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How a Woman can get MORE ORGASMS for herself from a Man  

General_Fun 58M
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8/25/2021 8:43 pm
How a Woman can get MORE ORGASMS for herself from a Man

This is real simple
Before Sexual intercourse
You do not read anymore.
You will learn more if you do read more!!!!
Women are in a orgasm race with a man and they are going lose that race.
A woman gives a man a blow job, she gives him a HEAD start cum and finish in 1st place.
Once he cums in first place, ALL stimulation for the woman ceases and he goes sleep,
Do not help a man get stimulated more.
YOU A woman has try reach your climax point before finishes & he falls asleep.
Women are orgasm declined.
They need more orgasms and they are not helping themselves get more by stimulating a man ahead of time.
Think about .
Men do stupid stuff get a woman’s attention.
Women can & DO motivate men, do things for them.
Women are not getting enough orgasms in their lives.
Myself personally teach a woman how get and routinely 25 orgasms each time I make love them, my own personal data shows
if a woman gets AT LEAST 50 ORGASMS A DAY, she is a Happy Woman.
Our first time she gets 5 orgasms from me and I watch her like a Hawk see if her heart can handle ,
No you do not get know what I for because then a woman might try fake me out,
I can give a woman 35 orgasms per love making session, I get tired tho so I just cut way down just 25 orgasms I give a woman per love making session.
Since a woman can more orgasms than a man.
Then she should get the man
with her more, so SHE GETS MORE ORGASMS FOR HER SELF before he CUMS IN 1st
and wins the race, Men been raised always CUM in 1st place & are told their are no winners in second place.
Personally I do not like a woman being the loser Cuming in last place.
Men say and do dumb things to get the woman to pick him as her lover, men will even tell lies to get a woman to pick him over other men.
Animals fight and dance their way to get the best mate.
So since woman can more orgasms she should get a man give her some more orgasms before he even enters her body.
Once he does the clock has started and the woman is in a race now get her orgasms before he crosses the finish line and CUMS in 1st place.
Women should motivate men make them orgasms first.
Yes, Earn the right, the , the entrance get into her body, give her what she wants & needs first, before he gets what he wants.
So women need to stop giving a man a blow job or hand job first.
She can touch for a minute snd he is ready go.
So don’t do for long 60 seconds no more. You know he’s hard so STOP giving him MORE.
Make the man work for .
He finally convinced YOU AND GOT YOU got into bed, now you put him off, delay him a longer.
TELL HIM OKAYShow me what you got, lover. NO NOT THAT, show me your OTHER SKILLS that make you a good lover ( verbal suggestions for you use on men )
is real simple, woman are orgasms deprived
Women can more and need more orgasms plain and simple.

Oh and I did not lie about giving women 25 orgasms, that
Is so easy easy once a woman is retrained them.

Women were raised and taught wrong about .

The mans gets his 1 and she got 1 or2 or if she is
really lucky 3 and she has all her life thought that is the way was and how was supposed be.
Well is not, a woman is built be able more so she should get more.
The problem is she is left Horny cause she ain’t getting more orgasms,

I am just a ordinary man WITH UNIQUE SET OF SKILLS.
I just enjoy giving a women multiple orgasms.

Now that I am older I do not do overweight women any more, is just too much extra work to bring them to multiple orgasms and is too dangerous cause they are NOT heart healthy
1 or 2 orgasms they might be able to handle okay.
5 orgasms to 25 orgasms and even 61 ORGASMS in 60 mins.
No they can’t handle and I do not want go jail for DEATH BY ORGASMS
Sorry no fat overweight women and no smokers too.
If your sarcastic, I do not want you either and you probably do not want a man does not want your sarcasm. And would want change you. Women dont wants man wants change them.
Not gonna discuss that one, is common knowledge.

I put women in the


is more exclusive than THE MILE CLUB
Get on a plane, go the cramped bathroom and you do .
That is nothing special is just WHERE you did in a uncomfortable cramped bath room over a mile up in the sky, is no big deal, anyone can do that.

Teaching a woman UN-LEARN what she was taught by every lover she ever had is much more difficult do. That she gets cum 1,2 or 3 times and then that is .
I got Re-teach her brain/ body Ã
Is okay and how multiple orgasms
is a long slow process for sure till she is having 25 orgasms each and every time we made love,
Getting off track,

How does a woman join the

00 Orgasms A WEEK CLUB?

Simple by having 00 orgasms in a week.

And how does she do that?
Firsts she has got learn how multiple orgasms.
After awhile She gets good at that with like anything else you know
She has practice, practice, practice at having multiple orgasms.
She has strengthen and build up her orgasm muscles,
Archery, bowling, throwing darts, shooting hoops, hitting home runs, volleyball, boxing, running a marathon race anything you fo you got practice, practice, practice at get good at . A woman can so many orgasms, just her lover/coach is finished when he gets just one.
I do not do that, I give women so many orgasms they ask me stop some times, they cannot take . They are out of orgasms shape.
YES even the ones that do every night. They are not in any shape MULTIPLE ORGASMS, even if they use a vibrator, they get one and they are done, just like a man.
A woman has to UN-LEARN what she THINKS she knows.
And that learning is ingrained into her deeply.
I got to UN-LEARN HER.
Once she can handle having MULTIPLE ORGASMS with ease, then I start reducing the time between orgasms. I teach her brain /body how EXPERIENCE MORE ORGASMS in the amount of time. And women are not use that. Once they do, they love .
is not like fast food and every one loves .
I PERSONALLY DO NOT DO the nice polite orgasms,
they can get those from some one else,
That is WHY a second pillow is A MUST.
No pillow, no Screaming orgasms. That is a hard and fast rule with me.
NO blowing out my ears, I need them for hearing.
I had the police called in on me before, because she had thin apartment walls and she was never a screamer before. tell that story in stories but ’s not an story. Oh Well might as well do now
Saturday afternoon, why wait till might time make love? She screams ( no pillow)
Neighbors police. They arrive and they hear her screaming they are gonna bust down the door if we don’t open right now. I pulled out, grab a robe open the door and get shoved up against the wall. Yes she was sexy looking head turner. She gets a robe on and comes out. ’s obvious she is okay. Police separate us and questioned us. Then one of them starts hitting on her. Why him? I’m better looking and stronger. Not she got back in control of the situation. She got a pen and piece of paper and wrote on it. The police man is smiling thinking she is giving him her and looking at me with That I am stealing your girlfriend away from you right in front of your face and is not a thing you can do about . She then asks the police officer is he a good lover. He smiles snd looks at his fellow officer and says he is and can hold his own now he has a big smile on his face. She asks him point blank how many times make a woman cum?
Bigger smile on his face now looks at the other officer and looks at her and says 3 times. She gives him the piece of paper and tells him. READ OUT LOUD!!!
He looks at and says “25”
She then tells him off royally. He gives me 25 ORGASMS EVERY TIME BP
we make love, He shoots back 25? Trying be a smart Alec about . She then shoots him down in flames well he can and has made me cum 35 times every time we DO but he gets tired so he cut me back just 25 ORGASMS
And when we do
he gives me 200 ORGASMS A DAY
when you can beat that then you come back and see me, now get out of my apartment NOW!!!! A crowd around the door outside and while the door was open I hear the partner ’s okay every body they were just having and she’s a screamer. As the door was being closed I heard one woman say well That can’t be, she was screaming for so long. The officer said well he gives her 25 orgasms and door closes.
I am in no mood make love now, not in the least I tell her that too.
She opens her robe up in a sexy dancing fashion. Moves around some and says you don’t want some of this?
Some how she changed my mind instantly and we went back to bed.
is more but that’s enough and I am tired
Oh yeah back the


