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Thick Skin
Posted:Apr 16, 2021 9:04 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2022 4:28 am
When you're on here and post fully nude photos with face you're bound to get turned down. It used to bother me. It doesn't anymore. In fact I kind of get off when I am insulted. I had a friend I had fucked many times and when I turned her down she just let loose on me with all kinds of insults. Small cock, cum too fast, the whole nine yards. It so turned me on.
mother and
Posted:Aug 15, 2018 5:15 am
Last Updated:Jul 25, 2021 3:43 am

I had met a couple online a few years back and up until this morning I really didn't remember them and they popped into my head and I was a little taken aback at what they might have been.

This meeting was strictly sexual. I got the hotel room at a decent place but not too fancy. They walked in and we did the usual chit chat then got naked. He was fairly overweight and she was significantly older than he was. His cock was kind of small but thick and he sat on the bed right in the middle and I was on his left completely naked as well. She was on her knees and began sucking my cock. I then went down on him and after about 10 seconds I felt a warm rush down my throat and he made the weirdest sound I have ever heard come out of anyone having an orgasm. I then came so hard in her mouth. He was so embarrassed and she said he was majorly excited. With that they got dressed and left. What struck me so funny this morning as I bet this was a mother and , he was over 18 for sure but they we no couple is my guess as they both were pretty similar in appearance. Another kink crossed off the list that I don't have!
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Posted:Aug 15, 2018 5:15 am
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2021 4:55 am

I met Nancy online on BBWMatchMate. She and I had been talking for quite a while and decided to meet. She was to drive up from Miami and meet me at my condo. She got lost and things got all fucked up and we couldn't meet. I felt so bad for her as she had driven an hour through bullshit traffic to get here. We then chatted some more and a week later she came over. She texted me that she was in the lobby and I went down to meet her. While she had sent me a pic at first glance I thought, damn, this woman is gonna fuck me? She is HOT! We did the whole pleasantry thing in the lobby and went up in the elevator. Her English was a little broken as she is from Puerto Rico but I really didn't care. We got into my condo and immediately began kissing. We stripped each other down and I immediately started licking that beautiful outtie pussy of hers and it tasted so fucking good. I made her cum over and over again. She then stopped me and asked if I was ready. Ready for what you ask? Ready to piss all over her hot naked body. I stood over her and in a case of incredible stage fright I couldn't. I was so disappointed. I had drank two bottles of water and 10 cups of coffee and my bladder was so fucking full but just couldn't do it. We laughed it off and I shoved my face back into her pussy. She then demanded that I fuck her but I wanted a 69 so I was in a plank and shoved my hard cock into her mouth. She sucks such a good dick! I came incredibly hard in her mouth and after I kept on licking her. When I could tell she was done we made out some more and she asked me if I wanted her piss all over me. I told her that I did. She stood over me and let a little bit out. It was so warm. She then let even more out. She then asked if I wanted it all. I told her yes, let it all go and let it go wherever you like and she did. She just unloaded her piss all over my soft cock, my legs and my chest. It was so warm and wonderful. It was also pretty gross and I kind of wanted to clean up and got a towel and wiped it all up and tossed the towel. We then went on the porch while I smoked and made some small talk before she left. Loved that morning!
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Posted:Aug 15, 2018 5:14 am
Last Updated:Nov 12, 2021 8:02 am

had been chatting with her for quite a while and she was one kinky fucking woman who just couldn't get enough. I drove to a Chicago suburb to meet her and her husband. She was a dirty blonde who had a nice body. I was to meet them at what I thought was an apartment. I was in the car and was texting her and tried to get into the place but couldn't due to security. She came down and we felt kind of an instant chemistry. She led me to the elevator and we walked into her place. Her husband was waiting and the apartment was also a home office. I was guessing he was some kind of day trader but who knows. She was incredibly aroused by the fact that I was to Dom him. He was kind of a numbnuts so I took the lead. He was a shorter and slightly overweight guy and in no fucking way would I have done what I was about to do without the fact that his wife would be so turned on by a man taking her man. I just went up to him and kissed him passionately with my tongue and he couldn't get enough. I could not believe I was doing this. I stripped him down completely and was stroking his hard cock. I then stripped as well and he did the same to me. I wanted to taste his cock and I did so. I dropped to my knees and started to blow him. She was sitting on a chair and completely dressed and playing with her pussy. I can still remember her white panties and her rubbing her cunt. She then got a little bossy and told me to fuck him. We walked closer to her and I laid him on his back. His cock was completely flaccid as I knelt in front of him squirting baby oil all over my hard dick. I slid my dick in his asshole and could tell this was the first time he had been with a man. His ass was so fucking tight and I fucked him so good. She asked me to come inside of his ass and I did so. She couldn't have been more turned on by the fact that a man came deep inside her husbands tight and virgin ass. It's a good thing I am not bigger or I would have totally tore him up. I pulled my cock out and while I really just wanted to get the fuck out of there I felt bad for him as I had no idea if she was gonna let him come. I took the baby oil and dripped it all over his cock and balls and stroked that cock hard and he came in 10 seconds. It was so hot to feel the cum shoot through his cock and watching that shuddering orgasm. I then pretty much told them I had to go and as he was getting dressed too his wife said not so fast. LOL. He remained naked and who knows what happened after, I had to go!
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A Fantasy
Posted:Aug 15, 2018 5:14 am
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2021 5:18 am

