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Some Thoughts about Dating on AFF  

FunbutIntense 55F
12 posts
3/2/2022 6:33 am
Some Thoughts about Dating on AFF

So dating can be fun and exciting. Especially when you meet someone from this site. You check out their profile, exchange a few texts and arrange to meet. It's not exactly a blind date. We've probably exchanged several pictures and hopefully we recognize each other when we do meet. We already know a little bit about each other and developed enough chemistry to want to meet. The date probably goes well and hopefully results in a second date, which for me usually means sex. I don't like awkward sex. You know, when neither of us knows how to look sexy getting out of our clothes or shyly stealing looks to see if I'm looking at you. The fumbling kisses and badly timed moves. It's almost as if we are getting in each others way. I've learned some things to avoid those awkward moments trying to get to the fun sexy part. Not all of it because a little awkward is adorable. I won't share those things here just yet. You'll have to make it to the second date with me to find out.

midhard1 65M
325 posts
3/4/2022 8:32 am

Agree, a little awkwardness can break the ice and lossen things up for an intense time of sex! And, sometimes discussing the awkwardness can lead to teasing and pleasing!

Comments on my blog "midhard1" or on my erotic stories welcomed.

Francislooking4u 64M  
1 post
3/2/2022 11:03 am

For me if I feel a spark I'll find a moment to lean in and kiss you. If the kiss is returned with some passion I'm hooked. I'm glad you have a positive outlook. Makes all the difference.

FunbutIntense replies on 3/4/2022 1:45 am:
Thanks for commenting!

69ereatwetpussy 60M
6784 posts
3/2/2022 9:56 am

At least some getting out
Yes chatting on here can be that big ice breaker
I've met 3 lady from here and all three meets went well
Enough to get right into bed. Help s when they really
Want it and I'm please to help .yes there was a second
Then this shit hit the fan. One wants me so badly yet weather
Screwed that night up I don't drive in ice storms at night
But we will get together and when we do call fire department
It's going to be hot as fire. Xo oxxoo

FunbutIntense replies on 3/4/2022 1:48 am:
I'm so glad you've had success on this site!

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