We talk about at length during several pillow talk sessions.
A woman has be serious about want join that club, and ’s going require some more practice time with me on her part & she gonna get use having MORE ORGASMS with me THAN SHE EVER HAD BEFORE.
she is gonna learn how CUM MORE times
Because “I” am the one doing ALL the work.
All the woman has do is just lay and the orgasms.
So ’s a lot of work for ME.
Lots of planning and practices be planned out and done on a specific time table reach that goal.
Finally the big day arrives. And helps if she can handle having
FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS ( Google and ’s sad you don’t know what is )
She has had experience a great many pleasing orgasms reach this point in time.
Day One. Finally arrives and we’re really gonna do . And she bought AND has been using
SMART MOUTH ORGINAL FORMULA mouthwash the night before. So she does not bad breath in the morning cause kills bad breath for 24 hours, MINOR YOU
’s REALLY IMPORTANT ME though for sure. Bad breath turns me off instantly.
**** I just re-read this and never occurred me that we could do right after midnight could get a jump start on and give her 25 ORGASMS. The reason THAT never happened is easy. Right before we went sleep, the day before we started keepingA LOG.
I gave her 25 orgasms PLUS a FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASM and we are both wiped out and sleeping great all throughout the night.
I never thought of before because I already knew if she missed a couple of sessions I could still give the woman over 1,000 ORGASMS A WEEK EASY make up for any missed sessions,****
Wake up she gets 25 orgasms before getting out of bed
Eat breakfast now she’s got energy
After breakfast she gets another 25 orgasms
Go work
If able come home
25 orgasms before lunch
After lunch she has energy so she gets 25 orgasms
( if can’t a nooner make up on the weekends
Gets home 25 orgasms again, she changes clothes
’s 6 pm another 25 orgasms
From 7pm 9:05 PM is NO TIME, she can’t any orgasms.
If any one ever read this blog they would know too. I’m sure some one would comment on they sec during that time and they probably don’t give a woman 25 orgasm each session 200 ORGASMS A DAY, snd 1,000 ORGASMS A WEEK. Yeah sure since they do so few they could do at thoisr hours. They nothing lose yeah go for .
7:00 pm 9:05 PM Monday Friday IS NO ORGASMS TIME
I got watch FOX NEWS
9:07 she starts gets another 25 orgasms
Get up finish doing stuff and shower get ready for bed
Another 25 orgasms and she is done if she was nice me then I slip her a
FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASM. she is used them by now. I can quietly count her orgasms & log them and write them down.
So as not lose her focus she says an agreed upon word and when she cums she just says that one word and then goes back focusing on herself having Orgasms.
When she lays not touching herself and has
Orgasmic spasms from 35 to 45 minutes long. ( up if you don’t believe )

So her orgasms count is for the 1st day of 7 is
25 Orgasms A session X 8 sessions = 200 orgasms a woman has a day
X 7 Days a week = 1,400 Orgasms a woman has had in a week and that puts her in
Really easy. If she can’t the 50 nooners x 5 days a week = 250 Orgasms then we DO count the Full Whole Body Orgasms plus add in some extra sessions on the weekend
And before and after church for sure. Add some extra sessions and she is way over
Having 00 orgasms a Week. If she can’t do lunch Time nooners I just slip in more than 35 orgasms per session I don’t like doing 35 orgasms a session do the math
35 orgasms X 6 love making session a day = 2 orgasms a day x 7 days a week again puts her 1,470 Orgasms a week. Again making over 1,000 orgasms a week a easy goal for a woman is heart healthy achieve and reach, especially when I am the one doing all the work and all she has your do is just lay snd experience sexual pleasure and satisfaction . I always when the end is in sight cut back some I just make sure she has enough so she breaks a 1,000 orgasms easy with some spare.
Really 200 a day x 5 days puts her in the club in 5 days. ’s just always seems something always happens in their life or mine so we don’t dont get done in 5 days, that’s why 7 days was chosen and ’s still in the week. just takes a work & planning ahead of time that’s all.
Some women get more than others
Some a less still They ALL break a 1,000 orgasms in a week.
Then they are happy just cut back just 50 orgasms a day.
A woman getting just 50 orgasms in a day is a happy woman.
Even the driving and putting a dent into the car didn’t upset one woman.
I found that to be a basic bottom line
Oh she will always take more. At least she learns an extremely valuable lesson during her 1,000 Orgasms Week NEVER ANY, no when FOX NEWS IS ON
Every rule has an exception and this is .
When watching FOX NEWS and she comes up and curls up next me and IF I ‘easy access’,then yes she will get some orgasms while I am watching FOX NEWS.
Many women joined the
1,000 ORGASMS A WEEK CLUB just like that. If the Protocols are followed and they do work.
And if your worried about your female parts wearing out and getting sore.
Don’t worry about , because the way I bring a woman an fulfillment Climax I am very aware of That and so I don’t wear anything out on woman so she is not sore.
I am the one thats tired and sore for sure.
Off track true story. Was at a gathering eith my date her best friend comes and meets me, we talked and she doesn’t like me. So with me standing righ she says Why are you dating Him? He’s not your type.
My date said her best friend “WHATS the one thing I like more than anything in the whole world!” I figure I better listen up cause I am gonna get a good keep her happy, she is the kind of woman other women hate cause when she walks into a room all heads turn towards her and women hate that.
Women never thinks what does he do so she goes out with HIM. Any way the friend says HE TALKS TOO FASTand I don’t like it’s NOT SEXY,’ my date just looks at her and says
YES, HE DOES TALK WHICH MEANS HE HAS GREAT TONGUE CONTROL” Then her best friend face lit up and then she put her arm around me.
Yes, I was dumb at the time and didn’t get it. I asked and she explained it to me later. Let that be a lesson to women refuse go out with a talks fast and they think ’s not sexy,
Those women are missing out for sure.
Anyway back What I was saying
I DID ALL THE WORK And someone WILL argue about the numbers .
They always do.
One time a man got mad at me said was impossible. I just asked him well how many times do you make a woman climax. Lucky for me a couple of women were were in
And they straightened him out REAL QUICK. They Tore him a new one,
Oh this is on my blog no one Will ever see this.
So far I not met one woman in real life on this website. And no one is local close me now here in Lindale Texas.
Women don’t think multiple orgasms are really possible. was always spread by word of mouth from one good looking woman another. If I go some club, a woman doesn’t want dance with me, she picks the good dancer cause she thinks he will be good in bed also and he is just another 1 2 orgasm wonder lover.
If I go a party, no one notices me. I am not ugly or anything. I been told I do nice
( women don’t want NICE ) I just don’t that gift st B.S.ing women. Not impressively like that, yeah a nice guy in my case. I DO COME IN LAST, where REALLY COUNTS.
How did I get so good at giving a woman’s body so many different kinds of orgasms?
I studied books. I was , while all my buddies were getting laid I was studying. Eventually I got lucky, and woman gossip & they talk one another. One time I asked some women what was more important THEM. Was that a man had be a good dancer or a good lover in bed. Did he like a movie star or was him being a good lover in bed more important them. They all said a good lover in bed, nothing else really personally mattered them, that if he was a good lover in bed.
I asked them them so why do you always pick men that always disappoint you in the bed if that is What is important you. They told me to buzz off ( in not that politely a term tho)
I heard later from a woman was a 1,000 Orgasms A WEEK CLUB member
She walked up her friends at the table and heard them talking about what some jerk said. And she asked them were they talking about. One said some loser and the other said a real jerk. And she said oh some man was talking us just before you got back.
She pointed & said THATS HIM, that man over , yeah THATS him a real lame loser.
She said that really lame jerk loser,bad dancer is the man that you ALL said you all always wanted meet.
That is the man got me in the 00 ORHASMS A WEEK CLUB,I had over 25 orgasms every time we made love, over 200 orgasms a day.
I don’t care if he is a bad dancer or not if he wants dance that’s fine with me, if it makes him happy, I WILL dance with him & I will get what I want later, my reward for dancing with a bad dancer. It’s Friday night I will get 400 before Sunday night. She came up me and we danced then said I want you meet some friends of mine they been wanting meet you for a long time. She walked me over they were NOW acting like totally different people. I just listened. Finally the one danced with with me Said I am going with him and I am going get 400 orgasms They stated makings fun of her and me.
I said I met you friends earlier I don’t want anything do with them. It’s still early, if we leave now ( just show them )
You can 450 orgasms if your body stills remembers how do and we left the good looking mean witches.
Monday at work she walked funny and her friends noticed it.
They started kidding her and said did you get your
400 ORGASMS? And she looked at the floor hung her head down and said NO. Then her friends really started making fun of her and she just listened after a couple of minutes she said you’re right I did not get 400 ORGASMS, I got 475 ORGASMS. And one of them a bean counter. Said you did not get 475 orgasms in a weekend, thats more than most women get in an entire year, that’s more than one a day. She Replied YES why do think I am walking funny, we started on Friday night so I was able get a few extra in. He was right about y’all. You sleep with 1 2 orgasms wonder lover’s. I know this cause she shared all the details with me during Monday night’s pillow talk.