My ex wife has wanted to reconcile. She asks that I meet her at a hotel that is 15 minutes away. I am to go to the front desk and as for a certain person who knows that I am coming and hands me a room key to room 230. She has only said that I am to meet her in this room and that we will discuss things. I am feeling kind of blah and negative, more like this is stupid and a waste of my time.

I enter the room to see my ex in a catsuit with handcuffs. It is a suite type of room with a sitting room in front and a bedroom as you walk in more. We are in the first room. She has a very stern look on her face and an aura of determination. She orders me to remove all of my clothes. In a stunned state of shock I do so. I am taking my time and she raises her tone and says "fucking faster". I oblige. As I stand naked in front of her she shoves me down onto a chair. She goes behind me with two sets of cuffs and places my hands behind me and cuffs me to the back of the chair legs. As I sit there completely exposed and not knowing how to feel I hear a knock on the door. She goes over and answers the door. In walks the man she had had an affair with for years. She greets him with an embrace and a kiss. I am seething on one hand and semi aroused on the other. She whispers in his ear as he stares at me.

He begins to undress as well. Placing his clothes neatly on the table its not long before he is completely undressed as I am. My ex again embraces him and gives him a long and slow kiss as she starts to stroke his cock and balls. His cock begins to become extremely erect and my ex turns to me and asks me to look at the size of his cock and wonder why she was fucking him. I roll my eyes and turn my head to the side. I look up at the two of them giving me a sarcastic grin and she whispers again to him and again kisses him and gives him one more cock squeeze and he walks over to me. I am wondering what in the fuck is going on here as he kneels down and begins to lower his head toward my crotch. I am in a state of utter amazement as he places both hands on my thighs and begins to suck on my limp cock. This is all so weird but now I am totally aroused. He sucks my cock so fucking hard and I, without warning, shoot my hot load of cum into his mouth. He then, with his mouth full of my cum, looks over to my ex who simply nods and walks over to him. He kisses her with his cum in my mouth as she takes it all. She then walks over to me and asks me in a not such a polite way to open my mouth and I do so. She then drips it into my mouth and demands I swallow it. I just cant do it and spit it out and it lands all over my body and limp cock. She is now pissed and takes it off of me and wipes it all over my face and gets some in my mouth which I continue to reject.

I feel so vulnerable and naked as I sit there post orgasm which was achieved by a blow job from my ex's man. My ex informs me that I am to just sit there and use my ears as they go into the bedroom and I can listen to her get her pussy fucked unlike I could ever fuck her. I hear them making out, her getting out of her catsuit and her moaning and his balls slapping hard against her ass as I imagine they are fucking missionary. She is overly loud and is talking much more than I remember than when we had sex. She is climaxing as is he and they both are just totally loud about it and it annoys the fuck out me. I feel so completely helpless.

I hear some rustling and light laughter and assume they are ready to get dressed. He walks into my room and grabs his clothes and goes into the bedroom without looking or saying a word. 5 minutes later they come into my room and I am informed they are grabbing some drinks and will be back in an hour. She tells me to wait. I suppose I could get pissed and tell her to uncuff me but I don't. This is just too interesting and as foolish as I feel I have to find out what happens next.
Posted:Jan 31, 2018 2:18 am
Last Updated:Jan 14, 2020 2:57 am
Nothing beats a full figured woman completely stripped and wanting. Licking her pussy to orgasm over and over before sliding my cock deep inside her and watching her cum as I do as well then going back down on her as my sticky cum is in her is so incredible.

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