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Happy Saturday - It's POLL TIME!  

FatAndSassier68 53F
346 posts
11/6/2021 10:20 am
Happy Saturday - It's POLL TIME!

As I've been on this site again over the past couple of months, it almost seems as though the men who on/flirt with are all either a lot older than , or a lot . I got a message from a 20 year old with apparent Mommy issues right after I got a message from a 72 year old who wanted me to peg him. Maybe a quarter of the messages I receive are from men +/- my age.

So curious - Do you prefer your spouse/partner/ SO/lover to be older, or around the same age? Also, please comment the reason for your peference.
None of the Above

FatAndSassier68 53F
78 posts
11/6/2021 10:29 am

I'll go first. Most recently, I've found myself most attracted to men who are in their mid30s to mid 40s. I'm not sure why that is, but I have a guess.

They have some life experiences, and are in a better place to know what they want.

faroutmanzone 60M  
107 posts
11/6/2021 12:20 pm

I like people who are around the same age. We have more life experiences in common. I'm not opposed to being with people 10 +/- years difference as long as we're interested in each others ideas, opinions and, attitudes. Being curious and adventurous is more important than age.

Thanks for stopping by... it's always good to hear from you. Enjoy!

DeInSLC 58F  
84 posts
11/6/2021 12:50 pm

Great question/poll! While it's nice to have someone 20+ years younger than myself desiring me, I prefer sexual partners around my own age. When with a much younger partner, sometimes every sentence and comment requires a brief history lesson. lol

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

11/6/2021 2:10 pm

I voted around the same age...although i do like woman a little bit younger or older. Just something sexier about the mature ladies😊

CleavageFan4U 65M  
69374 posts
11/6/2021 2:25 pm

I voted the first option since:

I used to think I liked older women. Then it was ones my age. THEN it became younger women. It FINALLY dawned on me - I'd liked the same thing all along - women 40 to 60, and the only thing that changed was MY age.

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peladodel56 65M  
10340 posts
11/6/2021 3:59 pm

10 a 15 años menor es mi preferencia de mujer para relacionarme porque son maduras y sexualmente intensas por lo general.

New2Midlo 52M  
1075 posts
11/6/2021 5:59 pm

None of the above. I want someone who I find attractive, can relate to, stimulates me intellectually, and is a dirty girl. Realistically, that's an age range of -15 + 6 years.

FatAndSassier68 replies on 11/6/2021 6:47 pm:
I added a "None of the above" for you!

boobwhisperer69 59M  
8323 posts
11/6/2021 6:23 pm

Same age!!! You have to be able to relate to things to have a conversation!!!!

69plustoplease 75M  

11/6/2021 8:36 pm

I also tend to look for dates or with women around my age. I've been on Match for a while, and I would say that women within 20 years of my age are the most likely to respond. Not unfrequently, though, I get Likes from women in their 30's. However, within a day or two, they've withdrawn their profiles from my view. I think they're having a little fun, thinking they're going to knock the old man off his rocker with their pretty faces. I'm going to respond in kind, and start to do some erotic teasing, in a reply, before their profiles disappear. I also write erotic poems. I've started to include some in my Blog here, which is new. More of my erotic poems are on Amazon under the name of Poetryshed. I invite you to visit and read some of them..

exsquid46 63M
640 posts
11/6/2021 11:40 pm

Ms. FatAndSassier68,

In the past most of the women I was involved with were older by 1 to 6 years, but there was one that was 13 years older. I have only been involved with a couple that were younger by 5 or 6 years.

At present I still look for women a little older than myself, however I am finding that they want men that are younger.

So I am thinking about looking for a younger woman in her 50's, but there again they are like you and looking at men that are younger.

I will see what happens, but I am will not be disappointed if I don't meet what they are looking for.

play9guy 41M
84 posts
11/7/2021 9:40 am

Simply put - I'm concerned less about the age of a partner and more about whether or not we have a connection or mutual interests.

seoulswing2 39M/28F
169 posts
11/7/2021 7:48 pm

we both enjoy a range of ages from the same age, younger to older.

agelesssexylegs 79F
1145 posts
11/7/2021 9:03 pm

Oh i not after intellectual conversation,i rather into young,mid twenties to mid thirties,with hard bodies,devilish look and the obvious of course,their stamina to out last me

xxx14760man 46M
46 posts
11/8/2021 6:33 am

Same age range of me... give or take a few years. Its nice to have someone younger take notice but beyond sex, someone in my age group has experience enough of life to understand lifes little moments.

samsquatch1971 51M

11/8/2021 10:48 am

I've always gone out with older women. no reason in particular. it just turned out that way

MileJMiled 45M

11/9/2021 4:30 am

I g just depends on the person that is all!

Long432185 37M

11/9/2021 1:14 pm

I really love older women that’s forsure, get at me if you DTF sweety I travel as well here’s my number 3612073400 thanks 😉

harryfun4u 60M
111 posts
11/11/2021 3:28 am


paulslookn 64M
570 posts
11/17/2021 1:22 pm

Same general age as me because you need to be able to communicate as well as fuck and you need some common life experiences to communicate.

OldTeacher5 66M
64 posts
11/20/2021 9:52 am

I have a STRICT rule. They HAVE to be breathing. After that?? It's wide open. (I'm NOT Alice Cooper: 'I love the dead; before they're cold; their bluing flesh; for ME to hold'

I think that more important than age is a desire for similar kinks. If she is larger; dominant; pretty; I'll fall VERY hard for regardless of her age.

psugradguy 45M
2 posts
11/26/2021 8:12 am

As long as my partner and I are sexually on the same page (likes/dislikes, limits, etc) and enjoy being sexual with one another age does not matter to me.

Mainer030880 40M

12/15/2021 9:04 am


Trapper69 65G  
2657 posts
12/25/2021 12:50 pm

Age is a number.......it's the person and their attitude that appeals and arouses me. I've been with women/couples much older and much younger, and enjoyed those experiences simply because we shared similar interests. That being said, most of the women and couples I've been with have been within 10 years of my age.

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