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It's Saturday, and I'm feeling generous...  

FatAndSassier68 53F
347 posts
11/27/2021 6:37 am
It's Saturday, and I'm feeling generous...

As I peruse profiles of the men who have messaged me on BBWMatchMate, I'm irritated. Not so much by the content, but by the grammar, punctuation, etc. As a result, I've decided to offer up my services to redo profiles for those in need. Lord knows, I haven't been afraid to tell people when their profiles need help, so why not offer to rerewrite them?

I doubt it'll do any good, but why not offer? I can safely say that most of the folks who read my blog have no need for my services, but if someone was willing to give constructive criticism on it, would you take it as such?

I will give one piece of advice here - if youre going to take a selfie, do it from above. Make sure youre looking at the camera lens, not the screen! And smile!

big54al 68M
2259 posts
11/27/2021 7:18 am

I would be embarrassed to have grammar mistakes pointed out to me.

scoupe42 59M  

11/27/2021 8:42 am

My gram ma is bad 2!

shoot_blanks 80M
768 posts
11/27/2021 9:05 am

I love dangling participles (because of the name and possible implications)

jajo696 67F
4287 posts
11/27/2021 9:20 am

i think its a nice offer......

i could also see where it could be seen as embarrassing too, however it depends on the type of person one is trying to attract.

Some want ones that are attracted by appendages.....others need to be attracted with words. Some need a semblance of both.

I hope someone shares your vision and replies ~

allgud69xxx 49M
502 posts
11/27/2021 10:33 am

That is a very generous offer. However, I suspect those most in need of your skills (writing, in this case) would probably have to be wrestled into submission, just to accept the idea of improving their profile. Although … I guess that could be considered some form of literary foreplay … ? Women probably do tend to notice something like a poorly-worded profile more frequently than us knuckle-draggers, but those who have such a profile probably don’t think there’s anything wrong with what they have now. It may be an uphill climb, just to offer a helping hand. You never know … maybe there will be a few takers. Be gentle with them?

I wouldn’t be opposed to some feedback. It doesn’t necessarily mean I have to take their advice, or the change may come out a little different than suggested, but, apparently, mine is not the only perspective on life, the universe and everything in between?

-- allgud69xxx

Yeah ... that's right ... I went there ..
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FatAndSassier68 replies on 11/28/2021 4:43 am:
Your profile is right on the money. Nicely done!

69ereatwetpussy 60M
6784 posts
11/27/2021 10:56 am

Be my guessed
I'm sure mine needs lots of HELP
English and Spelling was not my best in school.
And spell check on here doesn't help much.
My biggest trouble is I never read what I write.
Till it's to late and I have to go back and write it over.
So knock your socks off have a good lolololol and
HELP ME Please
Another Member was going to help me then she disappeared.

FatAndSassier68 replies on 11/27/2021 12:15 pm:
I sent you an IM.

disago 53M

11/27/2021 11:10 am

I may need help.

FatAndSassier68 replies on 11/28/2021 4:44 am:
Yours is different, but well written.

classicalrebel4 66M  
1755 posts
11/27/2021 3:41 pm

Seriously I think that it would be nice if there was somewhere on the web that would offer that kind of help for people who aren't sure what to write and are worried that they will be misunderstood. Not just for sites like this but for any site that requires you to fill out a profile. After all you can get help with resumes and job interview questions, why not this.

Please don't let me be misunderstood.

New2Midlo 52M  
1075 posts
11/27/2021 3:43 pm

Your to generous to help fix there profiles. Mine don't need any work because my grammar are really good.

(Waiting for the steam to begin a rapid egress from your ears.)

Paulxx001 65M  
22616 posts
11/27/2021 4:22 pm

Thanks for the offer but I'm good. 👍 ❗ ❗ 😎
What other skills do you have to barter? 🤔

69ereatwetpussy 60M
6784 posts
11/27/2021 7:19 pm

Thank You, Message me works better I'll have to Hot list you or friend me to write on messenger.

lonlyforlove2 79M  
32704 posts
11/27/2021 7:59 pm

I truly understand what you say, I know that there are people on here that have become known as grammar police. I am not sure it matters. If this was a site for some other tropic, maybe technical, medical or other subject. It may matter to those that have an interest in the subject matter. As the accuracy of spelling and grammar would matter..
I for one don't pay to much attention, to this here on these sites.. We do have our share of people that dont know where to put "their or there" or use "our" instead of "or". To the nonpaying patron as long as it makes some sort of sense, it plays good in their mind.
I have personal problems, age, dyslexia, never did learn to keyboard, and spellin' was not good at all. I just trudge along the best I can.
I welcome any help or suggestions on my profile, even critique of my blogs, maybe I have a habit you can spot!! I would not be embarrassed by any comments. Thanks in advance for this offer, you are asking for a lot of work.

Stop by at lonlyforlove2
also see Lunch with Lonly , we get snow tomorrow
Check my blog on New Community, "A photo of my big Pecker"
also, " My Sunday afternoon with the kids'

sissy4you4use 63M
19 posts
11/27/2021 10:54 pm

it's not a good idea!!! the person's grammar tells me loads about them. if you clean up their text then the reader is not getting an accurate presentation of the member . the reader is going to be seeing a blended profile of you and the original writer.

some mistakes are carelessness - some are education problems - some are intentional expressions of individuality (like mine - i don't capitalize "i" and i use dashes rather than semi-colons - and so on....)

sissy4you4use 63M
19 posts
11/27/2021 11:04 pm

oh - one more reason i intentionally incorporate grammatical errors into my profile. if i use an apostrophe to show possessiveness , the BBWMatchMate often converts the apostrophe to a series of confusing characters. so i don't write "woman's" , i just write "womans". my thinking is that the reader is going to be confused less by my incorrect grammar then they are by BBWMatchMate's translation.

staci_19702 51T  
3767 posts
12/14/2021 3:08 am

Great offer!
I do a lot of this on my phone. So, I expect lots of typos. And probably grammar errors.
Tiny screen, big thumbs. 😜. You know what they say about big thumbs….

Have a great day! 💋

Trapper69 65G  
2657 posts
12/25/2021 12:26 pm

Everyone, even Professors of English, makes mistakes. However, I've seen profiles from men, women and couples that make me think that they never made it past the 5th grade...... She's offering her services to make those people appear more intelligent than they are. Seems to be a great offer to me! Of course, BBWMatchMate edits what people post, and often delete certain words, but there are posts that just don't make sense due to the person's lack of writing skills. Yes, she's making a very generous offer!

jim315cd 63M  
31 posts
12/26/2021 7:39 am

Constructive criticism is and should be welcomed. Grammar wasn't and still isn't a strong point of mine and probably could use more help there than most. I'm going to change my profile in the next couple of day's and would love to have you do a review and total redo if you deem necessary . Thank you.

wanna4playU 55M  
265 posts
1/28/2022 4:38 am

hell, my profile probably needs work in all aspects lmao

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