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Dreamt of you  

Ghat2022 54M
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1/30/2022 12:42 pm
Dreamt of you

I fell asleep and dreamt about you in your swimsuit, you made me lay down with my hands at my side and exposed your magnificent breasts<b> rubbing </font></b>them and pulling on your nipples making them stand attention, as you moved up my body you kept<b> rubbing </font></b>them until you where just above my face where you looked down and with one hand on your tits<b> rubbing </font></b>and pulling harder and harder, the other hand started playing with your pussy you stopped and I thought my time had come, but still you wouldn’t move, you stood stripped off what you had left expose your beautiful body which by now had a soft sheen and glow off lust and desire, you where on your knees again level with my chest<b> rubbing </font></b>your clit harder and with more urgency, suddenly your fingers where in my mouth allowing me taste how sweet you tasted as the aroma and heat grew stronger from between your legs and still you wouldn’t let me touch you, by now you fingers are disappearing inside your pussy which is started to drip on my chest as you finger yourself faster and harder in time with the shuddering of your now slick body, your sweet pungent juices are now running down the inside of your thighs as you move your pussy closer my face and as you make me up I can see the in your eyes of utter abandonment as you grab me behind the head and thrust your self onto my face, eagerly I I lap up every drop I can of the sweetest love I ever tasted while the with what I miss now freely running from my mouth down around my neck all the while are eyes are locked as you become fully immersed in your domination and with an all might shudder cum and cum and cum all over me, it’s all I can do breath as you grind your pussy on my mouth as your arms hold my head tighter into you, your eyes soften and your grip loosens slightly as your body starts to quiver and subside a , sensing this I take my chance free my arms and pull you down me and hold you MR still quivering body tightly mines and you now gave lovingly into my eyes and kiss and lick your your self gently clean from my glowing face…..

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