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PeekingIn1972 49F
42 posts
1/18/2022 3:29 pm

Frequently Asked Questions

I've noticed many of the same words thrown my way, and I'm here to provide standard replies/answers. Please refer to the reference material below.

Q: Suck my cock.
A: That's not even a question. But no.

Q: Suck my balls.
A: See above.

Q: Suck my dick.
A: See previous two answers.

Q: Why aren't you answering my IMs?
A: Read my profile.

Q: When are we going meet up?
A: Read my profile.

Q: What are you into?
A: Read my profile.

Q: Why aren't you answering me. I've sent you 15 messages in the past 3 minutes.
A: Think about your question, please.

Q: Do you like what you see?
A: I liked seeing the Delete button, so partial Yes.

Q: You horny?
A: You serious?

Q: I'm going to you so hard.
A: M'kay.

Q: Hey.
A: Delete.

Q: Hi.
A: Delete.

Q said hey. When are you going answer me?
A: Delete.

Q: Don't you want this thick cock?
A: Delete.

Q: I can get any woman I want. I don't need chase you or anyone.
A: What?

Q: Watch my cam, watch my cam, watch my cam, you know you want , watch my cam, watch my cam, watch my cam.
A: I peek where I wish, when I want . Ty.

Q: You're always in chat rooms. Don't you have a life?
A: Nope.

Q: You think you're the shit, don't you?
A: I think I'm rainbows, sunshine, and kittens actually.

Q: This is going be my last . Do you understand? You never respond, and I don't need waste my time.
A: Delete

This has been a public announcement.
Thank you.


P.S. There is a word bandit about the blogsphere here. Missing words and punctuation baffle me.

tablesexisbest 47M
700 posts
2/6/2022 10:44 am

Haha, well yes I must admit I've done a few of them, but never an arse. like using one not being one.

PeekingIn1972 replies on 2/6/2022 11:26 am:
Why, hello you. Tsk-tsk for using *any* of the above listed, but glad to learn never an arse. Agree that using one is much better than being one. Stay naughty, and I'll see you in the chatrooms, sir. *grin*

AmyGood4me 28F
19 posts
1/28/2022 3:16 pm

A couple more I get many times when in a chat room:

'nice tits'
response: 'ty'

'nice ass'
response: 'ty'

'nice tits, meet me in IM...(or kiik or another room)
response: 'why?'

and yep, i get all those same questions in IM from gold members. Worst part is when i get frustrated and do reply to an IM (when IM is working for me), tell him he paid good money for a gold membership so that he could view profiles so he should actually read profiles'
his response: 'i did read your profile but wanted to contact you here, privately.'

if someone specifically states what they want on their profile and you ignore it, that's not cool. imo

thanks for the great blog!

PeekingIn1972 replies on 1/28/2022 6:25 pm:
*laughing* Gotta love the silence. And grrrr on those Gold members who don't read profiles! Absolutely agree with you on that. Looking forward to peeking at you play, sis. *grin*

eroticguy55 66M
9 posts
1/24/2022 5:49 pm

Well said! You see these questions and more so many times in the rooms from guys who don't have a clue and never will. Then wonder why they don't get anywhere with women.

PeekingIn1972 replies on 1/25/2022 5:23 am:
Why hello there, stranger! How fortunate we women aren't subjected to such nonsense from you when you peek into chatrooms. The volume of "suck my cock" or "hey, gorgeous" messages/IMs is baffling and tiresome; however, I'm glad it gave me fodder for my first blog post. *laughing*

Ty for stopping by, and I wish you many naughty adventures, you.

seems6666 51F
4838 posts
1/19/2022 10:33 am

Would you mind if I pinched this for my profile?

PeekingIn1972 replies on 1/19/2022 1:49 pm:
Not at all. Thanks for reading. *grin*

seems6666 51F
4838 posts
1/19/2022 10:31 am

Brilliant post thanks for the laugh

PeekingIn1972 replies on 1/19/2022 1:48 pm:
*laughing* Thanks, sis. I speak truths.

alterego10000 62M
262 posts
1/19/2022 5:05 am

This is one of the best posts on BBWMatchMate in like forever. Thanks for the chuckle this morning.

PeekingIn1972 replies on 1/19/2022 5:51 am:
Why, hello there. Ty for your comment. I'll see you in the chatrooms. Stay naughty, you.

Sensual_GentleM 59M
397 posts
1/18/2022 9:24 pm

I am a standard member as well, which is why I suggest using blogs for communication. Especially private blogs, where all messages remain private and strictly between the owner of the blog and whoever comments. You are more than welcome to give it a try on my private blog if you want to ...

PeekingIn1972 replies on 1/18/2022 11:34 pm:
Ah, I should've been clearer. The vast majority of IMs and messages I receive are from Gold members. If there's substance in a note from a standard member like ourselves, then I respond. *grin*

Go_Down_Cowboy_2 60M
1009 posts
1/18/2022 8:37 pm

Dear Rainbows, Sunshine and Kittens...
I too am a standard member, so I can't read your profile or find out what you like or don't like. But I can read blogs...and yours was funny.
Seeing your clear across the US from me...I probably shouldn't have replied to your blog, but it was interesting and funny. But I wanted you to know that "Yes, Virginia...Some Cowboys can read".
Thank you for your post and the laugh.

PeekingIn1972 replies on 1/18/2022 11:36 pm:
Thank you for your kind note (your greeting alone had me in stitches). Ah, yes. I should've been clearer. The vast majority of IMs/messages I receive are from Gold members. If there's substance in a note from a standard member, then I reply. *grin*

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