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A New Toy, a new story  

Prof10001 61M  
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11/21/2021 4:01 am

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4/5/2022 4:07 am

A New Toy, a new story

My first new story in ages. It came to me rather easily, so to speak. I think it is the first in a series of episodes. The next include: the rest of the drive and checking into the motel, dinner out that night, and Andi joining them the following night. I hope you like.

Prof10001 61M  
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11/21/2021 4:02 am

New Toy

They had an entire weekend to themselves. When Grant's colleague backed out of the conference, he was able to invite Tina to travel with him. Two glorious nights in a motel on the University's dime. He could get away with only spending a few hours each day at the recruiting fair. The rest of the time could be spent as a couple. They wouldn't have to hide their affection for fear of seeing someone they knew. The event was in another state and Grant had identified a motel on the far side of town from the where the event was being held.

They left her car in a Walmart parking lot one city down the freeway, quickly moving her bags to his car. The shows of affection started as soon as they got behind the tinted windows of his SUV. He grasped her face as they kissed intensely. The anticipation of this rare time together having captured their focus in days leading up to the trip.

His cover story was built in, school recruiting. Her cover story was visiting an old college friend down state. Andi was one of very few who knew of Tina's straying. She would keep the secret for her old college roommate and occasional playmate.

Grant had two large cups of tea for them to sip on the long drive down the freeway. They poured out news and excitement as they cruised along the expressway. Hopefully, the dank, damp weather would break as they moved southward.

Tina's fingers traced the creases in Grant's well pressed shirt, enjoying the subtle movements he was making as her touch raised his desire. She was tempted to become more aggressive in her teasing, but knew they had hours of driving to fill.

They talked about the motel, ". . . a cheap chain, but the school was paying for the room from an approved list." ". . . king or two queens?." ". . . not sure, the department associate had made the reservation."

They talked about supper. A full-length meal without having to wonder who might come into the restaurant. ". . . something light? We plan to be pretty active afterwards."

The miles rolled quickly by, hastened by the banter and flirtations. As they pulled off the freeway for gas, the sun broke through a seam in the clouds. As Grant filled the tank of the SUV, Tina went inside to use the restroom. She came out with iced coffee, dark chocolate covered dried cranberries, and a devious glint in her eye.

Traffic was heavy now and demanded Grant's focus as he merged back on to the freeway. Once safety established in his lane, he looked back to Tina. She was sitting sideways, leaning against the passenger door. The newly emerged sunlight was framing her hair and spilling down her torso, highlighting the curves of her body Grant appreciated so well. The devious glint had grown into a mischievous smirk.

"Here, take care of these for me," she said as something soft hit the side of Grant's face. Flinching in surprise, he caught the still warm panties she had tossed at him.

"I don't think I'll be needing those for a couple of days, so I took them off in the bathroom."

The grin that crossed Grant's face couldn't have been broader without undergoing plastic surgery. Tina's skirt hem was riding midway up her thighs. Nothing explicit was in view, but the shadow cast by Tina's skirt was full of promise.

"Are you trying to make the driving more difficult," he asked.

"I'm trying to make something harder," she replied.

"You're succeeding."

"I'll check that out eventually, but for now I have other plans. Do you recall the conversation we had about what to pack for this trip?

"I do," Grant replied, "I suggested you needed to bring as little clothing as possible."

"Well, I brought lots of changes of clothing, but I'm sure you will like my choices. But what else did you tell me to bring."

Grant thought for a moment, "You always pack a few toys when we get together. I hope you did this time too. I love watching you get off to your vibes."

"Well, I have a new toy. Andi has one and insisted I needed one too. It came in the mail just yesterday."

Tina reached down to her purse on the floor and drew out a matte gold device, a little longer than the width of her palm. A small white dish shaped cup was on one end. "Andi says this is her favorite and she is sure it will be mine too."

Tina pressed a button on the back of the device and a hum arose from it.

"That is an odd shape for a vibrator, isn't it?" Grant asked, constantly shifting his gaze between Tina and the road.

"It isn't a vibe." Tina leaned toward Grant and whispered, "it is a clit sucker. It is going to suck my clit while you drive me down the road."

Grant licked his lips and swallowed hard. Tina pressed the suction end to the soft part of Grant's cheek. "Do you think I'll like it on my clit?" Grant nodded and licked his lips again. "Well, let's see how it works."

Tina grasped the hem of her skirt, pulling it upward as she bent her left knee and raised it on to the bench seat of the SUV. Grant's eyes followed the line of Tina's strong shapely legs upward. The shadow now removed, sunlight glowed on the sweet mound Grant had savored time and again.

A larger rumble joined the buzz of the toy. Grant had allowed the SUV to drift on to the safety strips on the shoulder of the freeway. Jerking the steering wheel and the vehicle back into the lane, Grant worked to split his focus between the road, the traffic and the delight between Tina's legs.

"I've been growing wetter the entire drive you know," Tina shared. "I planned I'd be losing the panties. I just didn't know exactly when. I knew that would make you hard, as is clear to see," nodding toward the bulge in Grant's pants.

" Her fingers traced up and down the part between her inner lips. "Mmmm, my wetness is already seeping out." Grant could see her drawing the moisture up toward her tender nub.

"Let's see what Andi's big to do was all about, shall we?" And with that Tina pressed the little cup to her clit. In an instant, her eyes grew large and she pulled it away. "Oh, that's . . ."

With a smile at Grant, Tina pressed the toy down again. A moan of pleasure escaped her mouth again. "Oh, fuck that's good." Tina slid lower in the seat and her eyes closed. "Oh, yes . . ."

Grant's eyes were oscillating between the road and his lover gasping with delight. Tina's legs opened wider, inviting the toy to gain a better purchase on her delicate parts. The build surged faster than Tina would have ever guessed possible. Her body began convulsing, her voice crying out, her mind going blank.

The toy slipped from her grasp, falling, buzzing to the floor. Tina panted, her eyes closed, her head thrown back.

Grant drank in the look of his lover, spread-eagled and sated, in quick glances away from the road.

"I guess you owe Andi a thank you", Grant commented dryly.

Tina's eyes slowly opened with a look of lust and longing. "I certainly do owe her, big time. And you, sir, are going to help me thank her."

author51 59F  
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11/21/2021 4:39 am

Oh my sexy Prof. You sure know how to weave an incredible story of lust, that has my panties off and grabbing for Big Blue. I could use a Clit Sucker right about now. Such an erotic read Hun..xoxo

SilverFoxMark66 67M
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11/21/2021 9:10 am

Great erotic & hot start to what looks like a very promising hot weekend, looking forward to then next chapter(s), thanks for sharing, big warm horny hugs to the ladies, Mark x

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