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Natural or Shaved?  

HimerosVisificus 36M
7 posts
5/28/2021 12:18 pm
Natural or Shaved?

Which is sexier?
Natural; a little hair, but nothing major...
Shaven and trimmed

Maleficus Visificus Entertainment™

13129 posts
5/28/2021 1:35 pm

V    O    T    E    D

HimerosVisificus replies on 5/29/2021 7:03 pm:
Thanks for your lovely response; I actually prefer myself shaved, even if it takes some time and makes a mess.

I just want whomever I'm with to enjoy my body as much as is feasible; I want to be desired as least as much as I desire them, physically and mentally.

Not to mention: I have something called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), which--for those unfamiliar with it--means I essentially have split personalities; so far, I know of five.

One of which is a lesbian (LiSbeth; as in "Lisbeth Salander" from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" series, which she also looks a lot like) is extremely self-conscious being inside a man's body. She expects a lot as she has major self-esteem issues, but she enjoys having a feminine style and touch.

So, she prefers to be shaved. She's even made little landing strips and such.

I realize how crazy this all sounds, and I'll probably get the reaction I usually do (from certain people): misunderstanding DID and/or disbelieving myself. It's understandable: I have a hard time imagining others with DID because it's simply something our minds can't comprehend.

Then there are those that think we're all serial-killers and such; Hollywood has mostly done a terrible portrayal. Fight Club being one of the best, aside from "Jane" in HBO's "Doom Patrol" (which explores DID, as well as portrays it, better than anything I've seen).

Yes: we can be violent and have psychotic-tendencies if triggered enough, but, we're more likely to hurt ourselves than other people.

And to women--or any guys that don't mind tag-teaming and such (a threesome with two or more guys and/or women can be insanely enjoyable, but I've met a lot of guys that won't be able to get over jealousy issues and completely ruin the experience; please try thinking of someone other than yourself, but have a good time and make sure that "she" is properly taken care of) that are scared of me, or just find DID "insane": I'm essentially an entire team; a one-person-gang-bang. And when I say "scared of me"; I know...I don't scare you...here. But in person: I'm much more of a charmingly, yet innocent, demon.

I've always been dominant, but I am a lot of extreme opposites. I've been told I'd make a fantastic slave, and, I adore the idea. I'm not easily tamed, if I'm tamable at all

Anyway: I'm a lil' stoned (got my cannabis card!) and could go on forever. I just thought I'd write a long, thorough reply since I can tell there was a decent amount of work involved with both writing your sweet message, as well as the HTML tricks used to stylize it. Very much appreciated; have a fantastic day


BiSussi 61F
1405 posts
5/28/2021 8:20 pm

If you are sweet, if you are kind, if I am in love with you, it does not matter to me at all. Whatever you like, works for me

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

HimerosVisificus replies on 5/30/2021 9:25 am:
Thanks for your lovely response; I actually prefer myself shaved, even if it takes some time and makes a mess.

HimerosVisificus 36M
9 posts
5/30/2021 9:32 am

Why thank you; well-worded and thought out.

As long as whomever I'm with is temporarily paralyzed from sheer pleasure and exhaustion--still cumming for hours and hours: I'm more than satisfied. I don't even need to get off if they're too tired, although they generally want me to; especially when I can cum in unison with them.

Anyway: thanks for the time put into your lovely message

Maleficus Visificus Entertainment™

Papawforyou 64M  
37 posts
6/10/2021 2:06 pm

I have a buddy that is married his wife him and I play regularly we are all shaved smooth and suck and eat each other and we both fuck her. It makes for a very clean and happy experience, no odors just natural juices Yummy

HimerosVisificus replies on 6/12/2021 11:44 am:
...Is there room for one more nicely shaved cock, plugging her nice and tight, for even more juicy wet deliciousness?

jrhead2841 59M  
32 posts
6/15/2021 3:29 pm

Hate Hair in my food

Richard Oz

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