All a true stories. I got on this website to find a woman I could teach and
give 61 orgasms in 60 minutes... so far nothing I am still stuck at my record of
Giving a woman 50 orgasms in 50 minutes even 61 orgasms in 60 minutes is low. Yes I know it’s a low of orgasms for women . ’s just own personal best record I want set. And I thought this would be the best place find a woman is heart healthy and in good shape and would like learn how & learn how experience multiple orgasms at least here in Lindale Texas
So far no one is interested. honestly tell you the truth I am kinda ashamed of
giving a woman just 50 orgasms in 50 minutes, ’s nothing really brag about other than ’s more than most men, Numbers I am hearing about from men will open up & will talk about me.
me, yes I can be proud of giving a woman 61 orgasms in 60 minutes, ’s just my own personal goal. Something I could be proud of. I know the woman got 50 was a high point for her in her life and she had the best time in her life, memories she will never forget, she told me so, she felt bad for me that she didn’t get to help me reach my record and she really wanted to. Spending time with me & her having a high stress job. And being so mellowed out so much at work, showing no stress like others before that had her job. She got promoted and moved away. She didn’t want to go, I told her go it’s bigger paycheck, more and you will be happy.
I even had thoughts of doing a team of women. some ( except they get flighty won’t stick with it and then some older women workout and do cardio be in good hear shape. did younger women the older ones would day well she is younger and if I did order women then some younger ones would say well if she can do I can do
So has be a range of ages so does not like a one time fluke chance. If a team of women had 61 orgasms in 60 minutes several women experiencing then might hold water then. And might be a few don’t want set a record with me that high.
Well I am still gonna need some practice practice practice time my self get my orgasm giving muscles back in shape do this. A team of women here in Lindale or really close by would be nice practice with giving them multiple orgasms cause I am gonna need the practice time for sure. This ain’t no government funded data just me by myself and I don’t want be paying big gasoline bills just go give a woman multiple orgasms. Do I need a bunch close me and are a couple on this are on here snd I don’t any eay yo contact them. So ’s back square one. Not looking go out on dates. Just come over and give a woman orgasms repeatedly that’s all. I don’t think that’s asking too much.
After all they just got to lay and orgasms, they will climax more than me for sure I will get mine later.

I not met a woman on here yet I could teach how multiple orgasms. I fear will make local men mad at me the point of violence towards me because if women started denying men unless they give the woman several orgasm first, the men would not like me causing that kind of trouble for them for not getting anything and they don’t want put out the effort. They want, what they want, when they want & lots of big talk
and low performance out put.
Everyone hates Change.
I Don’t any one give orgasms .
’s not a pity party it’s just the truth!


I am an Old Fashion Lover
I still USE A FEATHER in 4,

I am a non-paying member her so unless your some super-duper high paying member here I. can’t read any messages sent me or even at some one profile that flirted with me. a few stumbled across stuff I wrote on giving women more orgasms. Heck I can’t get any on read my profile. I think women just like read about multiple orgasms in magazines when getting their hair done. In real life they do not believe .
I do
Clit orgasm
Double orgasm
G-Spot Orgasm
Squirting orgasm
Later on
Google it up read several links on
I even learned the extremely difficult and rare
“Monroe Orgasms”
What’s That? Well you can forget about Google ’s that rare snd I do
You know how good a clit orgasm feels
You know how good a G-Spot orgasm feels
Well a MONROE ORGASM is having BOTH OF THEM TIMED EXACTLY GO OFF ST THE EXACT TIME...and you GOTTA BE Heart Healthy handle JUST 1 of those.

I can’t read nothing.
If anyone sends me a , a flirt all I see is big black X’s and blurry . Can’t chat
Still though being an old fashioned lover
I STILL use a FEATHER in my 4
This is my blog and no one is going at .
So why did I write it? Not giving away or getting any and I was bored..and I am not a boring man

***** UPDATE *****
I might as well tell a woman how get more orgasms for themself.
I sure ain’t getting any from here. So yeah in my other blogs I tell you how how double and triple the amount of orgasms a woman gets for herself now. So keep on reading, is not difficult fora woman double or triple the of orgasms she is getting now.
Go fun.

KellyGra020 30F

11/12/2021 11:19 pm

Really informative. I love when a man knows a lot about a woman’s body and responses!

