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North Bound Exit 162, Part Two  

Prof10001 61M  
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1/5/2007 8:25 pm

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North Bound Exit 162, Part Two

Here is part two. Thanks for the positive comments about part one. If you haven't read part one I would suggest you do. If you're such an unconventional type that you need to read part two first, go for it. It is the internet after all.

North Bound Exit 162, Part Two (and yes, still fiction)

Unlocking the door and holding it open for her felt oddly formal given the situation. The look in her eyes as she sank into the black leather seat was playful but with a strength behind it that was slightly disconcerting.

It’s funny how he wanted the walk around the Explorer to take long enough to make a decision but it seemed more like he had teleported directly to the drivers door. How long could he stand there and not open the door. What was she about to do? To offer? How should I explain to her……I’m not ready yet, to cheat you see….”

He opens the door and folds himself behind the steering wheel. She is sitting at the far end of the seat leaning partially against the door.

“You look afraid,” she grinned

“I suppose I am.”

“Why would that be?”

“I guess I’m afraid of what might be about to happen………or not happen.”

“Oh really, and what do you think is about to happen,” she said with a taunt in her voice.

“Well I suppose sex might happen,” he snapped feeling like he was being toyed with.

“And did I offer you sex?”

He paused, wondering if I could have misunderstood the situation. “Well I thought that……….”

“Relax, I’m not offering you sex. I was thinking of it when we agreed to meet but I’m not in the business of seducing married men. Besides I like you too much for that.”

“Great! Now I feel like I’m back in college and all the girls I’m interested in just want to be friends. I can’t win for losing.”

“Honestly, do you think you’re ready for an affair?”

“Damn, I hate perceptive questions.”

“Are you ready, dear?” her look softened.


“Are you content with where you are now: chatting, flirting, blogging and reading those sexy little stories you like?”

“No, I’m not content but I’m not ready to . . .”

“I know you’re not but you want something else. You want to make your decision, get off your damn fence. Right?”

“Riiight,” he ventured

“Good. So drive. Head for the freeway, north bound if you please,” she requested.

He shook his head trying to make sense of his feelings. And, he did as he was told, driving the two blocks to the entrance ramp while she explained.

“So this is the deal. You are going to drive the 12 or so miles to the next interchange. There you will get off, …uhm I beg your pardon, …exit the freeway,” she smirked. “Pull around to the opposite side and reenter the freeway southbound. Returning me to my car in the restaurant parking lot.”

“And this exercise, in this time of excessive gasoline prices, is to accomplish what?” he playfully challenged.

“It is to accomplish a bit of fun, a bit of release for me that I’m not going to get in other ways, and to may be get you off……the fence.”

“Hmmm, well the second of those raises my pulse at bit,” he said as he drove the SUV up the on ramp, the acceleration pressing them gently into the seat.

“Well, it seems to me,” she purred, “that we are both getting excessive frustration and insufficient pleasure from your on line activities. Also you are getting a filtered perspective of what real women are like.

While her theorizing would ordinarily have stimulated his interest it was overshadowed by the way her fingers were gathering the material of her sleek black skirt in tiny increments causing its hem to creep slowly up her legs. Her eyes were giggling at the sight of him trying to divide his attention between the road rolling in under them at highway speeds and where his eyes wanted to be.

“So rather than tacky pictures, often poorly composed,” she critiqued, “I thought you should be reminded what the real McCoy looks like.”

Stretching the limits of his peripheral vision he flipped the cruise control on locking the vehicle dead on 55 miles per hour. The last thing he needed right now was to get snagged on the universally known speed trap along this section of highway.

“When was the last time someone you weren’t married to flashed you a long look at their thighs?”

“Never I suppose is the right answer,” he replied as he enjoyed the growing view that cut high across those thighs.

“Isn’t it funny how I’m showing you far less than you could see on any beach these days, but this is so much more erotic just because I’ve raised my skirt and you’re looking at what it was hiding? You do find it erotic, don’t you?”

He was finding it difficult to look composed. He was finding it difficult to be articulate. Actually, he was finding it difficult to breath. This would make an excellent substitution for a stress test at the cardiac clinic.

“Yes, it’s very erotic, exciting and beautiful.”

“How sweet and complementary you are. But what can you actually see while you’re still doing an excellence job driving,” she queried as she stretched her legs under the center of the dashboard.

“I can see a pair of lovely legs disappearing into the shadows of your skirt.”

“And can you see into the shadows?


“How about now?” as she crept the hem higher and twisted slightly toward him.

“How nice you managed to coordinate your undergarments with your skirt. Very organized of you.” He managed to sound flip despite the dryness in his mouth.

“Not so much organization as the hope someone would be seeing my panties.”

“The view is lovely, thank you.”

“You’re very welcome, but did you notice you’ve reached the interchange?”

As he swung onto the exit ramp he found it amazing the car remained on the road so far. It was like those times driving over a familiar stretch of road when you suddenly notice you’ve traversed miles with out actually seeing them pass by. In this case the terrain was not familiar, but it was scenic. He permitted himself a grin.

