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Shaving Your Lover
Posted:Dec 17, 2021 5:45 am
Last Updated:Jan 14, 2022 11:42 pm

Does anyone enjoy shaving and servicing their lover or having their lover shave and them? Would love to hear about it.
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EROTIC CHAT She Said / He Said
Posted:May 6, 2020 8:43 am
Last Updated:Dec 23, 2021 5:20 am

*any names or location references have been omitted for the purpose of personal privacy, enjoy

Quick question, what's your biggest fantasy? X

I'm not sure if have a biggest fantasy. I have lots of situations that I fantasize about. I had a very erotic dream last night. I was siting on a couch with a nice couple, drinks / small tal We began joke around a bit sexually. Out of nowhere her boyfriend knelt down in front of her and began rubbing your long sexy legs. She just nervously giggled and smiled at almost catch my reaction which was surprise. Her boyfriend proceeded gently part her legs and kiss up her thighs. She moaned softly and turned , I kissed her soft lips and returned my kiss, I rubbed her breasts, she undid my pants and took into her mouth.thoughts?

Did you enjoy your fantasy about having a threesome with one chick, and another man. Is that something that would interest you to do for real? I think your fantasy is real sexy, and sounds like a lot of fun.

Hi I hope you are well, i am excited by your response, Yes, I enjoyed this fantasy very much. The dream went on to the three of us naked in bed and pleasuring each other. I think in reality that being in a situation with another could be a bit uncomfortable but if things unfolded in a natural fashion it could be o What do you think about being the centre of all that attention? Would you enjoy having the intense sexual energy of guys focused on you? I would love hear your thoughts on it and about your situation and what fantasies turn you on. Please don’t hold back, I love all things erotic :

I love having attention from men. So how long have you been married for? Have you ever done anything like that before? I want know what other things turn you on. Can you tell a bit more about yourself if you have time?

Married20yr, brother/sister existence leaves me frustrated. never had MFM but a few FMF. Talking dirty you turns on, scented candles, soft Asian music. You naked face down, i oil you up, oil work your shoulders, arms, small of your back, brush up against the sides of your soft breasts feet, claves, thighs, your sexy ass. Your legs begin part a little as I massage the tops of your thighs, occasionally brushing up against your pussy, you roll over, I can’t help but reach for your soft breast while my fingers gently trace the outline of your soft wet pussy, I roll your hood a slip a finger in, cum for baby, you can make cum aft🍼

I'm getting turned on by you talking dirty . Touch my pussy and my breasts. Slip your fingers inside of and move you mouth down lick my pussy and suck my clit. I will cum for you baby, then I will make you cum so hard after. Do you like that?

yes i like it very much when you talk dirty . I can feel cock growing big and stiff as I lean down suck on your hard nipples. Your soft warm pussy is so juicy on my fingers as you spread your legs so I can kiss you there. You taste sexy, my tongue slowly, softly lapping up and down your pretty slit. The tip of my tongue finds your little pleasure bud as I easily work strong fingers inside your vagina. Your breath becomes heavy and ragged as you churn your hips up meet me. I place your hand on my cock, you feel how big and hard it is. I brush the tip across your face, you take the tip in your mouth while massaging my balls, Mmm.

And then, I lick round the tip of your thick cock, look deep into your eyes, take you a little deeper into my mouth, my big, glossy red lips licking down the side of your cock, licking your balls, taking them gently in my mouth. So hot.

OMG! cannot get that image out of my mind, standing in front of a mirror, you kneel before, sexy lingerie, thigh high stockings, sheer panties and bra. My nasty big cock in your pretty mouth, your big red lips and sexy eyes looking up at me. This image was too much, I had to lock myself in the bathroom where I lubed up my hard dick and imagined your soft mouth, I imagined rolling around on the bed, kissing your full lips, your breasts pressing into my chest, your pelvis pushing up against my throbbing dick! Looking you in the eyes as i run the tip up and down your soft wet slit. Check this video I found out https://www../view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e536070c8c

I can't get that image out of my head together either, I feel from it like I am already with you. I wish I could get away from my boyfriend and all the crap because of the Coronavirus and find a way to hook up with you.

Perhaps after the self isolation has lifted we can make a plan to hook up? I would love that. In the meantime shall we continue to fantasy fuck? I still have many dirty things I want to get you to do with me

I actually live in the area. Of course let’s start a fantasy fuc Why don’t I let you start? And I will continue where you have left off? I really do like the idea of us meeting up when the isolation has been lifted.

I slowly undress you in front of a full length mirror by candle light.l hold you from behind, kissing your neck, you face the mirror and watch my hands exploring your body, your shoulders, arms, stomach and breasts. You see me unbuttoning your blouse and slipping my hand in the cup of your bra. I bring my fingers to your lips, you suck on them, I run my wet finger tips around your nipples and you moan softly, pressing your sexy ass back in the growing bulge in my pants, you watch as your blouse and bra fall to the ground. I rub your pussy through your jeans and undo your pants. My hand slips under your panties and brushes your soft pussy lips

Oh wow. My eyes are rolling back in my head as I lean back into you and spread my legs wider to give you better access to my pussy and my clit. I reach behind me and feel the bulge that is pressing into my willing ass. What would you do to me next?

I want to look over your shoulder and see you standing totally naked in front of me. I want to watch the expression on your pretty face as I feel you up, massaging your breasts, gently pinching your stiff nipples and fingering your hot little pussy, enjoying how soft and silky smooth it is, enjoying how easily I make moan when I roll a finger over your clit and with your soft wet lips. Oh Baby, my cock is getting quite uncomfortable in these tight jeans, can you do a favour and take it out for please? your small hands on my throbbing cock balls feels so fucking good

So next I notice a huge bulge in your pants and pull your cock right out, and instantly put it in my mouth while caressing your balls with my fingers. When we both had enough of all the foreplay we can handle, you put in the position of your choice? So you can start fuck .