General_Fun replies on 11/17/2021 1:43 pm:
Howdy Kelly
I guess the only woman who ever wrote me in such a way I could respond back
If this goes through
And you get this.
Thanks for at least saying something at least.
Lemon juice spilled on my Mac book pro computer
Apparently it’s not good for the mother board. So ALL
MY DATA WAS LOST. Women who I helped them join the
every thing was kept private word of mouth only.
Never wanted to go public with it except I moved to new
Area Lindale, TEXAS And i don’t know any women here.
So I though I would find some...well... uh... horny women here.
So far nothing, I guess all the women here are totally satisfied
With only getting 1 orgasm for themself.
And to me personally that’s just a down right shame.
Just like a parent wants a child to have it better than they had growing up exceeding their potential. I to want a woman to exceed her present sad low level or orgasms
A woman can have. A woman can have more and deserves more orgasms.
And gives them to them? No one, just the men who cum once and I am done. And they think, wow that’s was some really great sex, so THEY THINK
they are good lovers to themselves. Men are stupid like that they based it upon their
Own pleasureable experience not on the women’s experience.
Who is the best person to judge his love making experience and skills. He thinks he did great and she is left always wanting more and not getting it, She is always horny cause she wants more for sure cause she has the ability inside herself to have more so she wants more. She just doesn’t know how to get more orgasms for herself.
Yes she can pull out her vibrator and have at it ( never buy a battery powered model, I don’t care who makes it. It’s will always let you down when you most need it to satisfy your self, men are like battery powered vibrators like that also. )
I have talked to men before in gym locker room talk.
It always usually comes down to them saying well i got what I wanted and I would say well what about her? What anout what she wants, some say I don’t care, she got one so
We are even. To me, sorry that’s just not right, a man should help his lover push herself to have more orgasms, the woman is far better equipped to have multiple orgasms yet is she getting them? You already know the answer to that it’s a big fat NO!!!
I have actually myself seen women change when they get more orgasms okay maybe you have not after all I am just one man. I would bet money though that you have seen how women behave if they don’t get any sexual fulfillment tension released from them self. There are millions of them out there who are not sexually satisfied and they are not getting what they want & need. Even women who 60 seconds ago are still horny and want more orgasms. That I can speak of and address that problem. I myself have seen a woman have reach a climax and have her much desired orgasm. And in about 20 to 30 seconds later have yet another rip roaring screaming orgasm. What’s wrong with that? She just had one less than a minute ago and new she is getting another one, does that make her a bad woman? Does it make her greedy, cause she wants more orgasms, NO!!!
It just means she can have more so why not get some more for her
self. It’s not like collecting gold coins & you want as many as you can have. It’s just orgasms and women ain’t getting enough. Ask a 100 woman in private if they are getting enough orgasms and if they are honest you get NO they get horny and they want more, well women should get more it’s as simple as that. I got on here myself to find a woman who is horny and have yet to ever meet one on here in real life. Well you could think I am a computer generated A.I. Bot for that matter. My Tongue touches the end tip of my nose naturally. For awhile I actually had a photo of me showing that bin my profile. It was taken down tho maybe some one thought it was photo shopped. I don’t know why. Before everything was done of line. 1 woman telling another woman ( had to be attractive to me)!she had a friend who was not getting enough, she talk to her friend in confidence, take some photos of her show me, 3 or us meet over lunch ( a good hamburger was fine with me or pizza) we talk and if we got along pretty good then I would give the woman some orgasms that she needed. Real simple walk in
Hug & kiss greeting and then in bed in less than 2 minutes. I was not good at talking and BS’ing a woman to have sex with me. Millions of men are great at that, sad to say I just don’t have that skill set and not that good of a dancer even tho I took lessons, some can and some cant and that’s it. Now if I can get a woman still in bed, then I get to
Demonstrate my skills set and get to give her what is really important to her. Her own erotic sexual pleasures and satisfaction that’s all!
I limit a woman to only just 5 orgasms when I start making love to her because if she gets more she gets sore down there. Go to a gym workout hard your first day and next day your sore. And you can’t work out for a week, your do sore & you just wasted a week They say no pain, no gain. The don’t like that, pain and me...well we just don’t get
along okay. I’m Just not a real fan of pain, that’s all. If I max out a woman with orgasms
She gets happy and then hates my guts and says BAD WORDS to me and calls me not nice names, snd I got pretty thin skin and yes it does hurt my feelings, that’s the truth and then a week later she wants some more of just what made her so sore in the first place. Maxing a woman out with anywhere from 10 to 20 orgasms or more her first time is NOT A SMART MOVE on my part. What happens when you get some really great outstanding sex? Next day you want some more ( well it’s that way even with mediocre sex too, okay bad example)
Anyway you get some sex, what do you want the next day? You want more sex, of course, now if a woman only got 1 to 2 or even 3 orgasms she maybe a little sote and yet still she’s wanting more sex. The problem is if I MAX HER OUT on having orgasms, oh she is having a wonderful time, making a memorable memory for sure.
EXCEPT...( and here is comes, get ready for it )
She is SO SORE, not only does she walk funny and every woman KNOWS what that walk means when they see a woman walking like that, men ain’t to good at spotting it,a few are. So it’s the next day she extra horny snd wants more of the same. EXCEPT she has a slight technical problem, Her body won’t let her have ANY sexual gratification...NONE!!! Not even on her own using her favorite sexual vibrator. I does not matter if she evens tries to go real slow. Her sexual orgasm muscles are so sore they will not allow her to reach an orgasm for some much needed sexual relief,!it just ain’t gonna happen, been there done that, seen it happen several times.
You learn from your mistakes. Women is EXTRA HORNY, Wants IT & needs IT & she ain’t getting it. ( oh don’t worry her clit is in fine shape, perfectly operational, just ready if her is so sore it ain’t gonna let her have any orgasms, plain and simple for 7 days, a week if she is in good shape yeah she can bounce back maybe sooner by a day or 2
Okay you got MAXED OUT ON ORGASMS you got
EXCESSIVE ORGASMS. Your body was not trained, at least by me personally. To have & handle multiple orgasms. You got greedy and wanted to be maxed out ( it’s happened before, just never again will happen do that yo a woman, so don’t ask )
So now your a extra horny woman who just got maxed out on orgasms and now your having to pay for it snd your body is so sore it ain’t gonna let you even have just small little polite orgasms you sometimes get from some men, even throat sore from all the screaming, you still got a voice just not much of one, don’t worry it will come back.
Do what do you do?
Your a woman your horny snd you can’t get any so what do you do?
Yo get upset cranky, unfriendly and mad, like most women do when they are not getting any except you just had EXCESSIVE ORGASMS and you want More but can’t get any.!
You GITTA blame some one, Someone is at fault and must pay dearly for this. So who do you get mad at and Take it out out on, whose life are you gonna take your vengeance out on? Who are you gonna call up on the phone while your laying in bed with a heating pad on yourself down there cause your so sore? And what’s worse, probably the worst thing you could do is USE BAD WORDS & Cuss words snd just cuss out the one person responsible for your present condition. Most guys would laugh about except I take a woman’s orgasms seriously. If I make her happy for a short time, she is happy all the rest of the day a good investment of my time time and use of my skills. Oh yeah back to using BAD WORDS. Well guess what
I am the very person who gets all the bad words and cussing at. Your not going to even have a faint memory of all the erotic sexual pleasures & good that you felt happened
All know now is pain and your horny and you can’t get any sexual tension relief so you say bad words directed to ( thin skinned me )
I make note of that response and know to never ever have sex with you ever again because you showed me your bad side and directions your wrath at me & and all I did was make you feel better than going to Disney the most happy place on earth so they say snd you felt better than and trip to Disney for sure
I know they don’t have a ride that gives a female orgasms, last time I checked. Scary rides yes, fun rides yes, orgasm rides NO. I get chewed out so no more sex for you from me, to me it’s real simple.
Next week plus a day or two a woman is calling me back and wants some more or the same she just went through she NOW only has the memories that came back to her and she wants some more Excessive orgasms that brought her such pain an misery, she has forgotten all about the bad words she said to me, tells me that’s not important anymore ( well it is to me ) snd what’s important is we MUST get back together and she absolutely MUST ( for the good of mankind. I don’t know where they get that? )
That we must get together and she MUST have more orgasms from me. I’m tired
Doing one finger tying on my iPhone for hours now telling you this so gonna cut it short, finger is hurting, recall my MacBook Pro was destroyed by a spilt glass of lemon juice on the keyboard so all I got now is a old iPhone to typing on.
Kelly your the only one who wrote me or made a comment so that I could write you back
Yes it’s fun to me at least to give a woman multiple Orgasms. I woukd like to do a team of women get them to the point of helping me reach my goal of giving a woman
61 orgasms in 60 minutes an easy goal for sure, with practice. The woman I gave
50 orgasms in 50 minutes, I had been for weeks giving her just over 300 orgasms in a week, And it was so nice of her to be dedicated to helping me teach my goal. With no data to base my research goal on, I just had to wing it and we both found out sadly that only just giving a woman 300 orgasms is not enough to get her up to having
61 orgasms in 60 minutes. It’s not any world record or anything like that,?in fact it’s a rather low number if you research it.As Long as woman in heart healthy shape,start out walking them later doing cardio workouts on YouTube or on a gym, the heart is the weak link in the chain, I’m probably the only man who was more concerned about a woman’s heart before making love to her, when most other men cant wait to reach getting his rocks off inside of you.Well that’s what I have learned over the decades.
It always bothered me, reading a woman wants a man who can go all night long with them. I always just me personally though that was a stupid thing to say. Later it made sense to me tho, the woman is horns and wants more orgasms for herself. And going all night long was her only eay of achieving that goal of hers. Finding just one man who could go all night making sure she got multiple orgasms. The only other thing at is for her to have a gang bang of many men taking turns with her body, she gets the multiple orgasms she seeks and then runs the risk of catching some STD sexual transmissed disease from one of several men, let’s say 25 men.
A lot or organized planning has to go into that to make it happen.
And I am just thinking, it’s safer for her and maybe more satisfying for for her if just one man gives her 26 orgasms, maybe she would emotionally like one man more who did that for her, bring her to orgasm 25 times, well it made sense to me at least. Maybe that’s why some women want another woman to have sex with, they swap off on who gives who orgasms back and forth. Only knew a couple of lesbians in my life so not much knowledge there, besides if they don’t want to have sex with a man and hated men, well that pretty much cut the conversation real short. Twice in my life I met 2 outstanding beautiful lesbians. I hit on them not knowing they were lesbians. 2 seperate incidents years apart. They both cut me off by saying they were a lesbian and only sleep with women. I respond that’s wonderful news that’s great because I am a male lesbian myself and I only sleep with women too, so you see we got that in common. It did not seem to go over very well with the lesbians both times I said that. And that’s my experience with lesbians, maybe I should of said well does she give you 25 orgasms each time you make love. If she lied to me, I suppose I would make the one exception and if I had a shot, I would max her out and just remind her it was a man who did that to you, knowing full well she could not have any sex after that fir 7 days. NO, even if she was not nice, I would not do that to a lesbian.
I learned EVERYONE has to start out at only just 5 orgasms. I don’t want any one getting sore, from TOO MUCH SEX
I go slow, SLOWLY over time bring them to where they are having more and more than just 5 orgasms. Oh they WANT MORE, they just are not gonna get more until their body orgasms muscles get built up to the point of slowly being able to have more orgasm and avoiding the pain of getting maxed out by having
EXCESSIVE ORGASMS, so I don’t do that any more. As I train a woman to RE-Learn then just like gym working out SLOWLY she gets no pain and her orgasm muscles get built up & get stronger so she can have 25 orgasms easy.
Once a woman is having 25 orgasms per love making session,
Then I focus on REDUCING THE TIME BETWEEN ORGASMS so she. Sn have more
Orgasms in the same amount of time. That’s why I always though it was stupid to take some women’s advice of she wants a man who can go all night long, where she gets just a small number of orgasms for her self. Let’s say 2 to 3 orgasms she gets going all night long with some man. Sorry to me that just seems stupid and as Star Trek Spok would say it’s illogical.
I mean I give a woman her first time 5 orgasms, it’s no big deal, takes a few hours since it’s her first time. Oh unless we talk about first and we have the time, then I take her from nothing at the very start and take her all the way to her first orgasm with me by just using a feather. She gets all excited and so much wants to use her hands to instantly finish her self off and bring herself to orgasm. Some women can’t handle it and they want it and still they can’t prevent them self from wanting to get relief and have the orgasm. They were the ones who came with the idea of being tied up & then got that look of fear on their face at the though of losing control and being tied up. I had to reassure them, what’s the worst tjst could happen? We have sex together, uh we’re already doing That, they think it over a few days and then ask for it, to be tired up
So far hardly any one can handle the feather all the time at yo orgasm, I still try though, I still try. I used to use it later after we had been having sex for awhile. Now I just like to use it on the first orgasm they have with me, it just seemed to me to be the right thing to do. It makes an impression on a woman, kinda letting her know without saying it.
I. Am NOT her 1 to 2 orgasms lover. It’s a good starting point I figured.
Oh the orgasms rate stay the same if she gets 5 orgasms I get 1, she gets 10 orgasms I get 1. She get 15 orgasms I get one
If she gets the standard 25 orgasms each and every time, I still get one
If I go over let’s say she has her 25, and I got my 1 orgasm we take a break and go eat something in the kitchen and then back to bed. She has had a rest a break and can have another 25 orgasms from me, I may get one for myself and maybe not she still gets another 25 if she wants it.?most times they are done, maybe a few parting going away orgasms before I leave,? Just my special version of a hug and a kiss before leavings. Or sometimes we watch a movie and I keep her on edge and make her have a
Orgasm. Eating and 90 minute movie, properly stimulated she ready to go again. For another 25 orgasms. You plan this stuff out ahead of time, well I talk it over with a woman first myself so I don’t get any stupid questions. Like watching a movie and my hand just happens to slide down the front of her top while she is snuggled up next to me. A dumb question like ‘what do you think your doing? ‘Answer well I know exactly what I am doing, I am putting my hand Down the front of your top and I am going to play with your breast & nipple in a few minutes making you feel good. Is that okay with you?
Long story short I left went home & she spent the next month and a half to get me to come back over.! We discussed “things” and what appeared to be the bottom line she was a boss upper management at her company. A real control freak and she just had to be in control, the boss at all times. I said I don’t work for you, do you want to?
NO, we came to an agreement I could do anything sexual to her where ever and when ever and she said anted to join the
it took awhile she finally made it and was a much nicer person for doing it

