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More intercourse videos  

NaughtySamantha7 63T  
86 posts
6/19/2021 9:00 pm
More intercourse videos

Would you like to see more videos of my regular Man fucking me Bareback?

Whichever gets the most votes is what I will be required to do and post a video of...

WOW! The votes between two of the choices here are so close that I have to let this poll go longer. Which one will it be??? Yes bareback from behind with a creampie finish? OR Yes but with a second Man spit roasting me?
Yes bareback from behind
Yes bareback from behind with a creampie finish
Yes bareback missionary
Yes bareback missionary with a creampie finish
Yes but with a second Man spit roasting me

29 posts
6/21/2021 1:38 am

Can I be the second man?

NaughtySamantha7 63T  
100 posts
6/28/2021 12:23 pm

Just a sample of a sexy wet cream pie still photo from a while ago...

mclucky52 58M  
2 posts
7/21/2021 6:07 am

Mmmmmmmm you would be so nice to take me deeply in your sweet wet ass

NaughtySamantha7 63T  
100 posts
7/21/2021 3:02 pm

    Quoting mclucky52:
    Mmmmmmmm you would be so nice to take me deeply in your sweet wet ass
Mclucky52, imagine the feeling you would experience sliding effortlessly inside of me.... I know you would enjoy that very much. So much that you wouldn't be able to stop until you unloaded completely inside of me. Mmmmm, wouldn't that be nice....

NaughtySamantha7 63T  
100 posts
7/25/2021 9:05 pm

...sooooo, the question is, if two choices get the same number of votes, do I have to make two videos? ...tell me what you say.

FunNewGuy1000 61M
511 posts
8/16/2021 2:46 pm

Make six or seven

(more even)

NaughtySamantha7 replies on 8/18/2021 7:38 am:
FunNewGuy, Wow~~!! My kinda Guy! I love the way you think hun. Thank you for your post!

BummLuver2 66M
116 posts
8/19/2021 2:01 pm

No matter which it is I'm sure it will be a hit!

NaughtySamantha7 replies on 8/19/2021 4:01 pm:
Awe BummLuver2, that was so sweet of you to say to me! Thank you! xoxoxo

tightone64 58M
7 posts
11/26/2021 1:42 pm

Samantha i love your missionary breeding videos! its the sexiest way your man can get you pregnant!! i love watching you being impregnated!

NaughtySamantha7 replies on 11/26/2021 4:05 pm:
OMG tightone64 thank you so much for that comment!!! I absolutely agree totally with you that missionary is the best way for Him to get me pregnant! In fact it is my FAVORITE position! I get to look up to the Man who is breeding me, watch the look on His face as He enjoys the sexual pleasure, hear Him moan in pleasure, i am totally vulnerable to Him leaning down to me and kissing me while He is fucking me, then if He chooses I get to feel His weight pin my feminine body to the bed and take all He has to give me with no choice!!! THAT, is exactly how I like to be fucked! I am so glad you recognized this passionate scene in my videos! Thank you!!
By the way, would you be interested in adding to my missionary videos? I am only capable of being a bottom.

tightone64 58M
7 posts
11/26/2021 8:13 pm

Samantha i would LOVE to add to your missionary videos i would definitley be trying to get you pregnant!!!! id be telling you im gonna get you pregnant as i work hard to try and do it!!

NaughtySamantha7 replies on 11/27/2021 12:58 pm:
tightone64, stay in touch hun...

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