

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