General_Fun 58M
28 posts
11/17/2021 5:09 pm

Kelly I had yo stop & start writing the above and looks like your the only one who wrote me about anything I put up here
So thanks Kelly for at least looking and saying something
It saddens me all the women out there and all the orgasms not being had by women
So sad, and they are not gettting more orgasms for themselves and Don’t know how
One simple thing a woman could do to get more orgasms for herself is just tell the men they don’t Get any sex till you make me cum 3 times
Don’t tell him that before you get him bed. Cause men are stupid and some will just think, well for het this, I will go find myself a easy girl.
Men want women to put out
They just don’t want to put out
By that I mean what you as a woman already know
The man lasts 3 minutes about as long as a
Do you as a woman REALLY want to put up with That, a 3 minute man

The man eNtrdyoget the woman into bed
Okay he finally got you there
Now make him prove that’s he is a good lover.
He’s not going to like it one bit, but he won’t say anything about it cause he wants to basically use your body for masterbate inside of
He got what he wanted now it’s map time
Woman need to force a man give them orgasms first
Because a woman can certainly climax more times than a woman can.
My Nose st as a teenager was 13 or 15 times in a day.
And now I am giving 50 year old women in good heart healthy shape
I’m giving them 200 orgasms a day, it’s no contest on who can cum more times
It’s the women, and they need more orgasms than they are getting
And it ain’t gone change for them to get more orgasm till they demand it from their men.
Don’t be so point blank about it like I just was what I wrote
Make him do the work to please the woman.
Men lie to women to get them in bed
Okay lie back to them
Not lay back ha ha
Tell them I heard your were a pretty good lover
( appeal to their ego)
So stud how many times can you make me climax, make ME cum, make have orgasms.
Ladies be prepared to have some patience with your man
How to make love to you!
And teach him right
your gonna tick him off and he WILL STOP
Man’s best friend is a dog
So teach him like you teach a dog
Praise him for what he does do
Make him feel good about himself. Make him good about what he is trying to learn to do. It’s takes awhile for a old dog to learn new tricks.
Later saw okay what your going is good real good and it fells good to me
( woman lies to man )
Now this what I want you to change hip just a little bit, do this for way for me okay.
I am so happy/lucky to have you as my lover give him a kiss

