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Rules and Boundaries and Jose  

HeelsInTheAir2 60M/61F  
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5/10/2022 1:28 pm
Rules and Boundaries and Jose

We have been swinging since 2007. How we started is another story to post. And I will write about it. It's a question that comes up every time we date a couple or often from people genuinely thinking about crossing "that" boundary. But I write this because I am sitting here early in the morning, my husband is making coffee and having man talk with a lover that just showered. At the total risk of being or seeming crude or not classy...I have a towel under my fanny, my pussy is leaking semen and sperm, my legs are weak, and I am too spent to get up and clean up the mess. I don't care and if a woman reads this, she'll understand that my cunt is on fire and my uterus is sore from being banged into. And like having a drink to cure a hangover, as soon as my men recover, I will need to be penetrated and get off one more time before I put on my housewife face.

Soooo, how is this about rules and boundaries? This is our experience, and you can take it as advice or just reconsider your own. When we first stepped as a couple to date other couples for sex, it was definitely crossing a traditional as well as personal boundary. However, we did it right. And I am reflecting from how I feel now from my just being laid in a threesome that is a consummation of our lifestyle. The advice is..."Have rules and boundaries and break almost all of them." Our two rules or agreements, that we have never broken, was that we share every experience and that we fuck our lovers intimately...no holding back. The sharing thing is obvious otherwise you are cheater, not a swinger. The other thing of letting it go is the most important. If you open your legs and are concerned if your husband gets all crazy because you enjoyed it...don't do it. My husband adores me, and it is the joy of his life to see me fuck and get off. Or hear about it later. I don't hold back. Otherwise, why do it?

Because of our going into this being sexually and emotionally mature, it has been awesome. Tacitly, the other understood was that we share some form of "Proof of sex." This advice is for couples that are secure enough to let each other step out alone and turn the other on while meeting rule number one. I don't expect that everyone gets it or agrees. When we first started swinging, we should have charged for extra baggage. We don't have that problem anymore. We know who the real swingers are. We dated couples and had parties. It was a year later that I went out on a<b> fantasy </font></b>and picked up a stranger. Since then, I do it when I want or when my husband wants to see me in action. Not meaning he is there but I at least get a couple pictures and for sure after...I 0ffer him my cummy pussy. Sorry, got crude. It’s not just a man’s thing. I first watched, closely, when my husband was fucking into my friend Cindy. His dick was running in and out of her and when she came, oooof her pussy was going crazy with contractions and when my husband came, I watched his balls tighten up and cock pump from what came from inside him to go inside her. There is nothing more erotic or the consummation of the lifestyle.

Okay, So why and now. I broke a personal rule about a year after we started swinging. Just my rule, not ours. I have known this guy now for at least 25 years. So long that we were coworkers, changed jobs, became coworkers again later and I was clearly a superior in the company org chart. It was a long time ago, but I broke a personal rule and at the time it was out of mercy. My rule...don't fuck people you work with. And I didn't. This poor guy was smitten on me and I knew, and you know what I mean. He did everything he could to get me to bite and drop my panties. He was a clever guy. And he didn’t know I was the half of a swinging couple. I figured that he would talk if we hooked up and whatever I did, I didn’t want him to be telling his friends I was a swinger. Bragging that I was a good fuck or swallowed was tolerable in my mind. Lol. I didn’t fuck him, but I thought about how it would feel. He was very amorous and subtle about want he wanted. The other issue was that he would take it as a connection that would become an affair.

I broke my personal rule, not a swinging or agreement with my husband. He knew just after. I got into a last minute thing at work and had to order food for a business conference lunch. Jose was the guy assigned to pick up all this food. And I had the company credit card and authority. I went and I chose to end the expectations with him privately in the truck. I was fresh, honest, and I told him that I was not available Not available as his girlfriend or more. But we can finish this now. I told him to pull down his pants and I sucked and jerked him off. He came in my mouth. He should have been inseminating cows. I swallowed and drank his sex. That was it for many years, at least ten years.

Apart by distance and time we connect again on Facebook. That is when I came out as a swinger and if he wanted to fuck it would be great. It took some more time and he was married. It took time because of distance and I know he was dealing with the idea he could fuck and sleep with me without a commitment. I don’t care if a man cheats. Let them fuck as long as they aren’t an asshole about it. From a long time of sharing the what ifs he made it to our house. It was a date and he even brought flowers.

I am going to post the video clips from when I fucked him the first time. He was shy after learning my husband was okay with it. He even turned off the lights. My husband gave us privacy at first and when Jose got all excited some of it was recorded. The date lasted all night and ended with me giving him a hand job while peeing and sitting on the toilet in the morning. That’s how familiar we became by sharing our sex and orgasms overnight.
This time, this visit, was special that it reminded me of the journey and how erotic swinging can be. Today he is taking me shopping for some heels, I’m going to try and give him a blow job in the car and record it show you all how big his pretty cock is and how he has huge cums.

I will post the video clips from the first date. Not sure how big a movie can be. So I might have to break the date up into parts.

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