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Who likes to watch?  

Jessygirl23 28F  
278 posts
9/23/2021 4:27 am
Who likes to watch?

Some who know me say I am blessed with a near perfect marriage but then others just call me a slut for having sex with other men with hubby watching.

I would love know how many people out there regardless of your sexual orientation secrectly want watch their partner have sex with someone else?

If your answer is YES then how often would you let them do it with the person and why?
Just once
Three times
Four to six times
Seven to ten
Eleven to twenty
As many times as my partner wanted

passionateebony 62M/49F
11 posts
12/9/2021 1:35 am

Our favourite is MMF with my man joining in but we have had guys just fuck me and he watches, he really enjoys this nearly as much as joining in, first time was a bit awkward but he got into it, wanking to the live show

oldman1973 73M/37F  
617 posts
11/3/2021 7:15 pm

I Phon also have a real perfect marrage, my husband Mo (English) now has bad health and cannot perform that much now like he has done all his life

I said OK we stop, but he said no you are still young and in need so I am happy to get men as many as you want to service you,

OK I am a real slut cock cum and pussy lovin whore so I now service cocks, cum and other cunts to please me and him. I just need lots of depraved sex

You and me should get together and please our husbands needs to see us taking cock and cum in all our sexy slut fuck holes

Darkredwalls 47M
22 posts
10/11/2021 7:35 am

I'd have to try it to see how I really felt about it - I honestly don't know how the reality of it would hit me...

Unzipmeslowly51 52M

10/4/2021 12:54 pm

I wouldnt like to see her get fucked and not really like her to wstch me fuck another woman😊

Jessygirl23 28F  
19 posts
9/27/2021 3:55 pm

For us, hubby loves to watch me have sex with other men, he often tells me what he wants me to do with them, then he will often take me straight after another man has had me. Hubby likes to see me with lots of different men but it doesn't matter how often I have sex with the same men.

MisfitHotwifeSC 43M/34F
4 posts
9/27/2021 8:54 am

Love to watch her. Then it's my turn!

seoulswing2 39M/28F
169 posts
9/26/2021 5:07 pm

we both enjoy watching each other play with others. we're both bi and enjoy swapping, group play, mfm and fmf regularly

iraduu 42M  
3598 posts
9/26/2021 3:24 pm

my dick is very hungry for fucking today

HmmmLQQking 58M  
22 posts
9/24/2021 3:31 pm

Sex is sex it’s not love. I’d love to see my wife pleasured.

SingleItalianGy2 50M  
1205 posts
9/23/2021 1:18 pm

The way I see it and also being comfortable with myself enjoy it for what it is. Take it as an opportunity to educate yourself. Maybe you will see little details in how your partner responds to newbie and things that they are doing that can benefit your relationship.

forgotforgetting 55M  
8134 posts
9/23/2021 12:52 pm

I try to not judge the relationship of others. If it works for them and they are happy, who am I to question it. As to your question, I'm good with my partner playing with others. Watching only, is not my thing, nor hers.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

Leegs2012 49M  
96135 posts
9/23/2021 9:27 am

I love watching my Girlfriend having sex with other Men!!

CleavageFan4U 65M  
69374 posts
9/23/2021 6:42 am

Watching can be sooo fun!!

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Brownie202 65F  
2680 posts
9/23/2021 6:32 am

I couldn't vote. Don't want to see it at all.

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talltimber38 75M
21 posts
9/23/2021 6:20 am

Of coarse this includes I'm going to get mine also!

thinksmiles1 64M/65F
1352 posts
9/23/2021 6:18 am

We are swingers and both enjoy seeing the other pleased by other swingers

DiscreteSlowRide 52M
384 posts
9/23/2021 5:50 am

It doesnt matter what other people think or say about you. You and your hubby enjoy this lifestyle, you are both happy and it works for you.
Dont let others who are not in the lifestyle judge you.

Keep doing what you are doing on your terms and keep sharing your hot experiences with us.

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