Reward him for even a bad performance. One lady said why should I reward him for a bad performance, he was terrible at it!
Well if you don’t then he is gonna loose interest in wanting to please you.
So you stick with it, and soon enough you got yourself a custom made lover
Who performs to your exact wants And sexual needs. A man custom tuned to what you like that pleasers you.
Rome was not built in a day
A dog does not play fetch in one day
And I can’t teach a woman how to have 61 orgasms in one day either
It takes time to teach a woman how to even have only just 5 Orgasms. Once she does she slowly learns how And gets up to 25 orgasmshoyta go slow, she has to UN-Learn what she knows so she can have more
A man the same thing at your gonna have to take time teaching him to be a great lover.
Men are stupid, stick it in move it around about the same time as a 3 minute Tv commercial once they get serious about climaxing
And women are even more stupid
Why do I say that?
Because for so long you let them get away with it, so we have several generations of of men thinking I cam once and I am done
And we got smarter women who did a very stupid thing
They let the men get away with it so it’s their own fault too
( yeah I got everyone mad at me now )
A woman as soon as he gets home tell him it’s so nice to see you give hug and a kiss
Then in a real quick comment the woman says
Hey do you mind we try something a little different, more fun in the bed tonight ?
Don’t even wait for an answer, make sure he heard you tho cause as a man it’s gonna be on his mind All evening long. If he asks, you just keep saying you will find out later
Don’t tell him he is gonna have to work harder for it
Just go slow teaching your old dog new tricks .
If I can teach women old and young how to have more orgasms
Then it’s possible, Really possible
Now go do it staring with tonight
And you both learn

KellyGra020 30F

11/18/2021 10:01 am

Well I do find it a turn on when a man knows so much a woman’s body and responses. You seem to know a lot how to please a woman which I love. You’re in Texas? I’m in Dfw

General_Fun 58M
28 posts
12/16/2021 3:41 am

Kelly, I live in Lindale, TEXAS. Map says about 90 miles. So back roads on, get this
Hwy 69, ha ha THAT 69 number. A lot of small 35 miles per hour ( radar trap towns )
Make out of Towners, pay for local services. Probably really a 2 hour drive one way then 2 hours drive back, unknown highway to me & has cost. I would not want to make a one day trip.! Drive 2 hours straight & then have to perform. Not easy, everyone gets tired on a long trip. The way to combat that is to listen to comedy CD’s while driving long trips. Old Bill Cosby, that guy Jeff Foxworthy your a redneck if... not music, listen yo comedy it keeps you alert & happy. Long rtrip I would want to stay the night or weekend. Your body has to adjust & learn. All you would get are 5 orgasms each session. It’s all your body will safely let you in 24 hours AND NOT get sore. Yes sure I could MAX YOU OUT, force your body to have more orgasms thst you ever dreamed was possible. I only did that twice, in my life. Never again, it would make you hate my guts. Ever work out hard at a gymnastics your first day? You over do it & Finally you get
Tired. Then your sore for a week, you can’t go back it hurts too much.
What happens when you get some really great outstanding sex?
You want some more, and can’t wait to get some. Problem is you got maxed out, you want some more. Guess what your body won’t let you have any more. Why cause all your orgasm muscles are so sore, even if you tried with a vibrating sex toy, your very own body is not going to let you get any more orgasms period. It’s too sore, it actually physically hurts, you got pain big time and you can’t climax any more. For how long, 7 days., you just had the best sex EVER in your life, YOU GOT MAXED OUT .& can’t have any more orgasms. So now your extra super horny, you want more & your very own body revolts against your Own wishes and desires. So what do you do? 1st you get upset & cry. It does not help, your still sore. Next step is you get mad, you get angry at who? You get angry at the person you DID THAT to you. It’s all their fault, that your sore & in pain ( Oh we’re talking about pain far past just WALKING FUNNY ) woman KNOW that walk when they see it, they smile then get envying you, cause you got some good sec, do they think. No, you got some thing you could not handle.
You got MILTIPLE ORGASMS, EXCESSIVELY. Fun while you were getting them. Now you got to pay the piper & it hurts and it’s gonna keep hurting for 7 days.

YOU HAD TOO MUCH SEX, And it’s all my fault.

So what do you do? Your extra horny, you want more Snd your body won’t let you even have a very small nice and polite orgasm, the kind you get from other men. ( how do I know this, been there, done that...and ain’t going back!) so what happens next, you get so frustrated and upsetting call the person who did it to you ( ME, and I got thin skin emotions wise)
You call me up snd you use “BAD WORDS”
Lots of “BAD WORDS” & YOU HURT SO MUCH, you even make up a few new
“BAD WORDS@ nobody has ever heard before & they ( me ) don’t know what whey mean, the definitions, it’s does not matter, your in a foul mood & you just want to chew some one (me) out for GIVING YOU TOO MANY ORGASMS, so like The BIBLE says
You start speaking in tongues Snd what ever your saying, at least I know it’s not good for sure. Long gone is that sweet slow talking sexy voice, it’s history. This is a mad screaming woman talking to me & you don’t think it’s one bit funny!
You got maxed out on orgasms. The of you had proper training, only 5 orgasms at a time, to let your body build up its orgasms strength, then yes you could handle 10, 15, 25, 35 orgasms easy, because you would of slowly built up to having them. Your getting 61 orgasms in 60 minutes, would require you experience for yourself 500 to 800 Orgasms in your work out training just to get strong enough to have 61 orgasm in 60 minutes. That’s my best guess estimate, if you recall my Mac Book Pro was destroyed when a glass of Lemon juice got spilled on the keyboard, and Apple don’t fix of inked like that any more, so I am just going by memory when I was working with 50/50 ( her code name) we were working together, well she volunteered to help me on my goal. She was averaging around 300 orgasms, getting herself “tuned up” sometimes less, some times more, she said she was happy to donate her orgasms to a worthy cause
. Some times I think she did it for the personal sexual satisfaction she was getting.
Me, I just wanted to give a woman 61 orgasms in 60 minutes, no big deal. Not even anywhere close to any of the actual records. And I wanted a low number that just about any woman could have, I didn’t want it to be difficult for a woman to achieve. Just something low and simple, any woman in good shape could achieve , so I thought
, it’s the heart thsts the week link in the chain. And people won’t go out and do cardio exercises because they are no fun. Women don’t like doing them. I talked to a group of women in a cardio class once, every one of the walked away from me. Except 1, she made the offer I could use her body to train her to have multiple orgasms, a long decades ago when I was only just giving women 25 orgasms as my goal. Used to do 35 except I got tired. Oh yeah sure I could push 61 and more easy and then I would get sore, maxing me out. Like anything else with Tsing I could go higher o just didn’t see any use, So I did some math and I cut way back & only have women 25 orgasm each time we made love together. And that’s how I found if a woman gets only just 50 ORGASMS A DAY, then mother seems to upset her. Even a mother of a teenager who totaled the car. Once she knew the child was safe, she wasn’t upset. She was the only who told me that, because she was getting all the orgasms from me, well maybe technically I was making her body respond to my stimulations I was giving her. Was I forcing her to have orgasms? NO, it in the least, she just liked having them and she was getting them from me. She also learned she was taught wrong all her life by all her outer 1 orgasms man lovers. Who got 1. And I’m done. So women had to scramble to get at least one for themselves. And you already know it’s a race between man & woman. And the woman helps him cheat & win, he crosses the finish long first, when she gets him 1/2 eay there with a blow job 1st. I think that’s cheating, but that’s just me.
So why don’t they, because they learned wrong. Put fleas in a small jar, they an easy jump out of. They jump hit the lid soon they can’t jump any higher. Train a elephant it can’t pull a steak out of the ground, later wheat a circus, t won’t try to pull out a steak they it could do easy with it’s strength.
Before Roger Banisters broke the 4 mile mile, everyone said it was impossible. Once he did it, others started doing it too, because they knew it was impossible. When I was in high school, kids were breaking the 4 minute mile.
( NO, ha ha I was NOT one of them )
So women think multiple orgasms are impossible. With 50/50
She was glad to get the orgasms she was getting, it helped her in her high stress executive job. She got a promotion that paid a lot more. Her her bosses didn’t know she was getting close to average 300 orgasms a week. She didn’t wNt the job cause it would keep us apart ( no more excessive multiple orgasms. For her ). I told her take the job
, it’s more money, less & she could always send me plane tickets for a weekend, it never happened, she vanished too.

