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HKslut4u 40F
3 posts
12/8/2021 6:54 am

When I start being naughty and do very naughty thing?

I think there is clear start point. It was long time ago when I was 18 and got first job. My boss is girl called 'K'. She is local Cantonese, maybe 5 years older than me, tomboy, short hair, several tattoo. I was impressive with K maturity and experience, she also help to teach me my new job. She also drive sport car, I like it.

After a few month, K give me ride to my home after work. And when we arrived she suddenly kiss me. I mean on the lip. I was surprise, but I like it and I kiss back. During next few month we have relationship and sex together. Fingering, many 69. K teach me how to do it good, it is very exciting.

I did have few other boyfriend before, I did know I like men certainly. But have sex with K it was exciting and it seem dangerous also. Eventually we both change work and loss contact. This is my first very naughty experience, I will never forget.

jc_powerman 61M  
254 posts
12/8/2021 1:36 pm

A great memory you will have for the rest of you life. I am sure you will ad to you happy memories with wonderful events at this one !

MarkShi69 52M
20 posts
12/8/2021 10:20 pm

Nice first post

profcoquin27bis 57M
4323 posts
12/9/2021 6:14 am

hi from France

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