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Motel 6  

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11/30/2012 5:35 am

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Motel 6

New story, please take a look in the comments for the text.

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11/30/2012 5:37 am

Motel 6

Tina had been nervous all day. The hours at work had been dragging. She knew Grant was in town but wasn’t sure how they were going to meet up. They had chatted and flirted and cybered their brains out but had never actually met in the real world.

The lobby door chimed announcing someone’s entry. Tina stepped out of the office behind the counter and froze. Grinning, bald and in person Grant was stepping toward the counter. Her head was spinning and she felt an additional twist lower down. Grant moved quickly around the end of the counter and wrapped his arms about her waist.

“Happy to see me?”

“Yes, but…” she stammered.

The twist in Tina’s core became more pronounced as he stared into her eyes. Her hands slid up his arms and circled behind Grant’s neck.

“Of course I’m happy,” and she leaned into kiss him for the first time outside her imagination. What she had intended as a quick peck slowed and resolved into a deep languid exploration.

“I don’t get off for awhile yet, can you wait?”

He smirked and began backing them into the office, “I have no intention of waiting and delaying your getting off is completely unacceptable.”

“I meant off work you geek,” she said as he pulled her out of sight of the lobby.

Grant stopped in the corner of the office now hidden from view from anyone entering the lobby and continued to draw Tina to him. His arms wrapped tight about her and he began kissing her in earnest. Tina melted into the kisses which felt even better than the hundreds she had imagined while on line.

Gasping for air Tina spoke while Grant’s lips still caressed hers, “I’m at work, I can’t be doing this.”

Grant’s thigh pressed between her legs exerting pressure on her mound which had begun to moisten early in the day, knowing they would meet. He stared intently into Tina’s eyes. “You made it quite clear that you would do whatever I asked, being my own personal slut. Your words not mine, but I’m certain you’ll fulfill them.”

Tina pulled herself tight to Grant renewing the battling of their tongues. “I fully intend to be your slut as soon as we are alone. I’ve been waiting for that since you learned of the conference here in town months ago.”

“Alone? You never added qualifiers when we were on line.”

Tina blushed and moistened some more. Grant was right. Their virtual encounters had been playful or romantic or rough or domineering depending upon their moods. But she had never denied him anything as the cybered, nor had he denied her.

The front door chime sounded startling Tina. She pushed away from Grant grinning as she straightened her blouse and skirt before stepping out of the office to the counter greeting the unknown customer.

All the while she registered the new guest she imagined the experience that awaited her later in Grant’s arms, in his bed. Blood freshened her cheeks as she pictured their upcoming moments alone. Sending the business woman down the hall with her key card Tina composed herself before returning to the office to make arrangements to meet Grant soon. As she stepped through the doorway her eyes popped wide and her mouth dropped open.

Grant had shed his pants while she registered the guest. His hard cock split the tail of his dark gray button down shirt. She had seen his dick in a few awkward photographs and dozens of times clearly in her imagination. Not long but plump and attractive and rigid in anticipation.

“Tina, my dear, it’s time to begin our pleasures for this visit. And we start with you pleasuring me, just like you’ve described and imagined so often.”

Grant’s urging tone of voice was just as she had heard in her head when he typed the directions that excited her so much. Licking her lips, Tina’s heart raced and pussy twitched. She walked to Grant with deliberation cupping his shaft in her palm.

“You look delicious and I’d love to. But I can’t…my job.”

“You can. You want to. And you will, Tina. Kneel down now and take my cock in your sweet mouth.” Grant’s voice wasn’t loud but it left no question but what he expected her to comply.

A rush of heat overwhelmed Tina’s pussy and judgment. She sunk to her knees keeping her eyes on Grant’s. She returned his wicked smile and looked down to his cock still cradled in her palm. Unable and uninterested in resisting she guided his cock to her lips. She parted them sliding them over the plump head and tasted precum with the tip of her tongue.

The taste vanquished what little resistance remained. Tina glanced up then plunged her mouth over Grant’s shaft. Grant moaned and his hands came to rest on her head.

