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North Bound Exit 162  

Prof10001 61M  
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1/1/2007 7:00 pm

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North Bound Exit 162

North Bound Exit 162, Part One. (fiction folks!)

The diner was just off the Interstate. Easy off, easy on for both of them.

They had chatted and flirted on numerous occasions. It was entertaining and exciting and marginally naughty since he was married. Nothing very naughty had been happening in or near the marriage bed in quite a while. The step up to meeting for coffee was a big one even though he was sure nothing would be happening besides drinking coffee. The ladies were hardly stumbling over themselves to get at him before he was married, why would they now 20 years later.

There was just a little buzz of risk to go along with the buzz of some caffeine.

It was tricky recognizing her from her on-line photo as it showed only a portion of her face. However as she walked in the entryway her profile and hair looked very familiar. She scanned the tables and booths looking for a lone male in the prearranged leather jacket. She spotted the likely prospect looking intently at her and walked to his table.

“Nice jacket,” she said studying his bald head, “though the lack of hair line does help with the identification.”

He laughed in response.

“And your striking hair color must draw lots of attention, but was a dead helpful in making sure I’m not accosting the wrong woman,” he replied while rising from the chair.

“You call this accosting? No wonder you’re lonely these days.”

“Well, I’m better at ordering coffee than accosting,” he blushed. “Care for a cup? The Jamaican hits the spot.”

“Too late in the day unless they have decaf.”

It was awkward at first. Talking was such a different rhythm than typing, less time to revise ones thoughts before blurting them out. Gradually the conversation flowed more and more smoothly: jobs, families, comments about other diners growing into flirting, though not nearly as daring as when they were on line. They reviewed their opinions of other on line personalities: “Yes, she is sweet. No, he’s all talk. They are shy at first then totally hot.” She was speaking from personal experience, he from only a virtual perspective.

“So are you going to ever fall off the fidelity wagon?” she challenged.

He paused and then thoughtfully replied, “The likelihood seems to vary a great deal depending upon where I am and who I’m with.”

While only her eyes touched him it was as if she were running her hands across his body.

“Where and when is the likelihood high?” another challenge.

Staring back with equal intensity, “It’s likely late at night after protracted on line flirting with no real world counterpart.” Then with a glance downward, “I guess it is fortunate that the opportunity is low at that particular point in time.”

“And when is the likelihood low?”

“Funnily enough, he said with a shrug, “when driving to actually meet someone. I suppose the full implications become clearer then.

“You,” she said, “seem to be having difficulty deciding what you really want.”

“Oh, I’m quite clear on what I want” he said with a friendly attempt at a leer, “it’s the price tag that I’m uncertain with.”

Though in the chat room and instant messenger she had heard many titillating variations of the answer she expected to receive she still asked, “And what is it you want?”

“I want just a bit of charming, exciting company” he grinned matter-of-factly.

“No, you’re trying to be polite and charming rather than honest.” She contradicted him, “What you really want is someone’s mouth drawing hard on your cock and your cum spilling into their mouth.”

He succeeded in keeping the grin from growing into a gasp. He did blush as the older couple at the next table stopped talking to silently consider what they might have actually heard.

“I guess you win on being the most audacious one at the table.”

“Audacious is easy,” she quipped, “how am I on accuracy?”

“Pretty darn accurate it seems,” as he blushed again.

“But you’re not strong enough to act on what you want.”

“Either that,” he countered, “or too strong to act on what I want.”

“Fair enough,” she conceded, “but you need to get off the fence.”

“Agreed, but” he sighed, “acting on my wants is a one way street. Once I take it I can’t go back.”

“So are you looking for someone to seduce you, so you can blame them?”

“No. I know what I want to do and what I should do. They just don’t happen to be the same thing. I can feel good about myself and imagine everything I’m missing out on or I can be a louse and try all those things I imagine.”

She wasn’t prone to acting rashly but could be impetuous at times.

“Come with me, we’re going for a drive together,” she said as she rose forcefully from her chair.

“Look if this is an offer, I’m very grateful and sorely tempted.” the words stumbling out of his mouth, “but I’m not ready………”

“I’m not seducing you or even letting you touch me.” She declared as she leaned forward on the table. “Not that I wouldn’t enjoy you touching me. But you have a choice to make and not enough information to make it.”

She wheeled on her heel and strode toward the door. He scrambled to his feet, tossed a twenty on the table not being willing to wait for the bill and followed her out the door.

“What is this?” He gasped as he caught up with her. “What are we doing?”

“We are going on a drive, from this exit to the next and back. You are not going to touch me but you will be ready to make your choice when we are finished.”

He stared at her not comprehending.

“Well, are you going to show me which is your car?

He led her to the worn red SUV.

End of part one.

Wi_Enchantress 61F

1/1/2007 8:28 pm

WoW GREAT story Prof!!! I'm impressed oh and BTW

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! may it be your best year yet!

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