Am I making fun of women, not in the least!
NO, these are orgasms you can’t learn in a gym ha ha. You only can by strengthening up in real life. And that’ means having sex with me.
So Kelly are you offering to do that? I don’t think so.
No multiple photos of you here, Snd they won’t even let view a person’s profile or write them unless they are come of the highest paying members here. For sure I am not, only 5 women in Lindale on here, Nd they don’t even know I exist. Msybe woudvdo 4 of them. 1 even her small photo does not appeal to me.?
Tall, medium, short, blonde, brunette, red, black hair I don’t care
Uh...roots must be the same color tho, so I don’t care if it’s dyes. Face & weight I do care about. Got to have a kissable looking face. Cute, attractive, beautiful okay,face I kiss first!!! average is sometimes okay brst to go to some mall where they use to have stores called “ GLAMOUR SHOTS “, a woman gets a Hollywood make up, make over & becomes
Incredible in a few hours. I highly recommend them, every woman should do a few ties in her life. Weight, that is a biggie with me now. I’m average looking guy, msybe better than most ( just barely, ha ha ) weight makes it harder for me to give a woman multiple orgasms, not impossible, just harder that’s all. Now over weight women deserve more orgasms also. Except Eva use of the weight there is that heart issues. They can have orgasms,of course some can have a few orgasms in several hours. Me, I don’t want to take several hours, yeah at first in training, it takes awhile for sure. They are not used to getting 5 orgasms at a time, so I gotta go slow. Later 25 to 30 Orgasms each time in a very short snout of time. The learn how to have multiples in a very short amount of time. Example 30 in 60 minutes ( usually less ) then I start teaching them, well involuntary brain & body, raising the numbers of orgasms they are having by reducing the time between their orgasms. Do they can have have more erotic pleasing orgasms for themselves, no. If deal.
Once they are having 25 orgasms per love making session. The reach that goal easy, Then I work on teaching them how to have
If trying to give a woman some of that early on, it never happens. So I stick with what works for me.
You get
Clit orgasm to warm and lube you up
Double orgasms 2 at the same time. No big deal
G-Spot orgasm. A big deal ha ha
Squirting orgasm towels required & we talk about it a head of time on what needs to be done if you want one or more than 1. Medical books use to say 20 minutes to recharge & you & have another one. I NEVER found THAT to be true. 22 minutes, nothing, 25 minutes nothing, & I am looking like a bad lover, this is not good and I am working hard t those times and nothing happening & making a woman squirt is a lot of work. If I wait 30 minutes, the we got a gusher. Okay she squirts, for a non-squirter. Her first time of even a few drops is a big deal, same feeling, just not much liquid, the body likes to hang on to its liquid reserves, it does not like letting it go. Over lots of sessions, body learns it’s okay, providing you tank up with water ahead of time. You’ve squirting do right after you calm down from that orgasm, you drink a BIG 32 ounce glass of water. Not tea, coffee, soft drinks, fruit drinks just water, ice water is okay. You cheat and drink flavored water, forget squirting a second time. Maybe a few can pull it off if they been squirting for awhile. Me, since I am the one doing ALL THE WORK and getting tired fro making you squirt, I am going to stick with what works for me.
After you have 25 orgasms. We’re done. you don’t know I just slipped you a
FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASM, “IF” your body is READY TO ACCEPT IT, then it will, if it’s not, nothing happens, it just fells good me trutning on the switch. I don’t say anything cause I don’t want you putting mental pressure on yourself. If it does turn in Snd fire off. Your gonna jump and be really startled by what happening. Your going to know from conversations ahead of time NOT TO TALK, Snd just ride it out. You only say. 2 words “Thank You”, don’t lose focus ignore everything else, yes even me. Don’t think about counting the orgasms your having, that’s my job as I just lay there quietly and watch you, making sure your okay. Your not touching yourself or anything, your just riding the wave of orgasms thst are flowing through your body.
Google it, FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS, Read it, Learn it, I DO IT, YOU GET IT
From ME, you don’t learn by watching a video,
You don’t learn from A BOOK
with me, I Am OLD SCHOOL, you learn by actually experiencing and getting them for yourself, Sorry, it’s the only way I know how to give them to you..
Also IF YOU DO Cardio work outs & go walking around exercising, getting your body, okay your PUMP,the heart I good shape, the I will CONSIDER giving you one of


you know what a great CLIT ORGASM feels like
You know what a great DOUBLE ORGASM feels likel
You know what a great G-SPOT ORGASM feels like
Is all 3 of those going off in your body in SYNC together at at the the same time
To even get just “1” of those.
No stroking out on ME allowed.
Men think stupid.
What a way to go!
Don’t think stupid like a man!!!
No stroking out on ME allowed
( some people have to be told more than once to learn anything )
Doctor buddies of mine, told me I could go to jail for Death by Orgasms!
after hearing that, I got real dang picky on who I give those too.
50/50 was I good shape getting close to 300 orgasms a week, she was use to it.
and she could just barely handle a
I have her a few ( no strain me giving them )
She enjoyed them, and she was a trooper, she didn’t mind me giving her orgasms, not one tiny bit. She said she loved helping me do my research. Just could we just go back to the DOUBLE ORGASMS, they were so much easier for her to have. A few times
If she was just really extra nice and polite to me, or would wear something that “I” thought was sexy, I would slip her a “ MONROE ORGASMS “
Oh & she KNEW IT TOO...she took them cause they feel so incredible to a woman, she could not say NO. Then we talked about it later, it’s just a little to intense, a little too much. ( okay she was being NICE, it’s was WAY TOO MUCH ). So I stopped giving her them, instead she preferred the double and FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS.
We experimented with those, after her first clit orgasm, to warm and lube her up.
I tried I think data would show about either 10 or a even dozen Times to start her off like that & she knew too. And it never happen, so I just moved on over on to other orgasms and before the session was over, I would try again. It would work for her. Lightning bolts of orgasms flowing through her body, down her arms & into her fingertips and legs, into her top of the head to the soles of her feet. I never understood why all that happens, when the start button is buried so deep inside a woman’s body.
The 1st severed times I would watch her in amazement, after several times I knew she was okay so just would just nap out. Internet d
Says they last got up to 2 hours, well I have bee giving them to women for several decades snd not time have I ever seen a FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASM last thst long. Usually only from 35 to 45 minutes max. Many times I have given one to a woman. Got out of bed, showered, got dressed. Walk over Snd give her a kiss on the forehead cause I didn’t want to break up a good thing she had going. Just laying there and her body shaking having orgasm after orgasm. Weird, it does that, I don’t know why. I just know how to make them happen
So once a woman is have 25 orgasm really easy, the I can start reducing the time between orgasms or
Move her on to the team I want to make . Where I work with them to have 61 orgasms I 60 minutes OR
start slowly training them for the


