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Lonelyshywife 42F
53 posts
1/23/2022 8:06 am

Are just that. Preferences. We all have them. Some are more accepted than others.

Breast size
Cock size
Hair color

The list goes on. Some are more shallow than others. I know very well that I am never going to appeal to a large demographic, and that is fine with me. And there are others who are not going to appeal to me. The heart wants what it wants so to speak. Or, more to the point of sexually, the body wants what it wants.

Just do not be a jerk about it.

nsagreatfalls 34M
1 post
1/24/2022 2:47 pm

Great insight! It is true, everyone wants something a little different, just as everyone themselves is a little different. And I do so agree that you certainly do not have to be a jerk about it. Not enough people these days follow the old rule of "If you don't have something nice to say, say nothing at all."

Solmich45 67M

1/26/2022 9:12 pm

Don't forget the "mind" first! Then the rest will file into place...

Unzipmeslowly51x 52M
216 posts
2/9/2022 6:47 am

Some people dont take rejection too well

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