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Longer Lasting SEX For Women - How to  

General_Fun 58M
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8/25/2021 8:43 pm
Longer Lasting SEX For Women - How to

This is real simple
Do Not Give Him a Blow Job.
Before intercourse
You do not have read anymore
Women are in a race with a man, who cums first and 99% they are going to lose that race.
Do not give him a HEAD start
BLOW HIM afterwards and get him hard again and YOU get at least one more orgasm for yourself
Women DESERVE more Orgasms
And they are not getting them like they should get got all that they do in their lives and sacrifice so much,
Women need more Orgasms
* There IS A WAY for a woman to get more orgasms for herself
Well there are several ways, the easiest way at is in one of my other blogs and I tell you exactly how to do it so the next time you make love
You the woman get more orgasms than your getting now.
This is not a commercial for you to read my my other blogs. I just over this one and thought might as well tell a female how to get more orgasms for for herself.
I am sure not getting any from here.
You can go look and read it for yourself, well if your already getting to many orgasms for yourself then do not read it, no one other than Kelly is reading my work any way so no big deal. If you some more orgasms for yourself, then go find it And read it. If not, it is okay, no one is reading it anyway.

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