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Those WILD Friday Nights... O.. I.. o  

Paulxx001 65M  
8926 posts
2/11/2022 12:22 am

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3/3/2022 3:52 am

Those WILD Friday Nights... O.. I.. o

It.Z Friday...
... which got me thinking about where I.ll be headed after dark.

My living room... seems about right.

When I was younger, small gangs of us would scout out the HOT places to go, then we.d all meet, and let our hair down. I had tons of it, back in the day.

I POSTED a blog, over on that other side .

Friday Night LightS... With WILD Lady FightS...

Some of you still don.t know how to get there...
... simply follow the bread crumbs - you.ll find me there EVENTUALLY.

This picture of Bambi ?
She has absolutely NOTHING to do with my tale.
I simply like deer.
And MANY of you are visual...

I tried this yesterday... and failed. letZ give this another shot - shall wE?

See U on the other side...

Those WILD Friday Nights O I o

Paulxx001 65M  
22616 posts
2/11/2022 12:26 am

Yesterday I sent you on a wild goose chase.
Stuff happens, right?
Today? I'm POSITIVE things will work out.
Look for Paulxx001... you'll find me there...

... hopefully... FFS lol

author51 59F  
130010 posts
2/11/2022 1:33 am

See you here, there and everywhere my friend. xoxo

Paulxx001 replies on 2/11/2022 5:24 am:
Okie dokie! 👍 😊 ❗

spunkycumfun 61M/67F  
41171 posts
2/11/2022 3:20 am

I go daily to the dark side; one day I may move over!

Paulxx001 replies on 2/11/2022 5:23 am:
Last week I would have said, sure.
This week? 🤔
Not quite sure. When pics are deleted, and it takes a day for a blog to be visible?
I'd say early 2023...So ya got time to look for empty boxes. 👍❗😶

EnigmaInitiative 54F  
6054 posts
2/11/2022 6:30 am

I'll go looking for it after I've done my rounds on this side.

This week's HNW: Pink/Hearts (Or Chocolate) is available on the other side.

Paulxx001 replies on 2/11/2022 8:57 pm:
It's like the twilight zone, with all this back and forth stuff. lol 😂

positively4you 72F  
4605 posts
2/11/2022 6:58 am

I am not going to complain how that side still sucks. 🙄

Paulxx001 replies on 2/11/2022 8:58 pm:
It does have its ups and downs.... sorta like the rest of this site.
And life.... come to think of it. 🤔

scoupe42 59M  

2/11/2022 8:29 am

A like of of shit happens on a Friday night!

Paulxx001 replies on 2/11/2022 8:59 pm:
Oh yeah. I'm glad that I'm past it. 🤔

GhostofH 63M  
22788 posts
2/11/2022 3:32 pm

Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is simply the train coming your way....

Paulxx001 replies on 2/11/2022 9:00 pm:
lol 😂. Scary! 😨❗

secret_lade 48F  
9227 posts
2/13/2022 4:33 pm

It hasn't been letting me into the dark side today....

Paulxx001 replies on 2/14/2022 6:32 am:
That's not good.
Clear your cache and try another door? It's a cluster, some days.
In any case... there are other things in life besides this place. 👍❗

secret_lade 48F  
9227 posts
2/15/2022 3:05 am

Thank you! I cleared my history, worked like a charm.

Paulxx001 replies on 2/16/2022 10:32 am:
Good to hear. 👍😊❗❗

BeccaLuvs 59F  
20895 posts
2/23/2022 8:32 am

Hey Paul, I found you on the "Dark Side"! Perhaps should have tried to comment you there, will next time? Did a more intense explore of that place - maybe beginning to see the light a bit, but still not happy with it! Ps, and nothing wrong with a "living room" - so long as ..... and you can complete this thought!

..... And always 'hold onto all those sexy thoughts'!
(Remember if you feel like taking part in some sexy fun then click here!) Come on Some Sketch Fun
And Now How About 39Me39 Watching 39You39 If you39d like that Please Comment - So if you would like - click here as well!

Paulxx001 replies on 2/23/2022 5:02 pm:
I use that HIDE button to clear out the clutter in POSTS and other things that pop up over there.
It's an acquired taste. 😎❗❗

smartasswoman 64F  
35813 posts
2/25/2022 1:55 pm

Many reports today of people being migrated to the Dark Side. I can get still get in here. Maybe this will be my last comment in Ye Olde Blogges.

Paulxx001 replies on 2/26/2022 8:08 am:
There's a back door entrance. Hmmm...

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