“Aaaah, that’s my sweet slut.”

Tina grasped Grant’s lean thighs and abandoned herself to the sensation of pleasuring Grant’s hard cock. As she pressed his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth the chime on the lobby door sounded again. Tina recoiled away from Grant landing on her ass. She started to scoot away from Grant but before she could move clear Grant’s hands shot under Tina’s skirt and torn down her panties. Tina struggled backward leaving her panties in his hands. Grant was snickering while Tina scrambled to her feet quickly straightening her skirt and blouse.

Tina left the office breathless and distracted to service the customer at the counter. As the new guest filled out the registration information Tina noticed the scent of her excitement flavoring the air. Tina split her feelings between being irate and wanton. As the guest left with the directions to the rear entrance Tina stalked back into the office.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing? I could get fired.”

“I think I’m giving you more of a thrill than you can ever remember.”

Grant leaned against the wall stroking his hard cock. “I also think I’m about to cum in your mouth.”

Grant crooked his finger at Tina beckoning her to him. Tina sped toward him raising her hand to slap Grant. He caught first one of her wrists then the other. Pulling her arms apart drew her to him. Tina’s breasts collided with Grant’s chest. Grant presses his mouth to Tina’s and in an instant she embraces her lust. Her tongue dives into Grant’s mouth. Grant releases Tina’s wrists and slides his hands up to her shoulders. They grin into each other’s mouths. Grant presses down on Tina’s shoulders as she squats before him.

She tips her eyes up to his. Tina’s right hand caresses her bare pussy as she says, “cum in my mouth Grant, right now.”

“It would be my fucking pleasure,” Grant growls.

Tina opens her mouth wide enveloping Grant’s cock. She feels him swell and go harder than either thought possible. Grant’s hands drop to Tina’s head again as Tina’s left hand joins her right fingering her pussy. Grant grimaces as his balls tighten. Tina senses the load about to be emptied into her mouth and cums herself as her fingers bury themselves deep in her pussy. Grant presses his cock into Tina’s throat as the first burst of cum surges out of him. Tina backs off just enough to let pulse after pulse of cum fill her mouth.

Their amazing orgasms sap the strength from their limbs. Both Grant and Tina collapse and end up seated on the floor staring at each other. Cum seeps from Grant’s cock and lingers at the corner of Tina’s mouth.

And the lobby door chimed again. Grant reached to Tina’s lips wiping away the dribble of cum. Tina reached her wet fingers to Grant’s shirt and wipes them dry. Grant rises and helps Tina to her feet. He leans in to her kissing her deeply savoring the remnants of his cum on her tongue.

“You better get out to the counter.”

Tina smoothed her skirt again pressing the fabric to her pussy with a leer. She turns and walks out of the office. No one is at the counter, evidently someone just entered and headed to their room. Tina leaned against the counter savoring the taste in her mouth and wet warmth in her pussy.

Grant walked out of the office looking like a composed professor again. He crossed behind Tina pressing his body against hers. He reached down the front of her thigh raising her skirt and cupping her sex in his palm.

“You are a remarkable slut for me.

“Mmm, you owe me a remarkable fuck after what I did,” Tina murmured.

“I quite agree with you. When are you done with work?”

Tina glanced at the clock, “about 30 minutes.”

“Good, check the register and pick an open room.” Grant’s fingers were opening Tina’s pussy.

“Program two key cards. I’m going to the room. You join me when your replacement gets here. Come down to the door to the room and undress, in the hallway. When you’re naked you may enter and I’ll provide you with that fuck you deserve.”

Tina moaned as Grant’s fingers brought her to the edge again. “Yes, professor. I’ll join you shortly.

Grant smacked Tina hard on her ass. His hand was stinging from the slap. Tina gasped as she came once again.

Grant kissed Tina quickly and spun away from her leaving her clinging to the counter for support. Tina watched Grant disappear down the hallway ready to join him and do whatever Grant asked.

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