“What’s got you so amused? Oh and don’t stop, just take the south bound ramp.”

“You’ve got me amused, he replied”

“You find this funny?” as she slid her hands off the gathered fabric and onto her smooth thighs pressing down into the flesh.

“I’m just happy to find this at all.”

“Well I have imagined you doing the revealing for me.” she said as the car reached cruising speed once again. “But this will do for now.” She found it funny that the speedometer was set to just over 50, prolonging the drive ever so slightly.

“I’ve imagined something similar myself, a number of times.”

“Similar? What was different?

He licked his lips but didn’t reply.

“Did you imagine revealing something different?”

She tensed her shoulders and pushed into the car door.

“Something more?”

Her hips rose from the seat.

“Yes,” he answered barely above a whisper, “something more.”

“How interesting,” she said casually as she leaned forward, her hands extending past her slightly bend knees down to her feet.

They were now driving sedately down the road in the least consciously controlled car in the county.

“You do find it interesting?”

His answer was silence once again.
She settled lower in the seat, crooking her left leg slightly, resting it on the center of the seat. The fingers of her right hand extended upward twirling a scrap of black fabric about themselves.

“I find magicians interesting,” she said as she focused on the twirling fabric. “You know how they make a large move with one hand to misdirect the viewer's attention from the actions of the other hand.”

“Its, uhm, not working in this case,” his eyes shifting rapidly between the road and her left hand.

“Oh well, I’ll just have to practice my magic some more.”

“You are plenty practiced at working magic.”

“Oh there you go being sweet again. The exit is coming up.”

“I know.”

“Pity it’s so soon but a plan is a plan. Would you like to know another part of my plan?”

“Yes,” he said both fearing and reveling in the possible answer.

“Oh it’s just a little thing I read somewhere once.”

And with that she reached her left hand to the automatic window button. As the wind swirled around in the car her right hand released the wisp of fabric into the slipstream and it vanished. After a pause they both laughed out loud releasing the tension that had saturated the car. As the window closed again her left hand resumed its former place.

“Well I’m not sure we’ve achieved all of the goals of the plan,” she said in a hushed breathless voice, “but we’ve made progress.”

“The plan was meritorious.”

The traffic was more of an issue now that they were off the highway and moving toward the restaurant parking lot.

“You should be commended,” he said.

The word commended was followed by a faint gasp and tremor from her.

They were silent again as he drove the remaining block and turned into the restaurant. She extended her legs and slid up the door until she was sitting fully upright again. The puddle of fabric fell slightly down her legs.

“You work on that decision you need to make,” she smiled, opened the car door and swiveled out. “I’ll chat with you soon. Thanks for the coffee.”

“You’re welcome,” was all he could muster.

He watched her cross to her car, enter and pull away. He moved again only when a car wanting out of their parking space beeped at him. He pulled on to the freeway again, south bound this time. Countryside passed by without being noticed yet again as he mused that he was both closer and farther away from making his decision.

Wi_Enchantress 61F

1/6/2007 4:11 pm

I am so impressed. You are such a great writer Prof! Oh and btw, have fun tonight, I kinda wish I was going but I'm outta cash till pay day

Prof10001 61M  
4094 posts
1/6/2007 6:37 pm

    Quoting Wi_Enchantress:
    I am so impressed. You are such a great writer Prof! Oh and btw, have fun tonight, I kinda wish I was going but I'm outta cash till pay day
I haven't managed to get on the road yet, but I should soon. If you stop by I'd be happy to buy you a drink.


hottbabygurrl 48F

1/11/2007 6:48 pm

Ahh prof,

Such great writing....funny, I got close to feeling a sense of deja vu with some of the passages.

Prof10001 61M  
4094 posts
7/21/2008 4:53 pm

    Quoting hawk3249:
    Prof, I think this is the first time I visited your blog. I read only part one and part two of this entry. Your words capture feelings powerfully well. I felt as though I was in that front seat. And you expressed MY feelings incredibly well.

Thanks much Hawk.

I haven't done much with this recently. In fact I don't consider myself much of a writer but this did (does) provide an outlet for fencesitters. I should get back to it. I've got a couple of stories in mind.


Prof10001 61M  
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12/16/2010 4:46 am

    Quoting  :

Thank you Sir.


ev50sc 72M  
5 posts
4/13/2017 4:45 am

Outstanding writing. As I read part one I could envision the scene you painted. Part Two added the color and some well engineered detail.

Great job! I can see how one would call you professor!

Prof10001 61M  
4094 posts
4/13/2017 4:25 pm

    Quoting ev50sc:
    Outstanding writing. As I read part one I could envision the scene you painted. Part Two added the color and some well engineered detail.

    Great job! I can see how one would call you professor!
Wow, thanks much. I'm impressed you dug this far back in my blog. I haven't gotten a comment on one of my short stories in ages.

And I am a professor in real life.


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