Which is far easier to do training wise. 61/60! Takes
500 orgasms to 800 orgasms in training alone. Like a long distance runner runs far longer than the race he normally runs in,.your having 25 orgasms already so we Judy practice your having 25 several times a day till your up to
Doing with me 8 times a day25 x 8 = 200 orgasms a day
X 5 days = 1,000 orgasms a week
I still don’t know why they make it that easy to join.
They should raise the bar for sure on it. I think it’s too low, that’s just me tho cause it’s too easy to join.
And 25 orgasms is there it seems to start, at least the way I get a woman having
I have read about women having them sooner, just from what I read, it sure does not seem like a fu eay to learn how. And I never heard of not a single one of those women
Hettigv25 orgasms for themselves. They just want the FULL WHOLE BODY ORGASMS
and that’s it, nothing more. They got one, they learned it existed & then never had another one, well that I heard about. I have dropped out of the loop so I am not informed like I use to be. Well I get a message once in awhile on what’s going on. I really don’t care tho, you would think all the COVID isolation going on there would be more women getting more sexually satisfied, with not much else to do. I don’t know, I dismiss it all as rumors, not valid data.
When started writing you well over 8 hours ago, yeah no kidding!
1 finger, iPhone typing. I was thinking you too far & so and so forth, don’t know what you look like, don’t know if your agood hugger & kisser ( you could learn)
If you DDF like I most. Certainly am.. flat or Busty, bra & cup size height & weigh
Shaved or not, I prefer 1/2 to 3/8 long Bush.why? When ever you want
Share bare. 1/2 inch hair will lay over, longer will tickle my nose& you don’t want me sneezing down there when your about to reach climax and have a orgasm
Or If shaved smoothAnd if smooth. Well you ever hug a man with 5 o’clock shadow.
It’s no fun and it hurts. And you have to keep shaving yourself down there
Twice a day....uh... because I’m going to be spending a lot of time down there.
You wakes up 1st thing then got to go shave. If it is long enough to Bend down, a extra fraction of a inch is not going to bother me when I a working DOWN there. If it’s shaved smooth they it’s going to have hard stubble like sand paper in the morning and afternoon. Now I DO like A freshly washed bush, right before I Ray have a bite to eat. And I mean just a few minutes before I eat, not a half hour or longer( it tastes different)
Yeah 200 miles easy for sure. We have not talked I much.Been thinking I still have not found anyone local. And as far as I know your the only one who just happen to stumble across my blog, no one else as mentioned a peep or wrote me about it. Still it’s a far ways, let’s see how we get along first okay I am re-thinking my thoughts and it also gives you a way to save face and say no. Women would rather the the ones who say NO, ego thing? I guess so.
I don’t drink or smoke no & drugs.
What your body looks like face breasts rear ended crotch I don’t do anal
I do like to see ONLY 1 1/2 to 2 inches of cheek on your rear end in shirts not see ALL of it. Women show that and there goes all the mystery.
Love low cut scoop tips, push together push up bras are me favorite, if flat chested low cut is always niveshiwibgvlots of chest ALMOST to the edge nipple line
Don’t know if you spit or swallow or even if you do any oral, if you don’t mind learning some thing new from me on what I like
Oh Nevermind, women only want what they want forget what I want
Oh on What you want and what you get
Well it goes like this
Your 1st time
You get 5 orgasms,I get 1
Every time slowly as your number of orgasms increase it changes
You get 6 orgasms , I get 1
You get 7 orgasms, I get 1
You get 8 orgasms, I get 1
You get 9 orgasms, I get 1
you get 10 orgasms, I get 1
You get 11 orgasms, I get 1
This taking too long... jump ahead
You get 20 orgasms, I get 1
You get 25 orgasms, I get 1
You get 61 orgasms, I get 1
You get 200 orgasms, I get 2, maybe 3 or 4
( you getting 200 orgasms a day to get into the


That’s MY DEAL on the numbers
Not negotiatable

Okay let’s see what you could get
We don’t know is we even get along, so far, so Good.
I hope you vsn handle that, well I know you will cause 1st few times I go slow
So what can you get a 1st time
Clit mandatory to earn and lube you up
( can kinda of cheat, here iyour up for it )
I just use a FEATHER ONLY all the way to your first orgasm.
Could be fun or could be erotic unintentional torture for you
If you can’t stand it anymore you just reach over use your fingers Snd make yourself reach orgasms. Then 2 mins later uour mad at your self because it felt so unbelievably exotic and you could not handle it, you it be the 1st
I just like making a woman have orgasms,A WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM
Cause no one else does it ( oh yeah I don’t do anal )
You MUST get & use
SMART MOUTH mouth was, ORGINAL formula.
Bad Breath turns me off instantly
Lots of hugging & kissing mandatory
( you WILL NOT get the entire length of my tongu inside your mouth when kissing, it has a tendency to scare women off, and I ain’t had any in awhile, so the last things I need to do is scare you off, if I have not already.
Not looking to date or go out
Just drive over and give you’ orgasms
Which ones to be be decided later or my choice, if you don’t have a preference
Dont know you, don’t know what shape your body and heart is in & the fact I don’t want to go to jail for your death by orgasms.
So I want you well happy and safe
well MAYBE JUST a little sore.ha ha
Good question, got a question back at you
What to like to do?
Give a woman orgasms & to excess!!!!

If a woman has a flat abdomen
It just makes my job so much easier

Kelly may or turned you off some now.
It’s after 4:00 am her now
About 9 or 10 hours now I have been typing to you one finger on iPhone
So I must’ve really wanted to fo this
Okay your turn to type
Uh....if you have not noticed by now
( it happens, ) I wrote back more than just a few sentences ha ha

Now you can reply
You can not reply
You can get one of those top of the line account here And I think I can write you and you can write me back
As it is right now if if I get a letter other than here
Guess what , it’s ALL blurred out and I can’t read it

SO it’s up to you now if we do this how about after the first big the year
Plenty of time to mess up and make blunders and mistakes here
So best to mess up here at no cost

Or I could’ve just made a huge mistake wrongly assuming you wanted yo get orgasms from me and learn how
It’s like riding a bike, it takes a long time to learn
Once you do it stickers with you.
Do you can have multiple orgasms
Uh... the technical problem tho is your finding a man who can last thst long to give you 25 orgasms.
Well I do it
I just like giving women orgasms, the number of orgasms are KINDA lop sided you can
handle the numbers bring a bit lopsided
Not much I can do about THAT
THE ONLY thing I can think of
Is your just going TO HAVE TO PUT UP
WITH IT, your just going to have to put up with your getting more orgasms than me
Your body is built for it
Mine is not, lucky for you thst you stumbled upon my blog that nobody other than you reads.
You can talk some more before making a decision
Oh geeez I hope you don’t smoke.

Oh answer these questions so know your not a bot on here
Real easy stuff to do okay
What color is the sky? And what color is the White House?
Who lives there?

Been trying to find women on a few websites to give orgasms too
I put those questions in my profile telling anyone who reads it and sends me a message I can read to answer those questions first
Decided to check this one websites out and
Amazingly enough I got 150 letters
But guess from some really rude women because not a one of them answered my simple questions , maybe they were too hard, so I added name the 1st man to walk on the moon and not a single woman knew who it was
Then the people that ran the websites kept deleting my entire profile with the questions . Oh then on top of all that, the woman got mad as me for not writing them back. Really strange situation, well I didn’t want to talk to some really stupid woman
I mean if she did not know the color of the sky is...opps Almost have that secret question away. Hope your not sarcastic.
Now if your a NYMPHO, We will get along break good, great, in fact. They are difficult to find and a few seemed ashamed to be one & thought we would not date for long, it was weird that everyone of them the said the same exact thing in one way or another.
I gotta tell ya, No wait a second I don’t have to tell you..hmm okay I will tell you
I wore every one of them out. It scared them that they could have that many orgasms
2 of them I dated for the longest time they ever dated a man, I kept them drained of orgasms too, they’ seemed to appreciate it also getting drained of the hornies
Oh Kelly i hope your not a bot and can read my questions
And speaking of reading , I can’t read your profile
Maybe you can read mine, I just can’t read yours
5:10 am
Well either I made a friend or scared you away
Or entertained a bot m
Something Ike that what Yo u stumbeble.upon my blog here any way anyway
What is the most numbers oh swelled
of orgasms you ever had at one session
5:22 am I keep falling asleep in mid messages to you
Well o hope hear back from you
Or maybe if scared your off
Well let’s see TRYING
5:40 am

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12/27/2021 9:09 am

I got a flirt from somebody bordiechick909 & a few from out of ye state of. Texas
And a couple of views
I can’t see anyone
I’m unable make any contact back

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