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Darts -- Part two  

Prof10001 61M  
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8/4/2008 6:41 am

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Darts -- Part two

Keep the comments coming. The private ones are particularly fun. If you have not read Part one, it is located just down the page. You might want to look at that first.


Darts Part 2

“Right! You are a bald shark.”

“I made no false claims and won fair and square.”

Katie wondered if this was where he would back out. Prof was good at teasing and tempting but seemed to have a line he wouldn’t cross.

As he pulled her into an even tighter embrace he said, “I guess the next question is where I collect?”

“Oh, you think that is up to you do you?”

“I won the game. It seems I get to choose.”

“Well don’t keep me in suspense,” playing along certain he would back down or let her off the hook depending upon your perspective.

He mused in a casual tone, “Well the restroom is the closest and fits the stereotyped guy fantasy.”

“You’re joking.”

“Am I? I seem to recall you teasing about a quickie in the Retro bathroom once. I didn’t accuse you of joking.

“Well I was.” Though she was curious as to whether he might have pushed the subject months ago when they first met had the opportunity presented itself.

“Of course the men’s room is only moderately clean. Not exactly the right environment to consummate the wager. Or might the women’s room be better?”

“The women’s is no better. And the bathrooms are on everyone’s radar screens. Haven’t you noticed how everyone pays attention to the timing of when people depart and return? They’re speculating on whether there was time for a quick grope or more.”

“Ok, the bathrooms are off the list for my blowjob.”

“You’re pretty darn confident these days aren’t you Prof?”

“And you’re just pretty darn pretty. I also assume you don’t welsh on bets.”

Katie didn’t reply, just stared feeling slightly flush.

“ I suppose we have to consider one of our cars then. The weather is a bit warmer than the last M&G but still not balmy and I wouldn’t want you to feel rushed.”

“Gee thanks, Prof. Nice of you to consider my feelings so.”

“My pleasure, Katie. Just trying to be a gentleman, well...sort of.”

“Yeah, I’m getting a new look at your gentlemanly side tonight.”

“You should be getting several new looks tonight… unless you’re backing out of our agreement.”

She realized that was it. He was hoping she would back down so he could save face. Well she might give him an out, but not until later. She wanted to see a little panic on that smug face first. She decided to push back a bit in more ways than one.

As she pressed her thigh between his legs she challenged, “It’s still too cold for the car. To really give you good head we need to be more comfortable. I want to make sure you’re getting your darts-worth.”

Prof blushed slightly as he stopped swaying to the music to which they had paid no attention in the first place.

“You’re right. It was a classic bet won in classic style it should be done up right.”

Taking Katie by the hand again he led her toward the end of the bar far from the group but nearer the lobby.

“You lost the bet so making some of the arrangements is part of the deal.” Prof removed his hand from his pants pocket holding some tightly folded paper and pressed it into her hand. “Go rent a room. I’ll get a bottle of wine. Wait for me in the lobby. No goodbyes to the gang, we’ll be back before the party breaks up.”

He turned her by her shoulders and pressed her forward toward the door leading to the lobby. She walked through the doors and toward the registration desk. This was a very different Prof tonight. This Prof might not be looking for a way out. While not being one to be bossed around, she did as she was told. She registered for the room with a smirking desk clerk. He had asked what type of room she wanted. She looked down at the crisp bills in her hand and told him the most expensive he had.

“We’ve got one whirlpool suite left.” She had the urge to knock the shit-eating grin off the clerks face.

She took the whirlpool room figuring she would at least stick Prof with a big bill for his fifteen minutes of betting fame.

As she turned away from the desk with the key card in hand Prof walked up with a bottle of blush wine. The cork was already started out.

“Time to settle up? Where to Katie dear?”

She started down the hallway in the direction the clerk had indicated when he handed her the key card with a leer that showed he would like to be leading her there himself. Prof’s hand slid across her back and around her side drawing her closer as they walked.

She pondered what to say next. This was not the evening she had envisioned hours ago. As they reached the right room number she turned to Prof, “It seems you’re not backing out.”

He took the key card and swiped the lock as he said, “The honor of the wager must be upheld.” And he gestured into the room.

The bed and spa sat mute and empty but generated torrents of thoughts in both their minds.

As she stepped close to him her arms slid around his waist and up his back. “So Prof, have you been practicing darts with this in mind?” The warmth and scent of their bodies merged.

“The mind is a complex thing. I’ve had lots of thoughts. There have been thoughts of teasing and taunting, thoughts of fucking and making love, thoughts of licking and sucking, thoughts of playing and exploring.”

“Gee, and I always imagined you thought too much for your own good Prof. Perhaps I was wrong.”

“Perhaps, but right now, a bet is a bet. You ready to pay up?

Katie slowly sunk to her knees. “Yes, I’m very ready to pay up.”

And as her hand reached for him she said, “And I’ve got the next bet in mind already. But first things first…”

Part three is yet to be...

Prof10001 61M  
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8/4/2008 1:11 pm

    Quoting  :

Hey there Green-eyed-

Thanks for the strokes......so to speak. I'm still on the fence and being creative for now. Of course I've heard they do have earthquakes in the midwest so who knows.

I'm polishing the next part......again, so to speak. I should be posting it later this week.


PS. Thanks for the tip on the private message post. It's a very clever way to work the system.

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