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Ill start questions and comments again  

Jessi2033 37T
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2/16/2022 3:04 pm
Ill start questions and comments again

Comment of the day
-Ive never done this before Its all new to me.
-done what?
- yes what is (this)
-You know..
- No i dont but ok
Awkward silence
- by (this)you mean sex ?
-No ive done that
- so whats new about it ?? Do you think we are aliens or we have some extra idk a probe or some shit?? Lol
- still confused
-You know with a guy
-oh, So youve never<b> touched </font></b>yourself? A virgin? no hands? How old are you again ???
Point is, IF YOUVE HAD and Jack yourself off then Its not new. Its funny how some of you guys act like tough macho shit. Then when it comes to having with a transgender woman yall act like its some act against humanity.If youre that macho 1. Why even try it and 2. You dont suck dick or anything like that. Thats on you wanting touch or use your mouth. I know a bunch of guy friends just use my mouth,ass and hands get off. Are they affectionate during ? Yes but they know what they want and dont like. Some of you guys need go back that macho life and date cis women and keep fucking.Scratch that last prt cus most of you havent had any in or<b> touched </font></b>another person in ages. And it shows lol

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