OMG You make so horny! 1st let eat your pussy. My favourite position? your sexy ass up in the air for take U From behind, I could push your face and tits down into the pillow by holding your wrists at the small of your back, I could slap your ass as I pump into you, I could pull back on your hair when you are on all fours, I could reach around and milk your tits or tickle your clit as I stuff you full of coc I think that would be a good way finish, I could pull out at the last second and stream my hot jizz across your ass, would you like that, or would you prefer I flip you over and jizz on your tits? Maybe your pretty face?

That sounds really hot be taken like that. Would you pump full of your cum until it's leaking from my used and abused holes? That's so sexy. Or do you really just like cumming all over a woman instead of inside of her? I know some men are like that.

I love the idea of cumming deep inside you, Its hot see it dripping from your freshly fucked pussy lips! I’m not big on anal sex, mainly because I find your pussy or your mouth for that matter much more Sensuous. I know a lot of men and women enjoy anal these days, what about you, have tried it, do you like it? just thought I would probably have a condom on so it might be fun spill my cum on your sexy bod. Some women don’t really like that sort of thing which is cool. I like it but I’m not on the receiving end lol.

No I can’t say I have tried it yet. Always a first time for everything right? I’m coping well and thank you for checking on me it means a lot. I cannot tell you how wet and horny that makes me hear you would love put your load on and all over. It really turns you on too? I’m so game I can almost taste you.

I love horny and eager You are, I love the idea of slowly undressing you, kissing you all over then sliding down and eating your pussy. I want to make you feel real good. I also want to lie on my back and put you up ontop of me so I can with your tits while you slide yourself down on my cock until I am completely up inside of you. I want watch the pleasure spreading across your face and hear your quickened breath and soft moans of pleasure as you grind your clit against my pelvis. And yes the idea of cumming inside you or on you is highly erotic . Do you have any toys? I would also love you watch you touch yourself.

Yes I have many toys, I actually have a chest full! I cant even begin to name them all! Would you like to cum on my faced or my ass first? I quite enjoy the feeling of the hot cum hitting my body.

I think it would be very hot to watch you use your fingers or a toy on yourself? Would it turn you on to be naked and masturbating in front of me? Perhaps I could tie you to the kitchen table, apply some nipple clamps to your sexy breasts and force pleasure you with a vibrator. Have you ever Fantasized about being taken in such a way? If you start getting too noisy I could put my cock in your mouth to quiet you down a little while I work over your clit with a vibrator. When I can’t stand it any more and you are nice and juiced up I would move around between your open thighs and fuck you hard. Should I cum inside you or pull out?

I'm so glad you think that's hot to. I like using all both, what do you want to see me use on myself? That's such a turn on for me. I have fantasized about it, and am thinking about it now, what it would feel like. I might be a bit too loud on purpose then, if it means I get your cock in my mouth. Pull out and having you cum all over me, or cum in my mouth after you've fucked my pussy.

I sit on the bed you stand in front, feeling yourself up through your clothes, kiss me then back away, undo a few buttons, tease more. Your top now open give brief glimpses of your bra. Look me in the eyes, suck your fingertips, expose your nipples and circle them with wet fingers, ask me how much I want to touch them, then give me just a little taste, back away and start rubbing your pussy for me, undoing you bottoms, exposing your panties, turn your back to me, bend over and peel them off, now lie on the bed, rub your tits and finger yourself for me like a good girl. I want to watch you get off.

I will let you watch me get off, if you are naked and touching yourself as you watch me. You are not allowed to touch until I say so. I lick my fingers and are inside , my right hand, my legs are spread for you see my pink petals. My left index finger is stroking my clit while my other fingers are digging inside for my pleasure spot. You can hear how wet I am by the sound they make going in and out. I want cum in front of you but then I want you enter , OK?

Yes that is very good, I like a tease, I like how you tell I am allowed look but not touch. Watching you get yourself off would be such a turn on, I would have to take my cock out and stroke it,I would be so turned on by your moaning and the wet sounds of your fingers in your pussy, Be dying to fuck you when you r done, climb up on top of you and feel your hot kisses on my lips, your soft breasts pressing against my chest, my throbbing cock grinding up against your hot wet snatch. hook my arms under your knees and roll you up into a little Ball so I can sink fully into you with every thrust, hammer that little pussy, milk that jizz OK

It turns me on so much to see a man jerking off his coc I am not sure why, but it has been a weakness of mine for a while now. I would love be put into a little ball for you to fuck and take advantage of . I will defiantly milk your Cock with my hot tight pussy. I was thinking that you could also cum on my face Maybe- I could have my mouth open and you can aim it in there.

U r making crazy, We need fuck! Or jerk off together? Maybe we switch it up, you stroke my cock while I finger your clit. I am stroking my cock right now thinking about you jerk off and rub the tip of my dick across your nipples, across your wet lips, urge fuck you. I bet your tight little pussy feels so fucking good wrapped around my dic Will you be my little fuck toy? Now show your ass I want to Fuck you doggie style, spread your legs I want to roll u into a little ball and stretch yuur pussy, when I get close I’ll move up as you open your mouth for finish myself off across your pretty face OK?

Oh yes please! I want be your dirty little sex slave! You are hard right now? Good. Because I am actually running my clit right now! I am getting very short of breathe and think I am might cum soon! Keep talking dirty baby! I am almost there!
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